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  1. TCB

    Just waiting for TCB to do a short sleeve version of their Chambray/Ranchman. Tired of getting "Are you crazy?!" responses when wearing them in the heat lol. Just saying.
  2. TCB

    Seeing how the average temperature here lately has been 90-100, I figure the best time to wash and dry is now, especially since they shirt really stunk lately.
  3. Meanwhile, Uniqlo
  4. Yeah Photobucket got me too wtf.
  5. Yeah GH's stuff is top notch. Wish they were carried here in the states!
  6. Double post
  7. I only own 1 tshirt by from At Dirty that I got from Wolfpack so I'm unaware about their clothing made in China. Their Dress Hippy clothing is ugly IMO. I will say that, having owned few Gladhand pieces myself, that their cut and sew is made in Japan but their essential line such as tshirts, henleys, etc is made in China but "uses USA cotton". All 4 subbrands of Glandhand such as Gangsterville, BSMG, Weirdo, and Ladybug are the same way. Gangsterville's new cut and sew collection looks pretty good. Myself, I like Gladhand's quality and what they stand for Another interesting brand to look into is Freewheelers.
  8. Give a look at a few Japanese obscure motorcycle centric clothing brands like Vise, Evilact (if you can get it), At Dirty, etc.
  9. Can you at least give us a hint or say if we're getting "warmer" if we throw out a name on here?
  10. There's two types of the 1947s? I could have sworn I have the same style as you.
  11. Speaking of leggings... One of the comments on the article pointed this out
  12. Got a quick hem at Hudson Hill in Greensboro NC. SSDD Dubbleworks SG1947 Whites
  13. Breaking in the new MF boots in the summer. Nice!
  14. Their business model relied on and and was built on a fad of the rhinestone/fashion denim trend, mostly in womenswear and branching into menswear. I don't see them doing well unless they move into ththe leggings trend and abandon denim altogether or maybe some type of leggings/denim hybrid.
  15. Best way to get yellow armpit stains out of Lady White white tshirts?