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  1. If anybody here has small feet and is contemplating on ordering Whites from Baker Shoes... So I spoke today to Kyle and he told me that Whites last only start from 6.5D. I measured in at 6.5D and assumed that I would need a 6D in the Nomad for my boot. I'm waiting on them clearing it up and wondering if the 6.5D will suffice enough. My Nomad order: Toe Vamp Leather: Black Chrome Excel by Horween Upper (Shaft) Leather: Black Chrome Excel by Horween Counter Leather: Black Chrome Excel by Horween Heel Base: Standard Heel Lifts: Standard Midsole: Single Edge: Brown Sole: Vibram 700 Size - Length: 7 Size - Width: D (medium) Size Choices only start at 7 D btw.
  2. That looks like something Steven Tyler would wear while on tour.
  3. Yeah I actually debated between the Nomad and Smokejumper but then I took a look at my Unmarkeds and they somewhat sufficed as a Smokejumper alternative based on the silhoulette. I kept hearing about "white bite" and the functionality of the boots in 700 lug sole as I do not need them for work and they would have taken a lot of time to wear in let alone the sheer clunkiness of them. I probably would have hated them honestly due to pain. I even debated on getting a double sole (in both boots,mind you) with a Vibram half sole for the Nomads. I like the price of under $500 and I don't have enough money to pay over $800 for no boot like Clinch etc. Thats ridiculous but I understand it's going towards quality. I'll break in the Nomads during the summer and just rotate my oxfords with them until cooler months.
  4. Today I officially joined the Whites boots club. Ordered the Nomad in Black chromexcel with Vibram 700 sole in brown edge in size 6D. I don't see myself buying anymore boots at this point anymore since I've been wanting a engineer boot for awhile. Now the waiting game begins.
  5. TCB

    Volvo, I don't mean to go off topic but are your Nomads a single sole or double sole?
  6. TCB

    Be on the lookout for TCB coupons from Denimio like last year. Denimio likes looking out for their customers if you're on their email list. I'm still kicking myself for not taking advantage of the coupon for TCB (I bought some Denime long sleeve shirts instead with the coupon).
  7. They mostly do that style to show off their sneakers. On the bright side, this has shifted to wearing joggers and sweatpants instead mostly.
  8. Anyone here able to post a single sole Whites Nomad in brown or black chromexcel or not with a Vibram 700 composition half sole? All I keep seeing is double sole only. Is there a reason for this due to this type of sole?
  9. I forgot the name of the member here but there was a guy who use to post in this thread that wore slim jeans with Smokejumpers. He didn't look too bad.
  10. Wolfpack just got in some Attractions engineer boots for sale.
  11. Wolfpack sells Clinch.
  12. Yeah I feel like the sc1947 fit differently on everyone for some odd reason. I too have seen both wide and slim wears of the denim, including myself with them as wide.
  13. TCB

    You'll be fine with Denimio's Customer Support. The guys Peter and Mahoto speak very fluent English. Very quick responses.