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  1. chicote

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Hi yall! I am looking for a pair of black derbies to replace my rotting old docs. In doing some searches on rakuten I came across the brand Wheel Robe, which i'd never heard of before. i don't love their branding but their shoes seem nice; they use cat's paw soles and chromexcel from horween, and the price point ($400) seems pretty fair compared to similar brands. Does anyone have any firsthand experience with them, or can offer some alternate brands to consider? Thanks! https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/rococostore/item/010941-0-02/?l-id=rgm_shopsearch_en_rvp_widget https://www.wheelrobe.com/
  2. hi yall! i tore the knee of my cane's roller skating yesterday and was reminded of this forum, so here's an update! i think i've had these for a little over four years, though they've been worn much less (probably 1.5) as they're best in spring and fall. they are the 40601 model with 50/50 sugar cane denim. thanks!