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  1. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: P24A-E Medium. Worn a few times, slightly too long on me. Full pack. $1550 gifted, includes shipping in US.
  2. thatslapz


    No, GTV shells and my J1W (and I assume J1A-GTPL) is the same way. The interior collar one is just a hanging loop.
  3. thatslapz


    Always bring a racing ferret trainer to a knifefight.
  4. thatslapz


    See update - these feel slimmer to me, likely because of the material. But as I note take your normal size or go up if you are between sizes (due to less stretch) Also fit pic
  5. thatslapz


    Updated - I don't want people sizing wrong. These feel slimmer due to the material, but use the measurements as a guide - just know there will not be a lot of stretch. Monkey typewriter time. The P24A-E came in and the most noticeable update seems to be they feel slimmer from prior iterations. Mediums fit me how smalls used to fit, and the first release small P24A-DS and P24A-S felt looser than these. My P34-DS mediums also were looser in the waist and baggier throughout the leg, so I would just say take your normal size, or go up if you're in between sizes. I prefer how a normal reinforced hem sits on prior versions/other pants. The ease of adjustment with the draw cords for different shoes is convenient though, so it really just comes down to personal preference. Since I only had the first release, having the interior phone/organization pockets in the cargos is a welcome addition on this cut. The E material maintains the pocket structure similar to stotz (my favorite fabric to pair with this style). I may be imagining it, but the cargo pockets also seem a little flatter than prior releases. You can fit things in the cargo pockets without bulging (34 DS) or sagging (24/30/38DS), so it is a good solution for low volume things. Personally, I would have preferred bigger pockets that leaned more into a BDU than tailored trouser look. The cargos wrap around the leg more like the P37. While I appreciate the hide in plain sight philosophy and the pant's ability to transition between multiple environments (who travels anymore anyways though), if I am going somewhere where cargo pants/BDUs wouldn't be acceptable, I would probably not be wearing 24a in the first place. The fabric has been discussed already, so I will just say its properties suit the cut well. Hopefully we see a future release in different colors with some (subtle) contrasting hardware to highlight the features instead of masking them. The P30A-E navy with black hardware looked great and I certainly would not mind a 24A-E like that.
  6. thatslapz


    Small 24 lasted about 2 minutes.
  7. I haven’t posted in superdenim in forever, but I realized my first pair of raw denim (501 STF) are 15 years old. I slowly sold off all my other denim as I got bigger and my jeans did not. As these were the biggest pair, I have held onto them but sadly they do not fit anymore either.
  8. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J98-SS Black/Black Medium. Full pack, like new. $1500 shipped in US. Extra for international. SOLD WTB: P37-DS Black Medium.
  9. thatslapz


    This is something I have said before, but as the resident Acronym apologist, I feel obligated to say it again - Acronym has always had quality issues like this. With their growth, they are reaching a larger (and more connected) market with more product, so the flaws are more apparent. Yes, it is incredibly disappointing to get something that needs to be fixed out of the bag, or after a few wears. Yes, it is fine to bitch about it on the internet. But also yes, most of us will keep buying it because we're braindead.
  10. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: SOLD P38-DS Medium Black Full pack. Worn lightly, washed prior to sale. $1600 shipped in US.
  11. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Huge thank you to @Abarth_Swag for the P36-E size swap. Apparently FedEx > USPS as my pair are still in transit. Don't hesitate to trade/deal with, thanks again.
  12. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    J40-CH still available. Price dropped to $1200 shipped in US. Still WTB P36-E Medium. Can trade P38-DS Black Medium or P36-E Small, but neither available for sale.
  13. thatslapz


    The 98 is bit bulky, at least unwashed/out of the bag. Fitting under profile or straight fit shells isn’t the most flattering, but it works nicely under the j1as.
  14. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Still available, price dropped. https://www.jawnflip.com/i/40705-acronym-j90-ds-alpha-green Also available: J40-CH Medium, jacket and sling only. Prior owner did not include bag or spec sheet. Very light wear, basically like new. $1300 shipped in US. https://www.jawnflip.com/i/41556-acronym-j40-ch *on hold* P34-DS Black Small, full pack. $1300 shipped in US. https://www.jawnflip.com/i/41558-acronym-p34-ds P30A-DS 1.0 Black small full pack. $1100 shipped in US. https://www.jawnflip.com/i/41559-acronym-p30a-ds-10-small
  15. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J90-DS Alpha Green Medium. Full pack, like new. $700 shipped in US OBO.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342