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  1. Try the 132 cut ed, you'll probably want either a size 4 (34-36" waist) or 5 (36-38"). Shrinkage on the denim depends on whether it's dyed--all the overdyed fabrics have been shrunk. Not sure about molleton specifically. And most tender stuff is available at . hope that helps.
  2. go for it! esp if you're working, getting them dirty, etc, your jeans will wear in really nicely if you wash them regularly. when i was working in the amazon i washed my sugar canes weekly, pretty much out of necessity. in terms of color loss, i reckon they got about 6 months' worth of wear over that 2 month period, faded to a really nice blue. only thing is, you'll lose the starch from your jeans really quickly, but if it's hot out you probably want your jeans to breathe anyway. good luck!
  3. With small variations, this has pretty much been my outfit over the past couple weeks--totally dichromatic and boring but ok for spring. tcb / stevenson / tender / red cloud / tender / lofgren
  4. Looking forward to seeing how you like them Blake! Just want to say thank you quickly to FeloniousMonk — these jeans were so enjoyable to wear and I'm sincerely grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to the tour. I'd previously been quite skeptical about Roy's whole thing, reading testimonials from his customers saying you have to see his jeans in person to really appreciate them, etc. but I totally get it now. These are a really special pair of jeans, and the tour has definitely made me interested in getting a pair of Roys in the future.
  5. Hey y'all, I was in Seattle and Portland for the week and just realizing that I've had these jeans for a long time ... anyone know who's next on the list? i'd like to pass em on soon!
  6. Doin some yard work Stevenson / Wrangler / Lofgren
  7. hey, found my camera moments before the rain started this morning, thanks goodness... here are some photos from our show! it was a great set, got to sing a couple of my favorite salsa songs which was real fun. afterwards we moved into the forest for a dj set on a big fire pit structure thing—don't have any pictures from that unfortunately... anyway will update more soon!
  8. Some photos from my walk back through the forest: (all on my phone, sorry for the quality) A brief shot of some artistic exploits: a hungover rendition of my friend's room the morning after a music festival up here: a patch on a friend's jeans: some matching patches on mine and my roommate's jeans! (forgive me for wearing shitty non-selvedge levis, they are the only pair of shorts i own!) and finally, a few photos from another biodiversity sample I did this afternoon, in the Squamish estuary (right near where my earlier photos were taken at the spit): beautiful patterns in the sand (wearing my red clouds as the Roys were drying from a wash): bunch of driftwood forming little barriers down the river: some seedlings of a beautiful tree that I forget the name of at the moment: and finally, some mushrooms! this last one is called the "bird's nest" mushroom ... after rainstorms it tends to form this little fungus inside of it that looks just like a bunch of bird eggs! and depending on the humidity and probably lots of other environmental factors they can turn out different colors too. really cool! That's all for right now. My band played our last show tonight and there might be some photos from that if I come across my camera again... guess we'll see. thanks for looking!!!
  9. Hey y'all, welcome to my extremely belated and probably pretty disorganized fourth update from this tour. Sorry for not getting around to posting more updates lately—I've been totally swamped with work and events at the end of the school year, which i'll attempt to document below... So, nearly two weeks ago now I went to the Vancouver aquarium to do some brief research on local marine creatures ... came away with only one picture of some jellyfish, but a ton of drawings and quite a bit of inspiration to explore more of the underwater world just off the coast here. Also a pretty real fear of stepping on children, since they were freaking everywhere at the aquarium... anyway, here's that one picture of some coastal jellyfish: The next couple days I went down to Porteau Cove, a little area off the Sea-to-Sky, to do some biodiversity sampling. Here's a photo from a little tide pool that was exposed at low tide — there are seven species of plants growing in this little area!! Also found some invertebrates, little centipedes and stuff which were hard to document, but I got a good photo of this dead crab, more or less the only living non-plant thing that wasn't moving... taken through a little field magnifier, so also a bonus blurry macro shot of the Roys. The next day I went to do some biodiversity sampling in a different environment, the Mamquam river, near where the salmon have just started to run. Not too much interesting stuff going on there, but a hell of a lot of salmon carcasses. I was lucky to come across this almost-complete skeleton about 20 meters from the edge of the river. I suspect it might have been originally eaten by a wolf, as they (and most salmon-eating canine species) have a habit of only eating the heads of spawning salmon that they catch, as it's the only part of the fish that won't give them parasites. Anyway, after the wolf got to it it was cleaned up nicely probably by whatever little bugs tend to go after these things. A few days later, my friend T. opened her first pottery show out in the forest near school. The project goes alongside her senior thesis, which is based around solitude. She requested that visitors go in alone and stay with their thoughts the whole time they're there. The first time I went in, I spent nearly two hours walking around, reading poetry she'd written and quotes she'd selected and looking at some of her work, which was tucked into spaces all around a little waterfall. It's really an impressive and humbling project that photos can't really do justice, but the second time i came I decided to take some anyway. continued...
