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  1. some photos from lake o'hara and the kootenays -- still working on clearing up the lens on this camera, so apologize for the blurriness: thanks for looking!
  2. and seems like they're all sold out now
  3. hi welcome, nice to meet you! that shabazz palaces album is great. elaborate on the fashion you like a lil bit! i think most folks here like fashion but mostly different sorts/for different reasons. if you'd like i can start. i really like clothes that are made slowly, sewn by hand or on old machines that require a lot of care, shuttle-loomed and naturally dyed fabrics, and interesting takes on historical fashion trends—some examples being tender co. and kapital (especially their kountry line). am also really interested in some 'high' fashion like undercover, junya, YSL, but those designs are so far from my current wardrobe / persona that i'm not sure i could go beyond appreciating them from a distance. i do some chainstitch embroidery and clothing repair and sometimes dream of trying to work in fashion more consistently, but don't find designing an entire garment a natural or particularly enjoyable process. anyway, since i see you're a designer yourself, i'd be interested to know how you developed your style and what you draw from, and how you differentiate your approach from other designers out there (or not). cheers -ian
  4. wow beautiful! I'm driving up to Lake Louise through Nelson this weekend and am really excited to see this sort of landscape -- never been out there before. Thanks for sharing all these photos!
  5. two sugar canes: 470 and 40601. about two months of wear and five washes vs. maybe a year of wear and i dunno loads of washes... due for one right now too.
  6. @garden gnomes in space Nah I thought the pockets were great! Probably my favourite back pockets ever actually, or maybe tied with tender -- so spacious without looking or feeling oversized or baggy. Check page 2 of the Stevenson thread, there's a pair of 767s there that show how the pockets stretch out... amazing. I wonder if the low-slung look might be due to how they were worn in photos you've seen--never thought or experienced that personally.
  7. Outside of reversing entropy, I fear you're out of luck they unravel naturally and at will.
  8. ^Tbh for me, as great as that cut looks, i wouldn't get it because it's only been released since SOC's rebrand, which really made them fall off the radar for me. Prior to 2016 or whenever the change happened, SOC's detailing was amazing—the old patches were *so* cool, their greencast denim was totally in a class of its own, and the back pocket design was distinctive enough to set it apart from other brands imo. On the other hand, the new pocket stitching and belt loops look sort of contrived, not to mention that their new denim looks way more irregular and less vintage-y than the lovely denim the old models came with.
  9. The cuts I've owned (727, 747, 767) have all been a bit weird for their own reasons. 727 is very slim; my thighs outgrew them which has never happened on any other pair of jeans I've had, besides maybe my jeans from baby gap. 767 was very loose in the seat for me, sometimes that's okay but for some reason it looked quite bad on this pair. 747 was great except the rise felt like it should have been higher for the rest of the cut. I've never owned a pair of 737 but it seems like the best/most well-rounded straight cut out of all of those, judging by measurements... that'd be my recommendation.
  10. TCB

    Damn you really did a number on those! Sorry you've gotta downgrade them for the time being—they look great. I'd love to see em and maybe help with repairs once I move back to BC in a couple weeks!
  11. oh my gosh, exactly what i was hoping for! (a new big bro, though i guess the keything is cool too )
  12. Sorry for so many individual posts... added some patches on the cuffs today.
  13. I always ship jeans with a USPS medium-size flat rate envelope (11x17 inches). It usually costs me around $23 internationally for a 5-7 day delivery, but you have to look through the shipping options available to get to that price. Try asking a postal worker for the cheapest shipping option when checking out, or press the little scroll arrow when given pricing options if using the shipping computer—either way it should come up.
  14. Wearing my old sugar canes in the 36 degree Seattle heat today. There have been massive wildfires in BC lately, and even 200km south the sky is hazy and smells like smoke. People playing ping pong in a pioneer square plaza: This morning I stopped by one of my favourite old shops in the city, spent a while looking over the owner's small collection of 19th and 20th century kimono: and a funny bird that wouldn't close its mouth:
  15. Jon (Bandanna Almanac) is un(?)official Kapital representative for the English-speaking world... it's never clear to me what his main job is but he keeps an impressive stock of vintage workwear, is a talented clothing repairperson, and seems to work closely with a number of smaller companies such as Kapital and more recently Ooe, etc. His site is .