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  1. Evisu is still loved!

    Yeah same what I did , they do look like a really nice fabric and the cut is obviously a modern one please keep us updated on the evo!! Also did customs sting you?
  2. Evisu is still loved!

    Did you go tts or up one? These are the MOMO with similar measurements went up one for comfort of waist
  3. Sugar Cane Denim

    they look 10 x better then the link that was provided
  4. Iron Heart Jeans

    anyone else really feeling the new Olive Whipcord type 3 jacket?
  5. Evisu is still loved!

    the cut is pretty much the same as my new momotaro blue owl jeans i sized up one and its a tight/slim fit
  6. Japan Blue Momotaro

    I asked them to mark it down, which they did the total was $50 dollars so I had to pay 9 pounds and 11.25 for parcel force handling fee so 20.25.. not bad had worse before Tagged 31 Waist 30 Front rise 10.5 Thigh 11 Knee 7.5 Hem 6.2 These are obviously the tight tapered fit, they do a slightly straight fit with less taper, all the details make these really cool
  7. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Finally have them, measurements on the waist is 2 inches less then stated, they still fit maybe a 32 would have been better but still very happy, denim is amazing of course
  8. Japan Blue Momotaro

    So customs have had my jeans over a day, waiting to see how much I have to pay to release them :-(
  9. Buzz Rickson

    yeah really good fit, and lovely jacket! cool purchase
  10. Buzz Rickson

    any fit pic's?
  11. The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    New kicks
  12. Hey bud, wondering what size you got in your big Collab momotaro jeans and what size do you normally wear?

  13. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Yeah paying in a few hours, what size 31 I reckon
  14. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Yes thats what they suggested too, going to buy tomorrow hopefully customs leave me alone
  15. Japan Blue Momotaro

    sweet, got a email from blue owl free international shipping for orders over $300, these cost $295 lol wonder if i can just send five more dollars to round it up otherwise its $30 bucks to ship been told no shrinkage so i'm pretty confident on which size i should get, and regarding customs they can mark it down