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  1. I think I've decided to do my first pair of Whites, either awarding myself once I get this new job or with tax return. Going through Baker's for this. Anyway, i can't tell if this heel is a standard heel, a plus 1/4 heel, or a minus 1/4 heel? Also, is the leather smokejumper on here considered to be Chromexcel? I can't really tell by the picture, nor does it say in the description: thanks
  2. Do you remember the measurement of the shoulders? Is this a size XL or XXL?
  3. How is the sizing on the Lone Wolf Mechanic boots? Is it true to size? I wear a size 8 (should've gotten a 7.5) in Red Wings and mostly wear size 7 in US boots.
  4. Well, they've been sitting in my closet for about 8 years now, with no home, never worn. Give these size 8ee Thorogood rough outs a home.
  5. Selling some new rare Thorogood 6 in moc toes in size 8ee
  6. TCB

    Sounds like they got it made when it comes to peacefulness and inspiration. Beats the hustle and bustle around you when trying to concentrate and perfect a craft.
  7. Please post your experience in the Shoes that look better with age thread in case there are some Dayton wearers. Glad I skipped them.
  8. TCB

    Probably shot in the early mornings.
  9. Zuriick has been awol for quite some time in their webshop when it comes to buying Nicks from them. Even their Instagram and Facebook hasn't been updated in over a year. I think they're out of business now.
  10. How is the sizing on Buzz Rickson made in USA tshirts (logo versions only, no blank tshirts)?
  11. Subtle details are nice Bought the IH w-15 brass wallet chain from Rodeo Bros off Rakuten for $18 due to some spare PayPal change I had lying around and a 1000 yen coupon. I like this length better than my last chain.
  12. Where can I find this magazine?
  13. % pretty cool.
  14. TCB

    I looked on Denimio's site but they don't carry this model so you must have bought it from Inoue direct. I'd give it some consideration for purchase but I'm unsure about the size. It would be better for me if Denimio sold it so if it doesn't fit, I can return it.
  15. No offense taken. I stand by what I said earlier about Rodeo Bros (auc-wan) having better IH prices than others.