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  1. Black jeans lovers!!!

    Trophy just posted a pic of their 1605bk in action with their black roughout engineer boots.
  2. I was thinking snobby 9th generation Yaley, complete with pipe.
  3. The Supermarket worked fine for me. I was able to bump my thread there.
  4. This was a great article! It now made more sense about this coat. Joe Namath was known to wear one on the side lines as well, when the Jets were actually good.
  5. Black jeans lovers!!!

    Is it the sizing or style that is hard for you to find?
  6. Shoes that look better with age...

    Has anybody ever heard of All American Boot MFG Co? They make some pretty nice engineer boots and Glad Hand uses them alot. Here's their 1920's model: https://www.allamericanboot.com/collections/fashion/products/engineer-boot-1920s-edition
  7. Anybody here gutsy enough to wear the rabbit fur coat that Glad Hand just came out with? https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/wolfpack/item/bygh-18-aw-03/
  8. Black jeans lovers!!!

    @FeloniousMonkI would've bought the HWZN pair if I didn't already have a black pair of denim right now.
  9. Shoes that look better with age...

    I think Viberg is doing side zip boots now. https://www.acquiremag.com/style/epaulet-combat-boots
  10. W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Yeah, I'm sure some on here have thought about paying him a visit.
  11. W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Local customers probably get treated differently as well since they live near him and can see him regularly.
  12. TCB

    Just want to add that Ocean Beetle is not TCB's brand, it's was just a denim collab between the motorcycle builder company and TCB.
  13. iconic denim photos

    In the spirit of Rick's last episode on TWD, this pic is fitting for his sendoff.
  14. Anybody here get annoyed when their favorite online overseas shop all of a sudden uses a different model when you've be accustomed using the previous model's measurements as they match with yours? Nothing pisses me off more than when I find a model who wears the same sizes as me, which I use for purchases, who no longer shows up and they use a different model with different measurements while wearing a different size. It's even more annoying when they use a woman to model the clothes. It's cool that they show women can wear the same clothes and look cute, but when I'm trying to visualize how it would work on me based on my measurements and how it would look when worn, it's annoying. Case in point, you find a model that wears the same size as you with identical or very close measurements as you, magically disappears later and they use another model with different measurements to model the clothes. I'm not pointing fingers to any shops in particular. Just an observance.