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  1. rising sun blacksmith:
  2. (((heracles))) well played @Iron Horse. lookin forward to the big mars
  3. reading mandarin and javanese with the kid today
  4. rdt looks superb! did the resole make the whole shoes a whole lotta lighter @tod?
  5. in defiance of max i'm posting this cuff n sole shot to highlight the difference in colour between the tender cotton socks and the tender wallaby shirt in sateen, both dyed in the same khaki colour (turmeric & indigo). the jeans are also tender, 129 molleton. the shoes are warrior, a chinese brand that was very popular in indonesia when i was in primary school and is now enjoying a renaissance. they're cool but the quality remains shithouse.
  6. jakarta's chinese christian guv'nor is convicted for blasphemy against islam and a protest to defend him was ended with a long muslim prayer delivered by a man whose voice cracked with genuine sadness. that my friend, is indonesia in a nutshell. went to the protest in my wallaby shirt in khaki sateen. the dress code for the protest was red and white (colours of indo flag). i didn't have a céline tee ready.
  7. they're well-made, but for some reason don't have as much personality as his jeans
  8. please shut it about the incredible lht denim already, i've regretted not joining this contest enough as it is
  9. the cut and details on these are great https://shop.risingsunjeans.com/collections/pants/products/spade-jean-ind-raw-1 check out the cinch shape. i've always wanted a pair. not sure how much is done differently to produce it since rs changed hands from mike hodis, but from some of the ig photos i've seen they might still be sewn by the same team. the denim is pretty boring, though it would still look good after a long wear (when i saw it, three years ago, it used the same cone as the one on my blacksmith). you could also get some kapital https://www.kapital.jp/e-store/detail.php?id=SLP014&key=4852&category=57
  10. molleton 129 worn since november, still unwashed. i love the molleton fabric, if i had my way, i'll molleton all my jeans! it's so fluffy but still retains the rigidness of raw jeans. william explained the molleton process in an email: "the molleton finish is made on the raw denim, and it doesn’t involve getting the fabric, so it doesn’t shrink during the fabric finishing. This means that the garments are made up from the raw molleton denim, and then they are shrunk to size during rinsing or dyeing, just like the other jeans, which gives them the leg twist, shrunken seams, etc." worn almost everyday.
  11. @dudewuttheheck yas two cuffs better! Thanks meng!
  12. yes, i'm still following his blog (he's making the 3rd denimba/ridge jeans at the moment) and intermittently wearing the sda champloo jeans that he made. i like them, it's not as "perfect" as i thought it was gonna be, there are kinks in the stitching that make the whole jeans feel human/soulful. and they do show almost all the kuniyoshi trademarks that @mizanation showed in his legendary thread many moons ago. don't forget to show us pics when you've got yours.
  13. denim looks good, which cone denim was that?
  14. @Iron Horse is that a big arsE on the red tab?