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  1. I like the detail of the difference in the direction of the denim in the pocket between the WW2 and 30s
  2. I wear my 37s with the cinch tightened all the way and my belt from Duke notched looser
  3. s601xx s516xx the jacket has been washed a whole lot less
  4. Yea, the two tone looks really good. I like how that powerwear tag still says B.R. and Co
  5. the fabric on this one is my favorite
  6. 37 finally gave my pullover its initial hand wash last week and dug some non blue jeans out of the attic
  7. Thanks! Awesome! The frog and bull dog are my favorite!
  8. LazyS


    I have the 800 in 36 and 505 in 34 and the 505 are a little too slim in the hips now after the last few washes. Warehouse and TCB seem to run smaller compared to other brands.
  9. i'd like to see a better picture of the flash pages in the background too!
  10. so grimey I thought they were a pair of balenciaga
  11. I'm (obviously) a Lee fan, There used to be a Union-alls factory in Trenton so everyone (broke) in NY was wearing them because they were cheap. I associate lee more with hip-hop/graffiti than a cowboy vibe.
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