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    NGL, kinda want a gaiter now after all this fuss.
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    I've decoded my former boss' cryptic replies in the following manner: Cher = 500 EUR Tres Cher = 1000 EUR Tres Tres Cher = 1500 EUR+ Seen zone or no reply = "not in your lifetime kiddo."
  3. WillKhitie


    Asked around, retail price for all the x Sacai will be "tres tres cher".
  4. WillKhitie


    Dude, maybe they don't want to scale? Maybe they prefer to sell a handful of models, float inventory, and keep it hype/aspirational? Maybe E wants to pay everyone on the small team a living EUR wage. Maybe he just wants another car. You wanna might wanna ask those first. It feels like you're pitching for a job/attention with unsolicited advice. Do you go to a taqueria and ask what their stock volume is like to calculate the exact profit to determine whether a reasonable possibility of both a pricing and stock inefficiency in their current line up? You talk with so much numerical pseudo-biz fluff yet lack the perspective to understand how any of it works. It's so frustrating.
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    Okay, I went from understanding your side, to not sure what exactly it is that you want, to just being outright confused. Could you distill your point, for everyone's sake? A TL;DR would be super (Problem -> Evidence -> Proposed Solution -> Execution). EDIT: Actually, don't. At end of the day, it is his 1. brand, 2. his business, and 3. has the right to run it however which way he wants. If the low volume, high margin works best for him and his beliefs, then you can't really argue with it. Again, it sounds crass, but if you want a medium volume, medium margin ACR-esque brand, then by all means, it is there for you or someone else to do. Asking ACR to do that is to ask them to change their biz model fundamentally. From a marketing perspective, you just aren't who they're speaking to ATM. (I've come to terms with this, I haven't bought anything since marriage. Shit is just that way.) To be fair, that doesn't mean you can't like the brand or critique its prices either. But asking them to apply it as if you know better than them is a reach. To keep forcing your point is borderline selfish. I get you though. It's quarantine, nobody to talk to. It isn't like we've got a fantasy techwear brand speculation thread. If the intention of your railroading is to change the brand so badly, best just vote with your wallet. That's how a capitalist market works. I go here to mull about whether we really need 4br place or a jacket. I just wanna see fit pics.
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