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  1. cander49

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Haha me too. IH really picked an insane horsehide for this one too. Huge winner for me.
  2. cander49

    The Leather Jacket Thread

    Been enjoying the "One Star" and black horsehide Type III from IH. Picked up the One Star late last year and the Type III just recently. Leather is pretty insane on each, though the horsehide on the type iii needs more break-in than the cowhide on the one star did.
  3. cander49

    DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    Updates. These 18oz 555s have been super stubborn, but they are giving more in the last month or two. Will be interested to see how the second year goes for them. Haven't gotten around to washing yet, though they did have an initial presoak.
  4. cander49

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    From a couple days ago... Ebbets x Askov Finlayson KTNC, IH black leather type 3, IH ultra heavy plain white tee, IH 18 oz 555, Alden natty cxl tanker.