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  1. WTB: J40-S Black Medium
  2. Anyone seen pictures of the bucket hat? Seen it listed in a bunch of places but no pics yet.
  3. WTB: S-J7 Black Medium // 3A-2
  4. Can we please look at least on the same page before posting a WTB? Is that a reasonable thing to ask?
  5. The WS material itself is going to take a lot to soak through. If you keep the DWR maintained you shouldn't have an issue. It doesn't get the full waterproof rating because the seams aren't taped like on other Gore-tex, but for 9/10 situations this probably isn't going to be an issue.
  6. You're out of your element Donny. I think this was covered in earlier pages, but buying with the intent of keeping and then taking what the market will pay, versus buying with the intent of reselling are two different things. Yes, taking the example you posted out of context of the user's past history with the brand doesn't look favorable. But I can just as easily point to these past sales, and argue that he's made getting into the brand easier by making pieces available at lower price points. With the influx of resellers, if he, or anyone else that has been following the brand for a while, were to do this now, a entrepreneurial minded person would immediately purchase and repost for twice the value. That is why I don't mind certain people posting for above retail to protect against this behavior. But when an unknown player comes into the market with the most hyped pieces of a season in random sizes a day after the drop and asks for offers, I'm going to call them out. So I would disagree that "OGs" are being inconsistent with their hate. Also, if you read vir2l's post, he is not going to build a bot.
  7. He sold more pieces at less than retail than most people will ever own in their lives.
  8. New stock is pretty much gone. You might get lucky and someone returns/cancels an order on the main site, but most likely people with sizing issues/buyer's remorse will post it on Grailed and try to profit.
  9. Wonder if the U is the leather looking 46 E had. WS leather would be sick.
  10. Water resistance hasn't changed with Stotz fabric thickness in my experience. I've soaked through in pants and jackets, but also been dry in the rain. As mentioned, it depends more on how recently you washed/ironed or reproofed.
  11. Good idea in theory. However if their web shop's handling of past releases is any indication, it would a total disaster. You would probably end up getting charged more, if your package even ended up in the right country lol
  12. P24's are also a roomier pant, and you need to take fabric stretch into consideration. For example, I'm a small in P14-CH and P10A-CH, but need a medium in Stotz because the P14's sit higher on the waist, and the P10's are a slimmer cut pant. Also, stotz and doesn't have much stretch. However, I'm a small in P9-e/P24-s, and still a small in the ch/ds respectively because they're cut bigger, so I didn't have to size up for the stotz version. Pants like the P15/17/23 you would go for inseam rather than waist due to the draw cord waist. My P15's and 17's could have probably fit a XL in the waist.
  13. Interesting, it doesn't happen often on my 50 but its often enough to be annoying. I wonder if having the zip pull on the 51 makes any difference.
  14. Same issue with my J50-WS.
  15. WTT: DS-HD2 Black/Medium for same in dust. Not selling.