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  1. Anyone can tell which year these freewheelers are? They’re missing a tab. Looking forward to wearing these.
  2. One of the better sites ive seen since levisguide went under.
  3. So for anyone wondering this is what a month of wear looks like. Unfortunately, I’m going to be busy with the II4 contest and won’t get to wear them. They will become one of my bridge pairs. I will continue to wear them after the contest. S710XX15OZDM
  4. @shredwin_206 just putting them through the wash probably chipped the paint
  5. @shredwin_206 @mstax this was just wearing them wrong (too tight) I think, I'll wear them another month...just like my 1947's
  6. More photos, but 3 machine washes and dries and the first soak. may be about 4mos. I want to see your pair @AlientoyWorkmachine.
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