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  1. blue blue indo sc hawaii, bajaj, bajaj, bajaj
  2. TCB

    @erk is og, i'm sure he knows what to do with a piece of cloth draped around one's bum n legs. what he is questioning is rather if tcb, being a brand purporting to be specializing in period-correct repro(duction) of levi's jeans instead of a more modern-minded (re)interpretations of them (eg, stevenson, rgt, 3sixteen, et al), is overstating the (supposed) characteristics and dimensions of the so-called "66 (levi's) cut" (slimmer, lower rise, among others).
  3. my original mf cali (54) fits like that pretty much
  4. so good meng. back pocket crinkles so sexxxy.
  5. still no wash either on these 129 rinsed denim molleton after almost a year (of mostly sedentary lifestyle):
  6. amazing meng. i love the front pocket fade. hv u been washing inside or right side out?
  7. where can i see? might actually be good news for me.
  8. (((like pharrell?))) lol bravo @chicote!
  9. TCB

    you know what they say about men with small penises...
  10. seconded. works for most toyo pants and mf as well.
  11. agree with sm, nice cut and fit. not sure if this 'overseas edition' gets it as well, but i also like the 'starch-wash' they do.
  12. idul fitri ootd calico butterfly shirt 129 in denim molleton george cox creepers
  13. they look great mate
  14. rising sun blacksmith:
  15. (((heracles))) well played @Iron Horse. lookin forward to the big mars