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  1. Pure Blue Japan

    Will do, Foxy2
  2. Pure Blue Japan

    Thanks, Maynard, I’ve been looking for a denim jacket for a long time and finally found it. This one is something special.
  3. Pure Blue Japan

    Pure Blue Japan Ai dyed Double Natural Indigo 17 1/2 oz Type 2 Jacket Took some pondering but in the end there was no way I could pass it up. It's difficult to capture the depth of the indigo dye as the denim has a sheen which seems to reflect the light. Foxy2 and gazeboarder, you were both right and thanks for your help. Foxy2, it does look like they jump an extra size with the larger sizes ( size 6, XXXL). The dimensions are generous (even the sleeves, not tight at all) making the fit oversized, just the way I like to wear a jacket. The 17 1/2 oz denim is beautifully dyed and very stiff. It will likely take a while (read years) to break in. Very pleased with the fit, denim, dye and details. Purchased the jacket from Okayama Denim; Merv was exceptionally patient and helpful. EDIT Thought I'd add a shot of the denim texture, PBJ buttons and logo; closer to the actual color which has a purple hue.
  4. Pure Blue Japan

    double post
  5. Studio D'artisan

    11 years! nice work, Miles
  6. Pure Blue Japan

    ^^ ^ Thanks for the input, Foxy2 and gazeboarder, now I’m back at it again. Some of the photos and fit pics look reasonable, some look tight. gazeboarder, your input is very helpful as it is my first XL/XXL, real life info. Merv from Okayama Denim has been helpful and patient throughout my waffling, I highly recommend him!
  7. Man, this is in my top 5 threads and it keeps getting better - cool post, Cucoo
  8. Pure Blue Japan

    Thanks again for your input, Foxy2. The texture, dye and type of jacket have my name written all over it but the fit?? I've even thought of having a seamstress or tailor rip the sleeves from shoulder to cuff and add a gusset or a pleat, but even if feasible, it would likely look horrible. If I could return it for a refund I wouldn't hesitate but this much money wrapped up in a jacket that sits in the closet, is uncomfortable to wear or is credit sitting at Okayama Denim is stupid. I know I know, get over it so I will, back on the hunt.
  9. Pure Blue Japan

    Thanks for the photos, Foxy2 - the sleeves do look slim! I have been communicating with Merv @ Okayama Denim and here are his measurements for the size 6 XXXL. Shoulder to shoulder 22”, pit to pit 24 1/2”, overall length 29”, sleeve width @ shoulder 11.6”, sleeve width midway along sleeve 7.3” and sleeve width @ cuff 5.6”. These dimensions are O/W since this latest run is O/W compared to the original run which was raw. I’m going to measure two jackets with similar cuts and fabric, try them on and compare them to this one. I very much want the jacket because of the texture and Ai dye but I want to wear it comfortably rather than leave it sitting in my closet. edit by the way, beautiful floor!
  10. Pure Blue Japan

    Thanks so much for your offer; dimensions will be very helpful!
  11. Pure Blue Japan

    double post
  12. Pure Blue Japan

    Thanks, foxy2, everything else about the PBJ Double Ai dyed Type 2 Jacket (except the price!j, including shoulder, chest and even overall length dimensions are fine. Especially the denim which has a beautiful shuttle loomed texture and Ai color, almost justify the price. I’ve been looking for a denim jacket for years and thought I’d finally found my grail. Ah well, I’ll keep on the hunt.
  13. Pure Blue Japan

    Thanks for the input, iamsuperflush, very helpful, you may have saved me a fistful of cash!
  14. Pure Blue Japan

    Does anyone own a PBJ Type II denim jacket? If so, is there plenty of room in the sleeves or are they tight (especially in the elbows and forearms)? I'm looking at one of their Ai dyed Type II jackets and it's muy expensive with only exchange or store credit available upon return. Thanks
  15. TCB

    Nice post, Collin, gre@t trip. I think we’d all be interested in more photos and info of your trip.