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  1. What is it like ordering internationally from Hinoya? I’m in the states, anyone have tips? Or just check-out as usual.
  2. rockon99

    Shoes that look better with age...

    I apologize if this has been covered, or may be more suited to the small questions thread... I'm fairly new to the nicer realm of shoes/boots, but have recently started wearing Alden Indys (Chromexcel). How resilient are they in wet weather? I'm not planning to tromp around in puddles of mud, but I'd like not to unduly stain them or dry them out. I realize there is a camp, as with jeans, that would say, "They're boots; just wear them," but I'd surely like not to mar them prematurely, as I'm still reveling in this new-boots good feeling. There comes a time when white sneakers get their first wine stain, and I suppose it's to be accepted, but I'd appreciate your input. Edit: Looking at theshoemart's guide for caring for chromexcel, I'm a little apprehensive about spraying a protectant on leather, but if that's what folks do, then so be it. Edit 2: also i should note that i'm a little embarrassed to be asking; i kind of thrashed my Red Wings, but they look the part as well.
  3. @beautiful_FrEaK Thank you! They were hemmed through Self Edge PDX not terribly long after I purchased them. I really wish I had gone shorter, but I think I thought they would shrink a little bit more. Alas, a double-cuff.
  4. Moving on... Here's my Samurai S0511XX purchased Sept of 2019, worn a lot, then a little, then a lot. Washed a few times. They were tighter before, thus the unfortunate lap fades, but are just beginning to fit well again. My very first pair of Japanese made jeans were made from the same Texas cotton (Lot 10 Samurai S0500XX), so naturally I had to revisit this fabric.
  5. Thanks for the replies folks. Yeah the roomy thighs help for sure. Three of my bikes have Brooks Cambium saddles, and I suppose it’s just rough enough to cause some premature thinning. I spent a good few hours riding in a new pair of APCs that I purchased for crazy cheap, and there’s already a noticeable wear pattern and I can immediately tell where the trouble spots will form. C’est la vie i guess edit: it’s been a small battle in my head for years actually lol
  6. Maybe this is silly, or the wrong thread, but here it goes. I bike a lot, a whole hell of a lot, and I never want to wear my jeans while doing so because I don’t want an awkward saddle fade or to blow the crotch out early. do any of you frequently ride a bike and have either of these issues? Lol thanks :-|
  7. I love the fades on your unbranded! What size are they? 

  8. rockon99

    Denim Repair

    Felt pretty lethargic today after receiving my second vaccine dose yesterday, so I decided to drink tea and mend this back pocket. With the help of a more experienced needleworker who did the actual patch.
  9. rockon99

    Evisu is still loved!

    @chantheman those are great - do you mind posting that crotch repair? Inside/outside?
  10. rockon99

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    Hi - glad to read this, I have a techart adaptor (not sure exactly which one, but it's for Sony E-mount) but sadly the autofocus mechanism doesn't seem to mesh correctly. I haven't put forth much effort in anything digital, so this has just sat on a shelf for quite some time now. I'm not sure if there's something special I need to do to make it work or not, but a cursory google didn't help me much. It's not pressing, but would be cool to have the option in the future. I do, however, find enjoyment in my adapted Minolta Rokkor lenses on my Sony. I'm so accustomed to manual focus anyways that it doesn't bother me to use it on a digital with focus peaking.
  11. rockon99

    Superdenim community sale thread

    -SOLD- Updated with post-wash pics and asking $160 plus shipping. Not sure of the actual value but I trust most of you folks
  12. rockon99

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    thanks @roomtemplacroix I definitely enjoy it, and have had to repair it once. Unfortunately I do think that the next time it breaks, I’ll put it on my shelf for good. Repairs are so costly, and honestly I could do without the autofocus. That glass is like nothing else though. My other main camera is a Nikon F3, and I often choose that over the G2 if I’m only taking one camera with me.
  13. rockon99

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    Finally brought these APCs back from the dead (massive crotchsplosion). Please excuse my T-rex hand. Kiriko (not pictured) LC King Woolrich Sightglass Coffee APC NS Veja
  14. Quick question. How much room can I have in the toe box (beyond the tip of my big toe) in Alden Indys (Trubalance last). I just received a pair, one half-size smaller than my Vans size, and they feel comfy width-wise, but I’m worried the shoe is breaking in the wrong place because of the extra length. I think I could stand to go down a half size, but don’t want to dupe myself. thanks
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