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  1. hi yall! i tore the knee of my cane's roller skating yesterday and was reminded of this forum, so here's an update! i think i've had these for a little over four years, though they've been worn much less (probably 1.5) as they're best in spring and fall. they are the 40601 model with 50/50 sugar cane denim. thanks!
  2. chicote

    Vintage Denim?

    Hi y’all! sorry for my long absence - have been busy for the past couple months post-graduation, moving, etc. now really focussed on work in anticipation of my first student loan payment... what a time to be alive! anyway I wanted to share some photos of a vintage type iii I came across a few days ago. really beautiful garment that I am having a bit of a hard time precisely dating, and am (sadly) intending to put up for sale soon. if anyone has more precise insight on the specifics of the jacket I’d love to hear, but otherwise enjoy the photos! thanks!! here is the jacket, size 50, small “e”, short(er than I remember many 70505-0217s being? maybe just have the proportions wrong in my head), dark and still somewhat-crispy denim. the patch is interesting to me—small like the later 70s jackets I’ve seen but with a different care label than the shorter fabric ones I usually recall. here you can see the tab and pocket stitching, and some nice blues coming through above the seam... and here the stitching on the waistband, double-row like some early 70s samples but done in dark blue instead of orange. The buttons read 52, though the “2” is invariably poorly stamped and quite hard to read. Here are a couple examples: also notable is some loose stitching throughout and a shot of the back for good measure. marbling is incredible!!! having trouble uploading texture shots from my phone, but i’ll try once I can get internet in town. anyway, thanks for looking, hope to be around a bit more often soon!
  3. chicote

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    if you're downtown, go to Ancient Grounds across from the seattle art museum on 1st and university (which has a really cool feature exhibit on right now too). it's a cafe but also features several decades of the owner's collection of 17th-20th century japanese garments, fabrics, sculptures, etc. including many vintage boro textiles and other indigo-dyed fabrics. and then from there go up past pike's place and into post alley—there's a great bar there called the white horse; the owner Joe has lived downtown for ages and knows a lot of good spots in the city to point you towards as well. and then across from there down the stairs is an amazing szechuan place — I don't remember the name — but it's probably the best food I've had in seattle. if you're east towards capitol hill go to volunteer park, the conservatory there is really nice in the summer. for beer, holy mountain (a couple mile walk or 10 min bus ride north from downtown) is a great brewery with good food. there's also a place in fremont called outlander built in an old house—they make all their own beer in the basement and it's often pretty weird and really good. definitely recommend going there if you can! oh also if you end up in pioneer square (just south of downtown / near the international district which is full of great small south/east asian restaurants) stop at damn the weather - prob my favourite bar in the city, amazing cocktails and food. aaron and nyah are two of the bartenders there and are great guys, say hey for me if they're in when you stop by!