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  1. rising sun blacksmith +- 5 years, sanforized white selvedge cone denim:
  2. a brand by old sufu stalwart fardin (?) might have had an appointment only basement shop in vienna (?) more info on denimbro
  3. oomslokop

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    more general purchasing principle: i mostly go with whether or not said piece of clothing goes with my "style" aka what i've got in my wardrobe. with jeans this doesn't matter much since it goes with practically everything (i have my outfit-with-slim jeans and outfit-with-baggy jeans pretty much worked out, the only question remaining being whether or not the jeans in question (when i'm considering a new pair) "pumps my nads"). eg, when sda released the first champloo jeans made by double volante, i just had to have it (tho it did also fit into my outfit-with-slim jeans wardrobe). some jeans have perfect fit (for me), like the ih beatle buster, but i didn't get a pair when it was still available because i couldn't gel with ih details back then (found them a bit ho-hum and mall-y), but now with my existing wardrobe i reckon it would work perfectly as a stealthy slimmish jeans when i don't wanna look too sloppy (current, perhaps all-time most frequent, look). and of course it is now EXTINCT as they say in ih land *facepalm. and then there are things i bought because i thought i was gonna change my look (happens every five years or so), eg, mf gilet de ville vest, that one pumped my nads in all sorts of ways, but i've got absolutely no use for it at the moment. i still keep it though, since it's kinda beautiful. also, in my experience, almost all bad fits, unless a jeans is just way too small (you can't fix too big, but you can't wear too small!), can be fixed by getting them hemmed (to your desired length). btw, sc47 has totally different fit to lvc47...
  4. oomslokop

    Shoes that look better with age...

    also fobulous jeans!
  5. oomslokop

    Mister Freedom

    saw my veste ouvrier hanging off a chair... [about 8 years old]
  6. chatter about the hawaii in the sugar cane thread inspired me to pull mine out for xmas. this is after 7 years: hair all shorn off from the patch this looks more faded irl could be my fave evo, the slowly thinning size label decided not to hem since the sc factory hem is so narrow, beautiful (can't be bothered unfolding cuff to take pics of said beautiful hemjob)
  7. oomslokop

    Sugar Cane Denim

    please reconsider
  8. i've got a tender belt. i picked a hook buckle, one of the simpler buckles bill's got. i didn't use to wear a belt at all until i need one to hold up pants that i can't button up anymore. hehehe. so i wasn't used to having something weighty around my waist. but this doesn't feel heavy to me. it's thick (0.25 inch – measured using tape measure so not accurate) and widish (1.5 inch), but i never really notice it. and the leather is awesome! so is the brass buckle, beautiful. not sure if it's still available, but if it is, as you might know already bill can swap the buckle to whichever choice of leather you want.
  9. oomslokop

    Shoes that look better with age...

    rdt coupen brogue in burgundy cxl
  10. oomslokop

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    oh-oh... why don't you give me a call?
  11. Re: SC Hawaii, I live in the tropics and my Hawaiis are totally fine. Also, agree with @mousemouse about the differences in the cut between Hawaii and Okinawa, exactly as I experienced as well. I also prefer the Hawaiis, when new the colour looks especially brilliant.
  12. oomslokop

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    jacket looks good!
  13. oomslokop

    WTF didn't I just buy it? What's wrong with me?

    - workers' big mac repro that i inquired about back when takeshi-san still sends me his pre-order emails. dilly-dallied too long thinking i already had too much blue (!) in my wardrobe. - mf chemise calico i tried on at the norse store in copenhagen and fit perfect. but for some reason i thought it was too loud for my taste back then. also the crazy inflated price didn't help. - duck digger whisky cat i tried on at take 5 shanghai. wasn't used to diaper's butt fit back then so i passed. zzz. - first version rising sun blacksmith (had little but crucial differences in details to the later version blacksmith i eventually bought a few years later – tighter stitching in some places, eg waistband, flatter but wider belt loops, no slanted belt loops, no chainstitch hem – i tried on at the old unionville in stockholm. i thought it was a bit too workers/miners cosplay? now one of my fave jeans ever. - tender hands on watch i tried on at peggs & son in brighton. i don't really wear watches so why should i start. but it was very pretty and small, perfect size for my wrist. of course the maker retired soon after that and the regret still gnaws. - ande whall caribou, the special roll with the blue arcs. didn't like the pocket bag fabric and kept waiting for the perfect special roll. d'oh.
  14. tried to find a denim (didn't end up buying) regrets thread but couldn't find it (i thought there was one already?). if there is, mod can merge. let's start with this one from @BrownMetallic in the 45rpm thread: "Bought a pair of Sorahiko 2010 at their NYC upper westside store when it came out. They were an updated, slimmer version, w/c fit me real nicely. But, for some insane reason I returned them ... 1 of 3 denim decisions that regret to this day" fire away!
  15. oomslokop

    The Strike Gold

    it's almost refreshing to see this superdenim circa 2009 superstacks look. i love it.