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  1. Eternal 868 10th Anniversary - Arrived!

    What's the measurements and price
  2. What are your jeans doing today?

    In bed chilling with the cat
  3. Japan Blue Momotaro

  4. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Back ..
  5. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Leather type 3 (I'm In love lol)
  6. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Me and the lil one, momotaro X blueowl looking good in direct sunlight, still holding out on a wash
  7. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Another one... Momotaro/castle/wife
  8. Tender Co. Denim

    Really love this stuff, although I don't think I could pull it off personally, but hats of to you, amazing products!!
  9. Evisu is still loved!

    Ah green cast! Very envious I used to own a pair of brown box and loved the fabric!
  10. Evisu is still loved!

    Yeah good point, these must be a good few years old! Get a fit picture up, if you wanted you could give them a real hot soak, wear them damp to set them up right and get any possible shrinking out. I found the kettle in the kitchen sink worked, just don't pour the water directly on the leather patch!
  11. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    #wales Zara.unilqlo.momotaro.tims
  12. Evisu is still loved!

    They are the euro line, I think the fabric was d85? Not sure as maybe that was a red/white selvedge line. They will fade up nice if you put the time in, pretty sure it's above tagged eg. 32 tag will measure 34 so not going to be a slim modern fit
  13. Japan Blue Momotaro

    So I did a thing, was always not happy not having the stripes so with this overdye pair I painted black stripes all measured correctly will peel it off tomorrow
  14. Japan Blue Momotaro

    I think you will get max 1inch stretch and that will be hard work
  15. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Epic! Still in rotation?