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  1. Hola Selling a calf leather jacket by Sakuto Motoike size 48. Amazing jacket, but it's getting too small on me. Additional info about the, now defunct, brand: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/sho...hlight=motoike More info and some pictures coming up. For now it's the same jacket as shown here, albeit in a different size: http://rsa-sb.blogspot.dk/2011/03/motoike-leather-art-auberginetan-silver.html Price will be 2000 euro, but offers are welcome.
  2. Count Zero. I know I'm going to read it at least 12 times before i get in all the details, not to mention the plot.
  3. Yesterday grilling with my sister and one of her girlfriends, in a small park right behind my sister apartment. We get a couple of bottles of red wine down and my sister goes to bed. Literally five minutes later I've torn the clothes of her girlfriend and are fucking her on the table. In plain view from a good 100 apartment windows. Also, i'm in love with another girl. I feel kind of like (a) shit.
  4. Kato's been down and out for a few years.
  5. Hi Selling a pair of Jomons bought in 2008 (in case they changed the model). No signs of wear aside from a broken thread at the left front pocket. size 29/33 Questions welcome. Price 400 USD including shipping from Denmark. M
  6. Neils new company, where he tries to take the spirit of Kato and make something new is called Arn Merchantile. Just a heads up.
  7. Changed hairstyle from hair below shoulders to standard length for males. Posted pictures on FB. I might just be an attention whore.
  8. On the subject of bitches, i want to hatefuck a bunch of teenage girls sitting behind me in the train. 9 hours of physical work in a uniform and their cackling is giving me a headache.
  9. The helles from augustiner.
  10. Sponsor some devoa.
  11. Sweden uptight on religion? First i ever heard of it.
  12. Just came home to Denmark after 4 days in Münich. This sucks..
  13. I might just move to Scotland..