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  1. gcartelli

    arcteryx veilance

    What's the fabric content? If its just cotton you'll have a much easier time, as you can apply dylon via a washing machine.
  2. gcartelli

    arcteryx veilance

    Pics here: A little hot topic vibe with the stitching... I did end up double dying them with an acid dye (that produces richer color on nylons), but unfortunately due to a slightly higher dye temperature this caused a little bit of lifting of a few of the seams, only on the outer tape––not the inner glue––notably the segment between the ripstop patch on the front crotch and the reinforcement at the end of the fly. Given the redundancy there, I'm not sure if this will cause blow-out in the long run but fair warning this process did slightly compromise integrity
  3. gcartelli

    arcteryx veilance

    If anyone is interested, this does indeed work. Was going to use acid dye, but had a rare period of calm so just went out and got some RIT synthetic dye (green, to counteract the red, and 2 graphite). Tried just keeping it 'warm' (around 120F) but the color wasn't taking. Upped the dye bath to 140-150 and the black came in, checked the seams throughout the process (as i was worried) and they didn't loosen under that heat. Stayed around that temp for 10 minutes, then turned the heat off and kept it in for roughly 30 minutes while the temp was between 120-130. Set the dye with vinegar and salt and they're now drying on the rack. Only thing that is still "duoro" are the stitches on the belt loops and the zipper runner, which are either poly (i didnt go high enough, 200F, to dye poly) or cotton. As far as how well these will hold up is anybody's guess...but it is possible if anyone is interested. Total cost was 86$.
  4. gcartelli

    arcteryx veilance

    You can tell online by the grainier texture of the piece, and in person immediately because of the weight and feel (lighter, more crinkly), and then also the tag; 96% nylon 4% lycra/spandex.
  5. gcartelli

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTB Veilance Voronoi (Terratex) 28 Black !
  6. gcartelli

    arcteryx veilance

    Did you end up experimenting with this? It seems like a no-go, nylon will take acid dye with heat, but the required heat will weaken, if not remove, the seams. Thinking about trying to dye it warm, for a long time, but unsure if its worth the investment given that the fabric might get compromised (or shrunk). Second note, really WTB size 28 voronoi terratex in Black (so I don't have to through all that)...please let me know if you're thinking about selling.