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  1. Thanks for the informative posts and suggestions guys, very helpful! Have to agree with chambo2008; seeing multiple full quotes or a quote repeating the entire original post within one or two posts from the original is a waste of space.
  2. Is it possible to quote just 1 photo in a post of numerous photos rather than repeating the entire post? Thanks
  3. lance

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Yes, lookin good Foxy2 and Happy Easter to all!
  4. lance

    Evisu is still loved!

    Wear em! Great fit, great fades so far, great jeans, MJF9!
  5. Thanks, Maynard, emailed Cotton Sheep that day but no reply.
  6. lance

    Pure Blue Japan

    Delete, sorry, didn’t read full post
  7. lance

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    I really like the way the individual faded stitches stand out in this denim, Spiraltoy. Reminds me of a pair of Kato red cast jeans.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, Maynard, I'll give it a try and let you know
  9. Jonathan of Bandanna Almanac fame used to proxy the Kapital catalogues to me and I really enjoyed them. He hasn’t for a few years now and I just finished looking at the 2016 Fall/Winter catalogue again. My question (finally), does Kapital still offer their signature incredible seasonal catalogue and if so, how do you guys get a copy? Thanks
  10. lance

    Pure Blue Japan

    Pure Blue Japan natural indigo t-shirt yarn dyed a very distinctive indigo blue with indigofera grown in Tokushima. Ordered from Okayama Denim on April 9, delivered no charge from Japan to Florida on April 11. Actual measurements XXXL, BIG style - shoulder 22", chest 25", length 31". I cannot say enough good things about Merv's patience, willingness to go the extra mile and friendly service. First photo shows the natural indigo t-shirt, second photo shows a comparison between the natural indigo dyed t-shirt and the last iteration by Pure Blue Japan of a synthetic indigo dyed t-shirt. I very much like natural indigo dyed clothing but I also like the depth of indigo color of the synthetic indigo dyed t-shirt. Be interesting to see the difference as they fade.
  11. lance


    jeez, where did everybody go? Last post, other than Bobbo, was 16hours ago by JDelage! Well, here’s a couple of pics of some R by 45RPM stuff worn and not worn. indigo dyed broadcloth shirt with a couple of interesting details. Full stitching all along the button side placket, a red detail/selvage all along the button hole placket and an inside pocket right side (not shown). Left to right, indigo dyed shirt, washed and worn Jomon from 2005 w/sterling silver hardware (SS hardware), unworn raw Jomon from 2008 w/SS hardware, worn Jomon from 2005 w/SS hardware and unworn O/W Aihiko from 2008 w/SS hardware. Shows variations in color of worn and unworn Ai dyed indigo.
  12. lance

    Pure Blue Japan

    I just checked a few other sellers of Pure Blue Japan and no joy. As Merv suggested in the description, looks like they pleaded with Pure Blue Japan and are the only retailers with stock. But email him, Broark. If there are any extras, he will order one for you and if not and there is enough demand, Okayama Denim will likely ask them to make additional t-shirts.
  13. lance

    Pure Blue Japan

    XXXL, Broark, 47.2” chest, 21.3” shoulder, 29.7” length
  14. lance

    Pure Blue Japan

    I’m on it!