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  1. Same denim as on the 710's?
  2. One wash. They still shrink. That's why I always like them a little loose when I first get them.
  3. Been machine washing and tumble drying my 47's whenever I feel like. The indigo holds so well and I love jeans from the dryer. So puffy and soft and the ropping is sick.
  4. I definety wouldn't go smaller. I machine wash and tumble the 47's and a smaller size wouldn't fit in the waist.
  5. Tigerstorm I have both those jeans. I take a 33 in the 47's and a 35 in the OA02. The canes are a little tighter because of the lower rise but they both fit perfect for me.
  6. Had to go grab a Buzz chambray. Been waiting for a restock for a while.
  7. + current fit pics!
  8. Really like everything this brand has been putting out and have been eying their wool prisoner coat but don't really know if I'll ever get to wear it living in LA.
  9. Deng love both the tops. Might have to stop in to SELA. The stripped shirt is tiny though. Would have to go up two sizes.
  10. Sized up 2 from my waist size.
  11. Ordered my 02's from Barnstormer Sunday night. By Thursday they arrived to California and are now hang drying.
  12. Where can I snag a pair of the OA02 cut in a 35? Every time they restock I'm either broke or don't have a need for jeans but I've got the itch right now.
  13. Make sure the waist won't be too small. Small waist + low rise = havoc on your junk.
  14. I got two bleach stains on the yoke of my Canes like first week of wearing them. Drives me crazy every time I see it.