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  1. Man I have been waiting for this exact thing for years but I just can't swing the purchase now. 4301 is exactly what I would have picked, even if there was more to choose from. People shouldn't pass up on this opportunity!
  2. Went to one of the more popular parks in town, an old landfill turned into a giant hill. Great place to fly kites. Or take picture of your jeans. These are Warehouse 1002 with just a few wears. Some blues popping on the coin pocket creases though. And once home... I had not had Shiner in a long time but this sixer is hitting the spot in major way.
  3. Nice Max. I'm now listening to Waste 'Em All with my Sunday morning coffee.
  4. TCB

    That 30s jacket looks great. 60's iPhone photo dump. I wore them to work from July 16-Jan 17 and basically treated them as regular laundry (out of necessity, work is a little grimy) I've only washed them twice the last two months though.
  5. Thanks setterman! I really love these. I'll get some measurements up whenever I find my tape measure.
  6. Quick and dirty fit pics of WH 1002. Direct upload is cool.
  7. Have a new pair of Warehouse 1002 in for their second wash right now to (hopefully) get all the shrinkage out of the way. In the meantime here's a quick picture of them from yesterday - of all the little details we like to obsess about, all yellow WW2 era stitching is a personal favorite of mine.
  8. Well it looks like they may arrive on a day that my wife is home and I am not. That does not bode well for me, if something were to happen you guys got dibs.
  9. Grabbed the WH 1002 from BiG after they slashed sale prices even more. Always wanted a pair with some Lee details, haven't handled WH's banner denim yet, and the fit looks very nice. Looking forward to them.
  10. They definitely should! Bought mine OW and I don't remember them ever feeling too rough but that was a long time ago.
  11. I really like the look of that grey denim. Good stuff, thanks for posting!
  12. TCB

  13. I wanted to get some detailed pictures of of my Okinawa's today but the weather was awful. I was admiring the smaller details after a recent wash and wanted to share but perhaps another time. Gonna have to fix that patch soon enough. I'm amazed that it looks as good as it does considering how many washer/dryer trips they've seen. You can see the mangled belt loop where I always put my key hook (rather than my belt) and if you look close enough you see the fade where my keys went into the back pocket. And a closer shot of the fabric on the thigh.