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  1. @shredwin_206 I can't wait to see what your black bears look like after a year of working construction!
  2. ^The warm ciders were in London, Mulled cider wine from a holiday market and some pub that gave us free mugs with our drinks. At a supermarket in Scotland I remember seeing plastic 2L bottles of cider, my friend mentioned its what the youths like to drink in the park. We booked a Ryanair flight a day in advance and it was only like $70. We had friends there to stay with too. The countryside pub we went to was really nice. Dublin was packed though, I mainly remember the park with the Oscar Wild statue.
  3. When I went across the pond 10+ years ago the train to Scotland was held up 1 stop away due to high winds but my friend was really nice and drove down and picked us up. The drinks I still remember getting were the warm ciders(strongbow?) and Tuborg beer. Also stopped in Ireland and had a Guinness and it ruined them back home for me.
  4. Thanks! The full cuts are one of the things I love most about FW
  5. @rbeck I've been enjoying the new KNOWSO album Nathan Ward released
  6. My friend just got me to watch the newest season of Fargo, it's excellent.
  7. FW Deck worker parka WH lot 1002 Solovair Lee double layer thermal wfmu swag sweatshirt
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