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  1. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: 3A-5 Olive new. Full pack. $1575 (F&F) shipped in US (price without VAT). Save yourself the customs headache and fees. Larger box so no international for now. Thanks.
  2. thatslapz


    You'll be fine with either. I am 175cm and went medium and am happy with the fit. Small would probably have worked but I like the baggy fit. Also small was next to impossible to get on drop day.
  3. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: 3A-2 Black Xpac, prior release. Lightly used but pretty much like new. Full pack. $450 shipped in US. SOLD
  4. thatslapz


    The demand for P30A is there, especially with all the new buyers that weren't around for the first releases. If you're constantly checking BST it may seem like pairs were readily available but the actual volume of pants that changed hands is probably extremely low. Regarding raid pockets, it's an update and no different than any other re-release. They're useful for securely carrying and organizing small items, and placed high enough where you won't see them unless you tuck your shirt in. If they had just dropped a batch of 1.0 again, people would complain it was the same pant. The P30A and J1A are obviously some of their favorite items, so they will continue to update and release them. When there were no J1A or P30A around, people would have killed for a drop like this.
  5. thatslapz


    Just like old times.
  6. thatslapz

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS: SISP 30508 Cargo Pants. Black, 48. Very good condition, lightly worn. Pictures at link below. $250 200 shipped in US. SOLD
  7. thatslapz


    Believe so yes, from the site photos and some of the first hand accounts trickling in it is just that.
  8. thatslapz


    I think you answered your own question. It’s the reverse lol.
  9. thatslapz


  10. thatslapz


    Unorganized and half proofread J28-WS notes. I ignored the carryover 28 stuff because there have been a lot of 28s already, but obviously fit/pocket set up is good. -hood is seam taped, the first I have seen for WS ACR jackets. Having peripheral vision with full rain protection is very nice, especially if you wear glasses. The only ACR hoods that have kept my glasses dry are this one/j1e, full snorkel hoods, j74, 76, and the j1 2.2/j59. -WS is less rigid than GT pro, so the boonie sits more relaxed when not worn compared to the J1E. On both the 28 and J1E, I have found the hood to sit flush with only the two center hood snaps connected. The outer ones are easy to reach for more security/coverage as needed. The hat diameter is smaller than the J1E, which fits my head better. I do like that I can fit a beanie under the J1E's hood, but since the 28 is WS I probably won't be needing a beanie when I'm wearing it anyways. -WS construction also means the elbows don't flare, while still providing unrestricted movement. Puffy elbows was one of my main gripes (albeit minor) with the GT pro version. The 28 sleeves are also a perfect length for me, generally medium sleeves are slightly long on me. -Auxzip is a nice addition, previous "full featured" WS jackets like the 61 and 47a did not have it. I would have traded auxzip for self stowing / packability -2.2 collar works well in WS, especially when folded down and means backwards compatibility with other 2.2 J1A's and the J59-GT. I have my 28's hood on my 59gt, and have been wearing the 28 without a hood. -Chest snap would have been nice. The 81 has three, with the same? low weight center zip/narrow centerfold construction, and the 2.2 J1A has two with the same collar set-up. -As with the 47A-WS, the back waist cinch is a nice addition (though one I rarely use) -RainDrop seems like it will work, but I haven't played around with it much and haven't needed it. Leaving them stowed you essentially have two mezzanine interior pockets. Since the stowing strap for the RainDrop is in the middle, it also acts as a pocket divider. It is nice to have as an option though the 28 already has more pockets than you would need.
  11. thatslapz


    P33 go well with most shoes. They were great, versatile pants, and I only sold them because I got P36. The hidden cargos on the rear concealed contents thanks to the wide cut, and could easily be shifted to the side when you sit. I usually never use rear pockets because I don’t like sitting on stuff, but I regularly put my keys and MP3/MP2TS in these. The P36 has the rear cargo pockets also but uses the pleating for concealment. My only complaint on the 33 was the combination of the wider phone pocket, DS construction and wide straight fit in through the thighs allowed my phone (iPhone X no case) to slip out, especially when I was sitting on the floor or in a car where the opening is pointed down. Couple of old pictures below, I think I posted a couple with the C1 a while back too. One static and one super awkward action shot.
  12. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    J59 and P31A price updated. Stain came out of 59 with a wash. Shadows/darker areas are from the hood adjustment ribbon on opposite side. See pictures in the listing.
  13. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J1B-GT Raf Medium $1500, like new J59-GT Medium, $1150 tiny stain on hood seam tape, otherwise like new J65-WS Medium $1000, worn but no significant flaws SOLD P31A-DS Black Small $775 like new Pictures on JawnFlip https://www.jawnflip.com/i/19367-acronym-j1b-gt-raf https://www.jawnflip.com/i/19932-acronym-j59-gt https://www.jawnflip.com/i/19930-acronym-p31a-ds-black-small All prices shipped in the US with full pack. Ships Saturday after purchase.
  14. thatslapz

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J1B-GT Raf. Medium. Full pack. Worn a couple times but like new. $1700 $1525 shipped in US. Ships Saturday after payment.
  15. thatslapz

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS: SISP Chelsea boots, recent season size 43. Pictures and descriptions here. $350 shipped in the US. Ships Saturday after payment. SOLD
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