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  1. Sugar Cane Denim

    kiya is right on this one. 1947 is a wide jeans but it's small in the waist (in relation to the rest of it). i'm actually thinking, given what i've seen you wear all these years, that 1947 could be too much of a jump in wideness right now? i like it, but even going from my hawaii to the 1947 in the same size at first i was thinking, wow, culottes! just from what i've worn maybe you'd wanna give fc 1101, wh 1001 or, this might be a bit of a left field selection, tender 129 (this one has a long inseam, like 36" post-wash)?
  2. Studio D'artisan

    for me, sda is automatic size up 2 for the waist. then it's a matter of finding cuts that you like on the thighs and legs.
  3. Studio D'artisan

    first champloo jeans. standard sda denim, sewn by double volante.
  4. Full Count Denim Thread

    earlier on their ig stories if i'm not mistaken they seem to have dropped similar fit pics of the 1101 and 0105 (and maybe another cut) using the same denim? i hope i'm right or can anyone confirm? i already have a 1108 so would be quite tempted by an 0105R.
  5. Unknown Japanese Brands

    these jelado jawnz have always been fine af and subtly repro faithful in shapes aren't they? megatron had the right idea trying to bring 'em in to the western market, no kipple just didn't style 'em right. or perhaps their target market is more denimbro than sufu or the ih army. i'm all for you getting all the jelados you desire so i can live vicariously through you. ;D
  6. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

  7. Studio D'artisan

    makes me wear my champloo again tho i can't even close the top two buttons. yasss love the sda "standard" denim. in my experience tender's standard 16oz denim comes pretty close to it – its tendency to "marble" is similar – but heavier. has same blue selvedge id too. sda: tender:
  8. Conners Sewing Factory

  9. Warehouse

    superb! are they tapered?
  10. TCB

    chainstitch looks extra neat, narrow fold and narrow seam allowance (?) – whatever you call the thinner side next to the stitch – so pretty!, but there doesn't seem to be any tug/early roping on the hem. some will come with washes though, i suppose, keep us updated.
  11. Conners Sewing Factory

    the 38 will fit great after wash. the arse on the 36 will still attract too much of edmond's attention.
  12. Warehouse

    the 1105 dimension suggests it's the "relax tapered" cut that's everywhere now, without saying so
  13. Tender Co. Denim

  14. Tender Co. Denim

    new and old blues
  15. DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    typical cone behaviour. suddenly one day (likely after more than a year): ah, these fadez aren't half bad(ass)