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  1. rockon99

    Evisu is still loved!

    I took post wash measurements and updated my post above. I will eventually post them on Grailed and maybe the Reddit r/rawdenim. Any tips?
  2. rockon99

    Evisu is still loved!

    @chambo2008 right? I don't exactly want to sell them, but they just look awkward and I have something else on the way.
  3. Been out of the game for a few and just shopping around. What happened to Eternal? They seem to have lost their presence. Anyone stock their 881 and 883? I have a pair with a pretty sore crotch hole that might be a pain to repair, plus i'd like to size differently if i were to buy another. THANKS
  4. rockon99

    Evisu is still loved!

    Feeler post for this pair of 2000TH Petero18 I'm planning to sell.. I haven't sold to anyone on Sufu in my life, so I apologize if this isn't allowed. I figured i'd post in the Evis thread before the actual FS thread. I wore them for a bit but lost too much weight and they look weird now lol pre-wash cm in Waist......43.5 - 17.1 FR..........28.5 - 11.2 BR..........39 - 15.3 Thigh......33.25 - 13.1 Length....82 - 32.2 Hem.......18 - 7.1 Post-wash cm in Waist......42 - 16.5 FR.......... 28 - 11 BR.......... 37.5 - 14.75 Thigh......31.5 - 12.5 Length....80 - 31.5 Hem....... 18 - 7.1
  5. rockon99

    Photography Post Vol. 2

    Silver gelatin print on Fomatone VC 133 - I plan to selenium tone this eventually. It took a lot of dodging and burning to neutralize the high contrast, on top of it already being a split grade print. A working print on Ilford MGRC Warmtone Pearl Can we revive this thread?
  6. rockon99


    Stunning evolution Ed! (9)
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