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  1. not so lil one anymore graduated from year 9 (smp – junior high) and off to senior high (sma). the fc 1108 is only 2 years younger than the kiddo. my trippen shoes are older than both. missus' carmina brogues around 10 yrs old.
  2. seconding everyone re flagship denim. tender's standard 17oz denim is very similar down to the blue selvedge line. and youll definitely get massive rises on them!
  3. ive bought rising sun in stockholm, mister freedom in copenhagen, fullcount in shanghai — all bad "business" decisions, all caused by a pleasant browsing/buying/customer experience, and despite walking into the stores not expecting to buy anything — but have walked out of soas, cc, and vintage showroom without buying anything even though they had what i wanted (esp. at last/timeworn in vs) because of typical lukewarm/borderline hostile london customer service. (r&h is very welcoming and pleasant, kudos, but they didnt have anything i wanted. did get a nice and super quick hem job from them tho).
  4. fc1108 since 2011 in honour of early sufu hv been wearing em stacked recently. the 1108 has almost the perfect shape for stacking, maybe a tiny bit more taper wdve made it 10/10.
  5. this used to happen a lot with my cone denim even though they're lighter ounces when washed right side out but the lines eventually fade out anyway
  6. rest in peace idiosyncratic genius
  7. pre-ramadan visit to dad's grave while nursing a hangover. wearing 13-year-old fc 1108, band tee, karhu ikoni trail. the band
  8. tender wallaby, sda champloo
  9. welcome back @volvo240thebest! straight to the lcbo i see
  10. accidental couple waywt denim edition: on me mf veste ouvrier on top of tender wallaby short sleeve in khaki linen (?) (tender 129 in molleton denim no viz); on missus, vintage wrangler jacket (very similar to ande whall's grizzly) we found abandoned in a winter holiday house in adaminaby, australia.
  11. no!no!yes! origami wallet after 10-11 yearsish
  12. i'll be on the lookout for a denim-clad man with six fingers in one hand next time i'm in london tawn.
  13. 1. tender 129: perfect loose-ish cut on me (i take a 4 for 34-35 waist), love the lower rise, great denim that marbles easily (similar to the sda standard denim down to the blue selvedge line but heavier, not your standard five-pocket construction resulting in interesting puckerings (eg, on the front pocket opening) and fades in non-standard spots. 2. rising sun blacksmith: good cut for me too, actually not too loose at size 32 which has an actual waist of around 34. also offers quirky puckerings and fades because of the almost baroque construction (eg, on the waistband where the duck lining doesn't seem to shrink as much as the denim resulting in extreme puckering on the outside (denim side)). good example of the (eventual) beauty of old cone denim. especially love how the faded spots don't go directly from blue to white like on many japanese denim. less contrasty, but produces a cool, beautiful blue. 3. sda 103: at bigger waist size (34), the cut is nearly perfect for me for a slimmish pair of jeans. lowish rise, nearly straight stovepipe legs. the denim is probably my favourite ever. super dark blue, crinkles and marbles easily, feels luxurious and thick for 15oz, but doesn't feel too heavy. (in this order)
  14. thanks @Double 0 Soul would be interesting to see them do dagenham dave. and stop me oh oh stop me if you think you've heard this one before:
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