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  1. Whose got some worn XX4 denim to show off?
  2. Been rough and toughing some FW 47 the past couple of months Fit is great. Super baby soft abrasion resistant denim Edit: here's a photo of the front
  3. @chicote here are post wash photos Turns out it is stained, not bad though SuFu bugging
  4. scooby


    Excellent stuff everyone Photos got SuFu'd as well 2001XX DSB 1947 My Conners jacket is approaching bum territory so this'll be my main jacket from now on. Denim is really nice, fit is perfect, pretty stoked. Paired with FW 47s
  5. Yep. Good news it cleaned up well - I'll get some photos up for you later
  6. SuFu messing up the formatting Hope the sleeve isn't stained, it's in the washer right now
  7. Hard to say. A few months of wear were very hard, the rest very casual Maybe 12 to 14 months of real time wear Thanks you guys! The denim is the best
  8. Still consistently / casually wearing this thing One of the holes has been repaired
  9. scooby


    @Alec Leamas they look great
  10. Conners S406XXX and TCB S40s
  11. You have to select "bottoms" from the drop down menu after waiting for it to load, then, wait for it to load again
  12. Site works, although it took me 10 minutes to load I expected high prices (and understand them), but $695 is more than I thought I'd see
  13. @shredwin_206 yes, they're all filled with beautiful illustrations and pretty epic photographs... Every Walgreens (drugstore) here in the Bay Area seems to carry these books as well. The cover for my cities edition is awesome Very cool early 40s photo
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