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  1. Niro, I'll look forward to your review and comparison to the D1728
  2. I just took another look at my D1728; man, they are one cool pair of jeans. The Suvin Gold will likely be the same but sadly, the dimensions look, if anything, tighter than the D1728 so no go.
  3. Thanks, Niro, I'm going to have to have a talk with those boys!
  4. Thanks for a great post, Niro, looks like SDA may have made my first denim jacket! Appears they've used a mix like they did with the D1728 but instead of Giza and Supima they've used Suvin and Supima. Edit. There is a red x next to jacket size 44 and text. I don't read Japanese. Anyone know if the text means they've sold out of size 44 or didn't make it in size 44? Thanks
  5. ^thanks, and the same goes for their shirts! ^^^^^ Niro, have you seen the shirt and if so, what style is it?
  6. By far, Suvin is my favorite cotton for texture, feel and color (although I have yet to soak/wear the D1728). I have a pair of Suvin cotton UMII 908 Lee repro jeans from 2005 and the color and texture are wonderful. 45 RPM says the long staple cotton is a mix of Indian Sujata and Sea Island. The Ai Indigo blue is a deep rich color from the get go and ages beautifully and the feel really is cashmere/silky and improves with wear. Looking forward to Suvin cotton jeans from SDA. Here's hoping they use a reasonable cut with this beautiful cotton. The D1728 was, is and will be the last tight straight (or tight tapered or...) fit I buy no matter how exceptional the cotton. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. What size are you wearing, mikecch? And, thanks for the fit pics, I'll look forward to your full review. edit: ah, I just noticed the tag in the first photo, an L.
  8. Thanks
  9. Thanks, Iron Horse, what are the XXL shoulder to shoulder, sleeve length and width across the sleeve at the top of placket? Any or all you can manage will be appreciated. Thanks edit sleeve dimension seems picky but I live in FL and need to roll the sleeves above the elbows - the placket area seems to be the controlling dimension
  10. The shirt looks great Foxy, I like the color and the collar. The color because it looks a bit darker shade and the collar because it's a departure from the numerous work shirts I own. Wear it well!
  11. Great work, zhangchunqiao, beautiful fades! Nice to see some 45rpm action.
  12. Thanks, Iron Horse, let us know when they're available.
  13. Yes, enjoyable post, best of luck and thanks for taking us along on your journey. We'll look forward to supporting you.
  14. Thanks, looking forward to the XL
  15. Nice looking shirt, Iron Horse and great effort; I wish you success! I really like the heft and darker color of the chambray cloth and look forward to the XL. For me, western sizes in XL refer to shoulder widths of 20 - 21 inches and pit to pit 24 - 25 inches with other dimensions increased proportionately; armhole dimensions and forearm dimensions especially. One question - I've never been certain if/when chambray shirts are Indigo dyed. So, is this shirt Indigo dyed? Thanks and good luck.