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  1. denimbridge x double volante br05/db19
  2. 1947 Freewheelers Vanishing West 601xx, not sure how many wears and at least two washes
  3. AnOldFolkSong

    Superdenim community sale thread

    @JohnM pics?
  4. AnOldFolkSong

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Geoffrey(left) and Jacqueline(right).
  5. 66 black Boncoura 9th anniversary
  6. AnOldFolkSong

    Nice Things

    The Real McCoy’s Handcrafted Shinki Hikaku Wallaroo
  7. I'll just link the two articles for posterity's sake: Heddels Corlection One good thing though...the 9th anniversary edition showed there was a market for this to have a permanent place in their line-up.
  8. I think maybe they just didn't have the 9th anniversary in stock. I had planned on buying the last pair of them on black friday. What they sent was the black x white, instead of sumi ink over indigo x white. First it is dipped in indigo then dipped in sumi ink. The weft is bleached white thread. Nearly a year later someone pointed out that I had been wearing black with no indigo whatsoever. I had already been a part of the indigo invitational for 11mos. Just coasting for the last couple of weeks.
  9. Turns out that I was sent the black Boncoura 66 instead of the 9th anniversary…womp womp womp. They faded fine anyway.
  10. AnOldFolkSong

    Denim books

    My Library
  11. AnOldFolkSong

    Tender Co. Denim

    @rodeo billHave you considered applying for a royal warrant?
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342