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  1. Hard to say. A few months of wear were very hard, the rest very casual Maybe 12 to 14 months of real time wear Thanks you guys! The denim is the best
  2. Still consistently / casually wearing this thing One of the holes has been repaired
  3. scooby


    @Alec Leamas they look great
  4. Conners S406XXX and TCB S40s
  5. You have to select "bottoms" from the drop down menu after waiting for it to load, then, wait for it to load again
  6. Site works, although it took me 10 minutes to load I expected high prices (and understand them), but $695 is more than I thought I'd see
  7. @shredwin_206 yes, they're all filled with beautiful illustrations and pretty epic photographs... Every Walgreens (drugstore) here in the Bay Area seems to carry these books as well. The cover for my cities edition is awesome Very cool early 40s photo
  8. At the in-laws for Thanksgiving and found an amazing photo
  9. Cushman jacket, Warehouse shirt and pants The jeans are 1901 model
  10. Lot64md a few months after wash #2
  11. Finally deciding to wear these saddle pants. The cone denim is so blue Massive pockets
  12. scooby


    @edwardlj This is what I'm referring to. I was steaming some of my wife's clothes and had an a-ha moment. I only did it for maybe 20-30 seconds tops, the patch crisped up and looks awesome now. As far as the denim goes I haven't and won't be using the steamer on it
  13. scooby


    I cooked the patch with a steamer a week or so before the wash, wash was by hand with cold water though. I've never been able to get a patch toasted like that just by washing/dying hot and I've always desired that look. My first time "artificially" distressing anything, lock me up!
  14. Happy Halloween folks!
  15. scooby


    First wash yesterday at about two months of wear This is the longest I've gone without a wash in what feels like a decade Denim is darker than photographed, on the greyer side which I really like. Got them one wash and after this first cold wash they've shrunk up about an inch
  16. Ooe's Golden Gate denim was very nice. To me it's a real standout denim of theirs in the past decade Conners WWII denim is also one that I like a lot
  17. scooby


    45 days in no wash. The fit is so good I steamed the patch into a biscuit
  18. scooby


    my DD 1003XX just after 2nd wash
  19. These clothes will help you start getting laid again
  20. @aho well said I think for those who haven't seen the product, they might view the way it's talked about as hype. People who have worn them speak so highly of them They might make the most perfectly sewn jeans I have ever seen. And in my personal experience they're some of the toughest Looking forward to seeing how those look @julian-wolf
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