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  1. Yeah that's what I'm afraid of. I did the SJ in a standard last instead of the semi dress and was wondering what the difference was. The look I'm going for is Would the last make a noticeable difference in look anyway?
  2. Can a last be changed on a boot? I'm having last minute second thoughts on a boot Bakers is building for me and I'm debating on getting the last changed from standard to semi dress or 461. Is this possible?
  3. I got a Vibram 2060 sole on my oxfords and boots. They wear out quickly. I think a few others here said the same thing about their durability if I'm not mistaken.
  4. TCB

    I guess I will have to sell these 50s. I'll probably put them up on eBay since I lose a lot of weight (waist size is 34 now which at times is too big). Never got to wear them and feel bad about getting them hemmed to 27-28 I think. They've been sitting in the closet, along with some other unwearable denim.
  5. Yeah that style is mostly popular with Japanese bikers Maybe it serves some purpose with the kickstart?
  6. What my Smokejumpers will look like, except with a Vibram half sole and black eyelets and hooks. Double midsole and white lining. Basically, a beastly looking boot!
  7. In case anyone here is waiting for Standard and Strange to replenish heir stock, Wolfpack is selling the RW9268 and RW2268 and they ship to USA/EU.
  8. Maybe footage of the amount of work going into distressing the denim might change minds for you know, science.
  9. Terrible and them adding like $100-200 to the price makes them horrible.
  10. Question for Nomad and other Whites models owners: Why is it more common to do a half sole composite Vibram 700 in the double midsole style for the Nomad versus a full Vibram 700 in the double midsole for the same boot? Is it due to flexibility of the sole? Just curious.
  11. Your pair looks awesome. Who made your wallet chain?
  13. Whites wasn't able to do the last for my size on the Nomad so I redid my order with the Smokejumper at Baker's: Smoke Jumper Last: Standard Toe Vamp Leather: Black Bull Hide Upper (Shaft) Leather: Black Bull Hide Height: 6" Counter Leather: Black Bull Hide Leather Liner: Cream Toe Cap: No Thanks Toe Cap Leather Color: None Celastic Toe Box: Single Celastic Toe Steel Toe: No Thanks Hardware: Black Eyes & Hooks Top: Rolled Top Midsole: Single Edge: Black Sole: Vibram 700 Lace Design: Plain Toe Wesco Boss was not in the budget like the Nomad was. Disappointed but I'll live.
  14. Wrong thread
  15. With a proper hem those stacks probably would be gone?