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  1. just dont get this one its got my name on it https://masuya1997.com/item/djangoatour-classic-frenchwork-linen-shirt-anotherline-3/ seconding @unders and @Duke Mantee that hiroyoshi is the man, super service. one thing to note django atour stuff is not as workwearish heavy duty as some other brands here, tho that might actually suit yr need (just dont order the shirt above :D). i have this baker's tweed jacket that i thought could be warm enough for when i was travelling in the uk, not even in winter, and i was still freezing my bollocks off. but the jacket is very pretty. cool collar/button placement, apparently inspired by russian work jacket?
  2. oomslokop

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    how steadfastly cone denim holds on to the indigo is the best thing it's got going for it, doesn't go white so quickly like many japanese denim
  3. oomslokop

    Tender Co. Denim

    haven't finished yet lol 129 jeans in molleton denim. the denim is quite similar in colour and heftiness (heftier) to sda's standard denim (same blue selvedge id, 17 vs. 15 oz?), but tender's feels softer, velour-esqe, perhaps bcoz of the molleton process (explained previously on this thread). love the long pocketbag (same denim, selvedge) fade: i get samurai 710xx circa 2009 combs without even trying pretty great roping from the factory lockstitch peekaboo! in the eternal search to replicate early levi's irregularities i reckon tender stuffs are actually leading the race. made in a factory to specs with irregularities that come naturally from industrial but small-scale operations? (if you look closely you can see some of the home repairs i've done. the tender aesthetics allows for mods and repairs like these to blend in perfectly.)
  4. oomslokop

    Tender Co. Denim

    more monster posts butterfly shirt, the one @julian-wolf has for sale, in ecru calico. the button is metal wrapped in fabric. nice subtle selvedge line square tail shirt in woad linen, very cool (temp-wise) fabric, probably my most worn i love the utilitarian pocket on this shirt. i believe it was inspired by a diy mod by a tender fan on this forum? wallaby shirt in green khaki dyed cotton sateen i love the british racing green buttons on this one verdigris-dyed tesseract shirt in ecru cotton lawn with indigo stripes the verdigris dye is basically gone from the ecru fabric, but some are left on the buttons! tender stuffs suit my aesthetic the most out of all the usual brands on this forum.
  5. oomslokop

    Sugar Cane Denim

    plebs' sugar cane. hawaii. about 10 years. bought raw. pretty, tiny selvedge peekaboo i've always thought sc has some of the thinnest, beautiful hemfold all the hair is gone from the patch. on my pair happened quite early in its life. always surprised to see well-worn hawaiis with still hirsute patch. #teamshadowcombs
  6. oomslokop

    Tender Co. Denim

    132d(river's pockets) in heavy canvas. this was a gift from @bartlebyyphonics and is one of my fave pants. pre-pandemic lockdown i used to wear it till it's andrew wk-dirty. this was hemmed at rivet & hide london using threads from the 3sixteen shadow selvedge jeans. canvas so heavy r&h's union special had some trouble staying on course and munched bits of it. i like the result. (this is on the outside of the pants.)
  7. oomslokop

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    what do u mean? that's the latest mf men-children of the frontier collection
  8. oomslokop

    Mister Freedom

    og mf cali. 12 oz cone iirc. they keep changing the graphics, material and position of the leather patch and size tag (sometimes no graphics at all), i still think this is the best combo.
  9. oomslokop

    Rising Sun & Co

    blacksmith, about 7 years. the duck waistband lining fades nice i love love the fades on the waistband from the denim and the duck shrinking at different rates (the duck less i think). cone does reward u in the long run. this is washed pretty frequently too. but in the first 2 or so years the denim did look flat and boring. one day i suddenly realised they looked way more contrasty than i thought it would ever be.
  10. oomslokop

    Studio D'artisan

    never occurred to me the continued twist of the denim adding to the comb shadows on top of the blurriness from the vertical movement as it continues to lose length. great sleuthing @BrownMetallic!
  11. oomslokop

    Studio D'artisan

  12. oomslokop

    Studio D'artisan

    first champloo jeans, made by kuniyoshi-san of double volante (also made the gbg contest jeans): i actually like just lightly soaking my jeans at first and then have the combs overlap as they set at different spots the more i wash them. i like the blurriness. crispy combs look a bit terrifying to me.
  13. oomslokop

    Rising Sun & Co

    nope. maybe just the lighting. if anything it's sun-faded a little since the last time i posted it. basically in its true colour in the first two pics.
  14. oomslokop

    Rising Sun & Co

    pike jacket, apparently a prototype with only six or so ever made (so they say). i remember emailing khue at their workshop inquiring if they'd have one of these jackets lying around about a year after i saw mike hodis wearing it in a photo from inspiration (?) and got impatient if they would ever release it and lo and behold there was one left in my size. the fabric is japanese duck iirc. i love the rudimentary safety stitch
  15. oomslokop

    Rising Sun & Co

    outdoor vest, don't wear it that much. you can never be sure with rs, there's quite a bit of irregularities in their products. but i think rs stuff that featured this label might have been made in their first haberdashery in pasadena. i know this vest was sent to me from that address before they moved to the other less pretty more warehousey workshop:
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