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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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I gave my Samurais another wash. That crotch is nearing repair time...







After a day's wear:








Thanks for tuning in.

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A couple of Evo pics of my Edwin ED-80s. Occasionally worn since April around the house and for a few hikes. Bearing some paint marks from a couple of renovation projects. 

1 soak and 1 cold wash so far. I'm a slow fader so nice to see some blue peeking through. IMG_20210809_071830.thumb.jpg.d7d2d8b783f72fb9236cbf54f2fcf670.jpgIMG_20210809_071759.thumb.jpg.8bdece5799c52f0ef324d278ee205f45.jpg

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Long time no post. I've pretty much only been on the IH forum for the past few years because I honestly just can't bring myself to find much interest in other denim brands anymore after gradually replacing my wardrobe with IH over the past 5 years or so. Here's a pic dump of my IH-555 18 oz. First 2 are recent (3 years worth of wear), other 4 are about 7 months ago (2.75 years worth of wear). I've transitioned to mostly wearing IH-555-XHS-IB since earlier this year, so these 18 oz haven't gotten a ton of wear in those recent months. I can't believe how much life these have given me. I wear my jeans pretty hard, and I've never had another pair of non-IH jeans go beyond 25 months of wear. All but one of my non-IH have been wrecked in 17 months or less, and I'd need another ~6 months on these 18 oz 555 to get them to the point of where that 25 month pair was at (the Samurai 710 19 oz that I won the sub-21 oz HWDC2 with years back). Really can't say enough good things about IH. The durability is vastly superior to other jeans I've had.



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20 hours ago, chambo2008 said:

Free repairs by iron heart :ph34r2:

My wife is quite skilled with a sewing machine and she takes care of the stuff I care about (crotch, anything above the thighs). I don't really mind cuffs or knees tearing and particularly don't like knee patches, so I just leave those!

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I haven’t posted in superdenim in forever, but I realized my first pair of raw denim (501 STF) are 15 years old. I slowly sold off all my other denim as I got bigger and my jeans did not. As these were the biggest pair, I have held onto them but sadly they do not fit anymore either.



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Been wearing these Evisu 2000t Petero 18 off and on since March. One hand wash after a latte incident.






combs are more visible in less subdued light, but I wasn't trying any photoshop trickery. The seat is pretty worn because I commute via bicycle. I'm hoping it evens out as more washes commence.

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