  10. Funny that duck is the definitive choice here, but it makes sense--duck tan is such a versatile color, esp paired with any shade of indigo, and the fabric is wonderfully adaptive, warm, breathable, hard-wearing and sheds water.. amazing! anyway i have a sort-of type 2 from tenderloin that, for all the above reasons, has been my go-to jacket this long winter. highly recommended!
  11. You maybe could size down one, but that's sort of how my 2000s fit on me too. Despite feeling similarly lukewarm about them at first, I've grown to really like the fit. No.1 denim will continue to shrink for a couple more washes too, at least in my experience.
  12. ^hahah, that's what I might have figured, till a couple of them dried and flattened out in my notebook... anyway some photos from a recent trip out to the spit -- a really different environment from the rest of squamish, which is mostly temperate rainforest at this altitude. didn't really see that many birds, except for this raven that went right over me! and some geese.. my band's show went great — no idea where any photos might be, but it was really fun nevertheless, crazy packed house, lots of dancing... later that day i went back into the field lab and happened upon a bird dissection in progress ... hope none of u think this is too gross, i thought it was really fascinating to watch! on Friday went down to Vancouver with a friend, had a picnic and stopped through some art galleries before going to an unexpectedly horrible show at the rickshaw. very few good photos from that, but here's a cool gelatin print collage that was in the vancouver art gallery: that's all for now. gonna wash the roys today I think since the sun's out, i'll post pictures soon! thanks for looking!
  13. Hey y'all, sorry for the long interval between posts. I got hit with a couple of huge, urgent bills out of nowhere at the start of last week and ... well, I wasn't broke to the point that I went out trying to sell louisbosco's nougats on the street, but the thought may have crossed my mind... (@louisbosco, these nougats are amazing by the way — i'm trying to save some for the next few wearers but it'll be tough!) anyway, all good now for the time being ... one of the perils of tying up loads of money in japanese denim i guess so over the last week, in addition to selling off some of my things i've been trying to go a more noble route and sell some of my art! there's a music festival coming up in squamish a couple weekends from now and a friend and I are making some clothes, doing some embroidery and drawings and patches and all that kinda thing. here's a bit of what i worked on over the weekend: also started a few tattoos on friends, which i'm hoping to get into doing more seriously over the course of this year. i'll put up some pics once they're healed! i've just started my second-to-last class of the year, which is a field course focusing on reconciling the differences between western & indigenous methods of preserving biodiversity in british columbia. today we spent a few hours in the forest sampling stuff! spent a couple of hours mucking barefoot through this wetland area wearing the roys ... did some sampling of mosses on this fallen tree — really cool that the whole lower half of bark just dropped off it! there are a lot of weird little things growing in this forest, including these jelly molds... these roots really weirded me out, cause they look exactly like the roots of this tree I came across in the amazon ... there are some pictures of it in the dwc thread way back somewhere I think ... anyway really strange to see these bright reds in the root system, I have no idea what tree they're from or why they're that color, but I'm also pretty ignorant of the ecology of this area so maybe it's not actually that uncommon. afterwards we were tasked with doing a bunch of analyses of some of the plants we came across — I had a lot of fun drawing these cedar needles: finally, to keep this somewhat jeans-related, here is a (deliberately) obnoxious picture of me and my roommate by the river yesterday. the roys look skinnier in this photo than they actually are, i think. really loving the fit and the denim, happily wearing them every day. in other news, my band is having our first show on thursday so i'll try and put some photos up from that! thanks for looking!
  14. ^ Those are all the sources of various natural dyes that are used to overdye a pair of indigo-dyed Tender jeans. William documents the overdyeing process really closely in one of the early pages of this thread. Hope that helps!
  15. Agreed with everyone above -- the straighter cuts you've been wearing over the past few months really suit you, I'd keep wearing those and sell these.