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  1. my condolences gnomes, i'm in exactly the same (food) boat. i've gone from all buttoned up easy peasy on my sd-103 to two top buttons unfastened held up with a belt aho style
  2. say no to clothes with a toxic trail. wear tender top to nearly toe.
  3. search for @JacoBlue's posts for 4302xx
  4. same pair as foxy's, size 33, old pics (just after i soaked n washed them). after a few more washes the fit hasn't changed much. for size comparo i wear: 31 in mf cali (should be 32), 32 in sc hawaii (perfect), 31 in dry bones red-d (perfect), 32 in rising sun blacksmith (perfect), 32 in fc 1108 (perfect), 4 in tender 129 (perfect loose fit).
  5. is the 43 lht or rht?
  6. ^also what i experienced. i wear 32 in fc and have a 33 in sda 103 and the waist is too tight. i wear it with the top button unfastened, sometimes the top two buttons (and it's just a four-button fly!) :D. i would size up to 34, even 36 if i were to buy 103 again. ihw's "barely shrink but never stretch" comment is very true.
  7. what's the waist measurement @Niro? ta.
  8. moral principle, or practical? aka that, if i got you right, they might be cutting corners in production and you prefer your stuff to be made to highest specs possible?
  9. did u get a different size or are you just buying an extra pair for keeps?
  10. TCB

    c'mon show us a picture of the jacket from the back! </ed> ... to see the T seam
  11. tfh westerns have pretty aggressive taper in the body, not recommended for those with beer bellies. i don't mind sizing up to get them to fit in the body though i end up with loose-ish shoulders and sometimes sleeves that are a bit too long. they still look good not too sloppy since overall the cut it slim. just something to consider for those who like their shoulder and sleeves to fit perfect.
  12. hawaii?
  13. i wear sd 103 in 34 and fc 1108 in 32 (tag size). in real measurements, the fc still has a bigger waist after a few wears (standard denim).
  14. lemme see if i could point out the differences with the standard 1108: the denim looks darker, bluer, less grey than the standard denim, fewer thread gauge varieties for the stitching, patch is laser printed not lightly stamped, denim is heavier (noticeably so when wearing or not?) and what else?
  15. http://www.madebytender.com/category/dyes/ this might help. but @chicote is right, if you want to know the details on the dyes from the colours (walnut = brownish, logwood = blackish, woad = indigoish, then there's wattle, clorophyll, khaki, turmeric, etc), to how the garments are dyed, or how the different dyes react to different materials (eg logwood on denim v. logwood on a belt, or shoes!), you should have a read on the earlier pages of this thread. i find it fascinating. you can start with this page: https://supertalk.superfuture.com/topic/98577-tender-co-denim/?page=4