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  1. Worst case scenario @Broark, the SE Austin guys can probably build you a small apartment behind the shop...
  2. I really like the one back pocket and overall design details, but am a little disappointed by the stated measurements... a 20cm leg opening in my size sounds ridiculously small (though i know it'll be a little bigger after a hem), and i would have also preferred an extra 2-3cm in the rise. i have several pairs of jeans that all have 28-30cm front rises and don't find that height comfortable or flattering, for me at least. But I am very curious about the denim and would probably still consider a pair if this is indeed the proposed pair TCB wants to use for the contest. Does anyone have any confirmation on whether that's their intention? edit: i'll add that the most recent viktor's voice collab (good luck jeans) are much more up my alley. i would love to do a contest with those, lol!
  3. Damn, I love those… really wish I got a pair way back when. Looking great @MJF9
  4. I do it because I use a weird browser that sometimes doesn’t give me any other options… i acknowledge the risk I’m taking by sending such an ambiguous message but trust the recipient will intuit my good intentions and take it as it is… as they say, all rep is good rep…
  5. I saw that too!! Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for 😊 can’t wait to see more details!
  6. No, that's the official TCB online store. If you go to TCB's official blog / main website and click on the shop icon on the top right, it takes you to their shopify site.
  7. i don't blame the guy... just trying to fill the sufu-sized void in his heart
  8. There used to be a million of them on Yahoo Auctions Japan... guess they have sort of dried up. Here are two I've found. I've contemplated a ring coat many times over the past decade and run into the same issues with sizing, but my intuition tells me they are just sort of amorphous. I'm in full support of you getting one!! Black moleskin , size "S" which is usually 1. Dark emperor version, overcoat length with massive hood, looks like navy melton wool, size M
  9. @Hopethisoneisnttaken thank you! it’s all by hand, it took a few weeks of nightly work and im glad it’s over!!
  10. Finally got around to patching the knees on my cane’s.. the right knee tore through again while i was stitching the first patch, lol
  11. I have always loved all types of marbling and am surprised to see so many people against it! I’m curious if anyone can elaborate on their position a bit more? for me, I have always loved the way a big “marble” crease imprints itself into the fabric, it’s like the spirit of the fabric fighting through the indigo that’s smothering it… plus it’s usually totally absent in artificially faded jeans but quite common in handmade & naturally dyed fabrics and I feel is a characteristic I strongly associate with the latter. It’s the main reason I love tender’s standard denim so much… it just longs to speak its mind regardless of what the wearer does to it… it’s amazing!!!
  12. Tender 129 is an excellent choice, highly recommended!!
  13. @lobster_for_lunch I wonder if that’s from the set of my beautiful launderette, one of my favorite movies of all time!!
  14. Im down!!! I would love for them to do something old and obscure like a levis 333 or rly early bluebells… but I trust the pair they have in development is gonna be cool no matter what!
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