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  1. TCB

    Dang, those look good! What size waist and how did you size them? If you don't mind me asking.
  2. TCB

    I am sure the use of a dryer would dry the metal fast enough to delay the rust. I soaked them 3 times for and hour each, so the metal probably stayed wet long enough to oxidize.
  3. TCB

    I sent Inoue and message on Instagram. He said that the buttons are made of iron for vintage styling.
  4. TCB

    Hey, I just realized the buttons on my new 50s slims are rusting. Any of you experience that?
  5. TCB

    Hey! First post here, but I've used this thread to help with my TCB adventure. I thought I would share my experience with purchasing the TCB 50s Slim with you all, since there isn't much info about them on here. I went through Denimio for the purchase, which I couldn't be happier with. They provide a great service! Their New Years sale made that decision pretty easy. I ordered a size 30 first, which ended up feel about 2 sizes to large. Even knowing that they were unsanforized, I still felt like they wouldn't shrink enough. I have a pair of Naked and Famous E5 that are a size 30 and a pair of UB201 size 29 (a bit snug). Pics:https://imgur.com/a/1mpDs I sent those back to Denimio and received a 29, which I didn't take pics of Pre soak. Sorry about that! They did fit a little bit loose, but not like the size 30. I soaked them 3 times for 1hr each, in hot water. Pics after 2nd hot soak: https://imgur.com/a/M8Kef Pics after 3rd hot soak: https://imgur.com/a/4gjSb The fit didn't change much for the 3rd soak. A tiny bit, but hardly noticeable. End Measurements: Waist: 31" Rise: 9 1/2" Thight: 11 3/4" Length: 34" Back Rise: 13 1/5 " Hem: 6 5/8 " Thanks to @Collin and @volvo240thebest for the help!