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  1. good move, cucoo, hope they work out for you!
  2. ^^^^ this woman has style!
  3. Well, not to be an enabler or anything, Cucoo, but the details, cotton and Studio D'Artisan attention to construction just beg to roll em. edit are you listening, Niro
  4. We all seem to be going through the same thought process. In the end, you either rolll the dice or pass them to the next shooter!
  5. Thanks for the useful information, kukupoint, looks like I'll keep them!
  6. Thanks for the photos, kukupoint, fit looks good. Tell me, do you find them comfortable, does the knee feel restricted in any way?
  7. ^ Thanks so much, gives me hope! edit I was wondering why the waist didn't shrink
  8. Hey kukupoint - I didn't quite understand it but having re-read, I guess the three measurements are (for size 33 waist) raw and then two shrinkages? If that's it, thanks for the info, very helpful.
  9. @Niro Sorry I can't give you post soak measurements as I had thought. They are just too close to being too tight for me to soak before having an idea of shrinkage. But if they can work for you, the details and cotton are well worth it; become a one jean collector! @Cucco One more measurement which might help you. I just measured 4" up from finished hem and only gained 0.25" in width so there won't be much help post soak.
  10. ^^ I am waiting for info on post soak shrinkage as well, Cucoo, before I soak my pair. My size 36" raw knee measures 9.5" - 9.6", 14" down from the crotch and the leg opening is 8.25" - 8.5". I think they are a tight straight fit. I expect the size 30 leg opening will be less than mine raw so it is likely post soak size 30 will be less than 8". Naoki at is also a good source but the last time I asked him for shrinkage info he gave me the party line/Rakuten estimates. As I re-read my post, I see there is no definitive info other than my raw measurements which will at least give you an idea of taper/no taper. I have not yet soaked mine because if real life post soak info on shrinkage shows too much loss in the leg, I'll put them up for sale (sadly). If I see post soak measurements for any size, I'll post them and expect you will too. edit - I don't belong to another denim site but there may be actual shrinkage dimensions elsewhere. Does anyone have suggestions as to another denim site to view?
  11. Nice fit, Broark; you're right, you couldn't have done better, looks bespoke!
  12. ^PBJgate nice evo, mrman
  13. ^ Nice repair, should last a lifetime! I get my sewing supplies from Home Depot too . Had to use a c clip on the top button of a pair of Aihiko jeans because 45RPM did a less than perfect job (read lousy) on replacing the stock buttons with sterling silver and I was afraid the top button would pull through the denim.
  14. Love your repairs (and evo) - nice work, cottonskinblues
  15. Yeah, congrats, louisbosco!