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  1. I'll just link the two articles for posterity's sake: Heddels Corlection One good thing though...the 9th anniversary edition showed there was a market for this to have a permanent place in their line-up.
  2. I think maybe they just didn't have the 9th anniversary in stock. I had planned on buying the last pair of them on black friday. What they sent was the black x white, instead of sumi ink over indigo x white. First it is dipped in indigo then dipped in sumi ink. The weft is bleached white thread. Nearly a year later someone pointed out that I had been wearing black with no indigo whatsoever. I had already been a part of the indigo invitational for 11mos. Just coasting for the last couple of weeks.
  3. Turns out that I was sent the black Boncoura 66 instead of the 9th anniversary…womp womp womp. They faded fine anyway.
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