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  1. I assumed from previous years and what they have showed on their Instagram account with how many prizes are in the pot, that the Top 50 from each conference could get “something.” Not sure exactly if that’s fully correct or if it’s more fluid.
  2. Don’t leave us all hanging Blooming! Judging from the size you posted in your Denime history thread, it seems I would need to look for a size 34 (newer Denime, size 36 looks best with shrinking). I’m assuming fairly similar shrinkage? Can internationals buy from Mercari Japan?
  3. We are getting close. December 14 @ Self Edge. Imperial called me out today...
  4. So glad I checked a few pages back. The 221 looks like a better fit for my tastes. This 66 cut is ever so slightly slimmer in the leg though no?
  5. I see Fullcount and Full Count. What is the official stance? Their site, it seems to be one word...
  6. I didn't, sorry. TFH was quite "big" compared to other denim stores. Fullcount was the smallest and seemingly the busiest.
  7. TBH, I wasn't going to say anything because I want my free jeans.
  8. Regarding Poten caps, specifically this one, what sort of wash process would you recommend? PS I received my SC1947 BKBK, such a nice fit, letting them drape before I figure out cuff but love the silhouette.
  9. Has anyone Stateside used w-river to buy jeans? How much for shipping roughly?
  10. If you don't mind, what's a ballpark figure on one of those @rbeck?
  11. Not mine but damn, someone lost a nice pair of jeans at Unclaimed Baggage.
  12. Here I thought you were building a mini-ramp 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Denime XX is typically a fast fader right? Why the Shins era @beautiful_FrEaK? Gotta keep those Ozzy's pristine I bet 😂 Should be a good one. I agree, I told myself I needed a relaxed taper with something ~15oz or below. I have the 3sixteen CT-102xn on standby, just waiting for @kiya to send me my "free" pair of SExI26-ST if the measurements line up. 😉
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