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  1. I've worn blue jeans for majority of my life, time to add some colour ✌️
  2. Much appreciated, it's strange that a few out of many were effected.. a normal wash line dry then store away correctly will do? I saw some posts mentioning the need of vinegar or bleach to kill the mould?
  3. Cleaning my closest and noticed two pairs of jeans out of 12 had mould on, what's the best way to fix this so it won't happen again and how to fix them?
  4. The 15th anniversary jeans had a recent wash
  5. Oh, nice pick up! They have them in highs too right? Although I prefer my lows to my highs
  6. chambo2008


    My bad, phone auto corrected
  7. Momotaro shirt Momotaro indigo belt Momotaro X Okayama denim jeans
  8. chambo2008


    Momotaro indigo dyed belt Bens leather, brass buckle, 4mm thick
  9. Nike sb mystic red Inspired by the Japanese Dictionary of Color Combinations
  10. So no different then For real evisu got me into quality Japanese denim, so I'm forever grateful
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