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  1. Leftfield 18 oz slub Chelsea, about 6 years old, hand-washed about twice a year.
  2. cross-post from the Denime thread. These are some 66s that I've worn for various stretches since 2011. This other pair are also Shins-era 66s (I think?) worn hard for three years and regularly washed warm and tumble-dried. And some comparisons:
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    (apologies for the edits, I'm not on forums much these days and got completely confused trying to post images) This is another pair of 66s that I've worn for about three years and washed and tumble dried warm/hot regularly to see what would happen. And they're one size bigger, so they definitely wore a little differently. But I use them hard and I think the somewhat frequent washing has been good for durability, I've needed to do zero repairs so far. The inside pocket tag is gone, but I believe that these are Shins-era, like the ones posted above. Maybe someone can tell from the rivets? Side-by-side with the pair posted above:
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    Cheers all! They have gotten pretty fragile at this point and some of the repairs are not pretty up close. But the way these wear is pretty incredible. I have a more recent pair of 66XX (have to revisit @beautiful_FrEaK's posts to recall which generation they are, but I got them 3 years ago form Frisbee) that I have been machine washing and drying regularly to see what will happen. If I get a chance to take pics I'll do some side-by-side.
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