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  1. Went to Mills Day here in Greensboro, NC at the Revolution Mills Factory, one of the original Cone Mills factories. The factory has been bought by a very wealthy man and has turned it into lofts and office space unfortunately. They're still converting some of the space as well.
  2. At Mills Day at Revolution Mills, one of the original Cone Denim Factories, here in Greensboro,NC. I'll post the other pics of the factory etc in the Scones thread. Buck Mason SC1947 Whites
  3. Lol I never believed in that whole "can't wear white after Labor Day" myth. Seen both Japanese and American bikers wearing white pants as well. Outfit looks great!
  4. I know it's virtually impossible (and expensive as hell) but I would like to see the Nomad be done in Shell Cordovan. I have dreams.
  5. They both ship to the USA
  6. Western River and Lahaina sells Zerrows. I believe they are the Japanese version/competitor to Whites. Not a fan of the "shiny polished soles" they do though.
  7. Been meaning to ask you this. Have you ever tried to get you Broken Homme boots finished and resoled by their guys? Been trying to contact them on a resole for my Oxfords but they won't answer my emails.
  8. I like the contrast on this outfit between the Seamen and 50s with the shoes..
  9. Wolf Pack on Rakuten.
  10. The movie Kingsman and MIster Freedom for Mr. Porter:
  11. Quite a collection you got there! I love the price point of SC'a flannels and shirts but haven't taken the plunge yet due to sizing as I would need a minimum of 51cm in shoulder shirt measurements.
  12. I'll keep the chain of flannels going. First cool day of the year. old watch cap Vendor flannel old alma mater shirt SC1947 White's
  13. These SJ have broken in perfectly and still look like they came fresh out of Baker's after 3 months. I'm always in awe in the amount of craftsmanship White's put into their boots. Took awhile to break in th double midsole, but they feel great now. I wear them almost every day. The bullhide leather is very strong and durable, a somewhat thick leather. I chose this due to look and appeal. I feel like a badass rockstar when I'm wearing them.
  14. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say Cognac CXL.