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  1. Good idea in theory. However if their web shop's handling of past releases is any indication, it would a total disaster. You would probably end up getting charged more, if your package even ended up in the right country lol
  2. P24's are also a roomier pant, and you need to take fabric stretch into consideration. For example, I'm a small in P14-CH and P10A-CH, but need a medium in Stotz because the P14's sit higher on the waist, and the P10's are a slimmer cut pant. Also, stotz and doesn't have much stretch. However, I'm a small in P9-e/P24-s, and still a small in the ch/ds respectively because they're cut bigger, so I didn't have to size up for the stotz version. Pants like the P15/17/23 you would go for inseam rather than waist due to the draw cord waist. My P15's and 17's could have probably fit a XL in the waist.
  3. Interesting, it doesn't happen often on my 50 but its often enough to be annoying. I wonder if having the zip pull on the 51 makes any difference.
  4. Same issue with my J50-WS.
  5. WTT: DS-HD2 Black/Medium for same in dust. Not selling.
  6. IC/WTT: 3A-6TS (original xpac in great condition) for 5TS or 8TS. Preferably xpac or L2 for 5TS. Can add cash for black foil or L2 5TS. Not interested in silver version. Also prefer xpac for 8TS, but would be open to limonta too. If you're not looking to trade, but have one of the above to unload, please don't be shy! Pictures and references available for serious traders.
  7. You can also depill it and it looks fine.
  8. I would check again.
  9. FS: SS15 P10-CH small (night). 8/10 condition, light signs of discoloration in high wear areas. Rear center seam reinforced. Serious buyers message me for pictures. Comes with bag and spec sheet. $650, buyer pays for shipping US it will be about $25, international message for quote. WTB/WTT: P10A-S raf in medium Blazers (J29 variants, 44 variants) in medium J51-WS J21 variants in medium Stotz shorts in medium or softshell in small or medium 3A-MK2
  10. P10A-S sold, price drop on J29 to $650 Sold. Still WTB items above.
  11. For sale or trade. All items come with bag, tag, and spec sheet. Serious buyers please PM me with questions. Pictures available upon request. Reasonable offers accepted, not posting on Grailed for a reason. J29-CH small. 7/10 condition, very light patina, slightly more visible in high wear areas. Sling, force lock, and ACRNM branded logo tape included. Does not include blank tape. $700 P10A-S raf (small). 10/10 condition, brand new from last drop, just don't fit them. Carabiner included. $900 Paypal only, located in US. Buyer pays shipping cost. US shipping will be about $35 via USPS priority with full insurance and signature confirmation. I will provide an exact amount at time of purchase. Serious international buyers PM me and I can get you a quote. Open to trade offers, looking for the below but will consider other shells in medium and pants in small or medium. Not selling outright, but I also have a black DS-HD2 in medium, J50-WS in medium, and SS15 P10CH in small that I might let go for the right trade. WTB/WTT: P10A-S raf in medium Blazers (J29 variants, 44 variants) in medium J51-WS J21 variants in medium Stotz shorts in medium or softshell in small or medium (set 2 anyone!?) 3A-MK2 variants
  12. I'm same height and 20 pounds lighter and the 50ws is pretty fitted. Unless it's all in your legs or they adjust the cut for stotz, sizing up might not be a bad idea
  13. Bump. Please message me if interested. Shipping from US, but now accepting international buyers. Also WTT my new fw1617 raf p10a-s in small for your mediums.
  14. I was under the impression it was like this to make one handed buttoning easier, also so you can do it without looking. Thumb under the button and slide your index finger against or under the placket. It gives you resistance as you snap it in place.
  15. WTT: P10A-S Raf medium for my small. Brand new, with bag, tags, spec sheet, and carabiner.