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  1. White tees and jeans are just the perfect get-up, in my opinion. Classic. Looking good bud!
  2. I have the Fullcount 1101W 13.75oz in 36/36: 35w, 11.75fr, 17br, 13t, 9.75k, 9lo, 34i & Warehouse 1001XX 13.5oz in 36/32: 35w, 11.75fr, 16.50br, 13.25t, 9.50k, 8.875lo, 32i I'm 36", so I was expecting some stretch, and they are only ~13oz, so they are not too rigid. The above measurements are mine BTW.
  3. I see the GB710 and GB714 are up for pre-sale.
  4. Regular Sunday morning beach visit with the doggo. Bass Pro / Stone Island / Momotaro 0906-SP GTB
  5. Pair of Momo's that I turned into rollups.
  6. IIY4 pair are getting repaired so breaking them in...
  7. I guess I enjoy a range of brands. Selvage 3sixteen CT-102xn (unworn) APC New Standard Denime 220A Offset XX Model Fullcount 1101W (unworn) Imperial SEXI26-ST Iron Heart 633s-142 Iron Heart Duck IH-888D Naked & Famous Weird Guy Natural Organic Nudie Steady Eddie II Dy Selvage Indigo Nudie Steady Eddie II Dy Selvage BLK Nudie Tuff Tony Utility Resolute 714 (unworn) Roy RT – XX Experimental* Samurai S710XX19oz-II Studio D’Artisan SD-508 Sugar Cane Anni Edo-Ai* Sugar Cane 1947 Indigo Sugar Cane 1947 BLK/BLK Warehouse 1001XX (unworn) Shorts Imperial SEXI26-1947 (unworn) Momotaro 0906-SP GTB Washes Nudie Grim Tim Light Blue Comfort Tsubi Dee Dee Worn Grey Retired (but kept) Imperial SEXI14 Indigo Nudie Thin Finn Dry Black Coated The Flat Head SE05BSP *pairs that are a little tight and might need to go up for sale
  8. Hey Kiya, my IIY4 Imperials need some repairs. Would the LA store be willing to do some quick repairs? I was hoping to drop them off on Friday and pick them up on Saturday/Sunday, if at all possible.
  9. Imperial SEXI26-ST on IIY4 day 176/366. Stone Island Marina jacket on RRY3 day 25/365.
  10. It is a 900. It's definitely a weapon from 8k-10k. Super capable bike though. Love the thing. The Tenere 700 looks awesome. XSR 700 was too retro for me, liked the 900 styling of retro but slight futuristic look without looking like a Decepticon aka MT-09/10.
  11. Just washed again today. Must be 8 washes by now. Getting that everyday wear in. I inquired about how much for the photo, but here's a watermarked preview.
  12. Been looking for a pair of Ducks to replace my OG Roy SE-DUCKS for a while. IH finally re-released the 888.
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