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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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[x-posted from the sc thredd]

I gave my BSPOW a soak after 2 months. I wish it were sunnier, but this early evening overcast light must do.








I'm really enjoying how the seams are puckering. And this is some great leg twist! The fabric itself is still pretty neppy as they've only been in rotation for a couple months. They're my new favorite pair after the soak though. Cheers

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Indigo x Hot pink 

Soaked and worn till dry, then tailored to a slight taper, my  first wear was May 5th 2021. Probably worn 2 to 4 times a week on average. 

 The Indigo warp is fading to a bright baby blue which is contrasting gorgeously with the ever softening pink weft. 20230221_130515.thumb.jpg.6f679265f9383de64628b8dbc3f9d5e1.jpgScreenshot_20230221-123957_Instagram.thumb.jpg.e3bfb9e13131497d79a7ce1b75729dd0.jpgScreenshot_20230221-124638_Instagram.thumb.jpg.7669c3e02b16efbfc90be4ec92000e82.jpgScreenshot_20230221-124805_Instagram.thumb.jpg.adb9f5dc31c9c494146fdab051d423bd.jpgScreenshot_20230221-130334_Instagram.thumb.jpg.4788ada8b71f09a605775b2e8dd14449.jpgScreenshot_20230221-130228_Instagram.thumb.jpg.267c7b3626a8fe2fb73e56f6545c1c0a.jpgScreenshot_20230221-123612_Instagram.thumb.jpg.730a7a8ea6411cc83c52c0c5e1f253c4.jpg


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I think maybe they just didn't have the 9th anniversary in stock. I had planned on buying the last pair of them on black friday. What they sent was the black x white, instead of sumi ink over indigo x white. First it is dipped in indigo then dipped in sumi ink. The weft is bleached white thread. Nearly a year later someone pointed out that I had been wearing black with no indigo whatsoever. I had already been a part of the indigo invitational for 11mos. Just coasting for the last couple of weeks.

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@AnOldFolkSong Where do you have the info from that the 9th Anniversary jeans are an indigo warp with a sumi-ink overdye? All I can see on the Japanese sites is just a standard black (sumi-ink) x white denim. And the new 11th anniversary are using the same dye but this time a black warp and weft. Again no mentioning of indigo underneath the sumi-ink. They just say it will fade like indigo does.


Edit: ok I saw that Heddels mentioned it and they probably took that from Corlection. But even Boncoura themselves are not saying anything about an overdye. So not the first time Heddels or a retailer are wrong. And since the Black 66 seems to be just the regular version of the 9th anniversary model they would be the same jeans anyway.

Here are the blog entries about the 9th Anniversary and I can't find anything about overdye:








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Cross-posting from WH thread: Warehouse 800xx, 9 months, three washes, since fall 2020.






I really love these jeans, probably the best-fitting pair I've ever worn, wonderful denim, nice detailing, everything about these is just right. Now focusing on my 1001xx, which is around 6 months of wear. Guess I'll try to photograph those soon, too.

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46 minutes ago, Maynard Friedman said:

Welcome back @Bobbo!

Thanks Maynard! Great to see you’re still around!

42 minutes ago, MJF9 said:

@Bobbo good to see you on Sufu again matey

You can take full credit on this one mate! 


1 minute ago, Geeman said:

Been a while,  hope you're well 

Thanks Geeman. Lots of work and doggo dad-life so it’s all pretty good.

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This pair of vintage Levi's gotten a little bit loosey goosey so I gave them a good hot soak with a bit of Bronner's (no agitation). 

 As they were drying the colors were really popping so I took a few shots in the sun light. 

I love how you can see in the entire lifespan of the fabric in that waistband. Frayed and faded on the edges but the indigo is still inky and dark and the denim is still hairy in the middle. 

Levi's 501 shrink to fit, Made in USA late 80sScreenshot_20230428-111444_Instagram.thumb.jpg.ba9833fa46510ed84e57e0ed406ba0f9.jpg


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Rediscovered these old Eternal joints from ages ago. They suffered a crotch rip that I had repaired and promptly ripped again slipping on wet grass. It’s in a spot that looks difficult to fix adequately, but let me know if you can think of solutions. They have so much life left tbh












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which one has yr fave fabric? i think these days the tender denim is my no. 1, along with the sda standard denim (103 etc series), and they're very similar, super deep dark blue, veiny with wash, still contrasty even with frequent washes, the sda is just a bit lighter in oz-ness. i've always wondered if they come from the same mill. 

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