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  1. WTB LA8-DS Medium. In good condition and with sling strongly preferred. Thanks.
  2. This is just how the loose cut stuff fits, shoulders, length, and sleeve length all look fine.
  3. Not smart to post the address that is registered to your family’s healthcare solutions business, and also searchable and publicly available lol.
  4. Iirc they don’t care that much about normal customers seeing leaks, it’s more so if larger companies or smaller ripoff/fake operations are able to beat them to market with their own designs. More leaks floating around increases the chance of that happening.
  5. WTS: SOLD P37-DS Medium, full pack. Excellent condition. Picked up from another user here, washed once with Granger’s. $1000 shipped. Invoice/International extra.
  6. WTS: SOLD 3A-MP3TS Black with matte olive zip. Full pack. Worn but good condition. Normal wear and tear on top of XPAC internal dividers and zipper. $55 shipped in US (gifted). Extra for international/invoice.
  7. SOLD WTS: P24A-E Medium, full pack. Worn but excellent condition. $1300 (includes ship in US) gifted. Extra for international/invoice.
  8. Older version fit leaned closer to straight since the body is a bit more forgiving than a buttoned up LA6.
  9. J72 was about 950 euro with VAT, not that much different than the black 2018 release surprisingly.
  10. If you prioritize abrasion resistance and don’t mind the added noise, I would suggest E. If you prefer a softer, quieter, and more fabric-like pant, I would suggest DS. E is more light shell/ DS is more soft shell. I would say they are similar in terms of temp/weather capability with E being slightly cooler to the touch initially (due to it’s more shell like properties).
  11. Agreed, two internal pockets are a nice touch as well. The semi-internal sling set up for left or right hand set up is improved over the HD2/S21, and I’m glad you have the option to mount the sling internally only. The price makes a little more sense after handling it.
  12. WTS - Prices are gifted and shipped in US. Extra for international. SOLD 3A-1 Limonta L2. Full pack. Small cut (about 1cm) at bottom of bag. I applied new Rocky Mountain Gore-Tex patch to interior. Fabric has broken in nicely with plenty of life left. Interior side of mezzanine pocket has fading from earbud case. $625
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