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  1. @Cold Summer I know right? These are their 884 cut, and I've always felt like the top block doesn't quite match the rest of the fit. I still enjoy these, but somehow the synergy is off. Classic straight with a more fitted top block. I really enjoy the crinkly denim and contrast as the electric blue starts to show through the tightly woven dark blue.
  2. @reallypeacedoff YES I had to stop biking in them!
  3. I gave my 211s a soak. cooooomin along ~
  4. I gave my 211s a soak. cooooomin along ~
  5. Hello in there (echo) Anyone know if Eternal is still kickin? Seems out of stock or low stock everywhere.
  6. Haha great. I think that’s where I’m finding some personal discourse; when I put them on, I feel like I look too “in-costume.” But such is any kind of clothing really. Honestly I did buy them with the intention of wearing them over the top of warmer layers while working in the (bike) shop. It’s not a customer facing sort of bike shop, but I do work on bikes as well as take photos recreationally!
  7. Is there an overalls thread I’m just not seeing? Need to see some good overall fits to get hyped on these baggy joints I got myself into.
  8. Diggin those tracks coming in @chantheman.
  9. The area of concern. It’s nearly threadbare, and the tear in the knee goes all the way through. I don’t own a sewing machine but am thinking of hand darning the individual small holes, then putting a larger patch underneath and using a sashiko pattern to reinforce it. I’m having a hard time deciding what to do about the knee hole though. Maybe a patch on top would be worthwhile.
  10. Old quote here … This was a fascinating read. Anyone have any cool boro or other antique mending inspiration they could share? Blogs, photo series, etc? I’m lookin to do some major hand repairs to an old pair I have and I’m struggling to make a plan. The above article really makes me feel as though I’m overthinking it, so maybe I should just slow it down.
  11. Anyone know if Neatstyle.jp ships to the states?
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