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  1. blooming

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Mine didn't shrink as much as I thought they would, but definitely about half a size or so. Gonna keep doing the hot wash/hot dry routine on that pair though.
  2. blooming

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    So I recently bought two pairs of 710s- one in 33x33 which is pretty true-to-size for me, and the other pair is 34x34 which is slightly upsized. I plan on wearing/washing both regularly, but putting the 34x34 pair in a normal tumble dry cycle, and air-drying the 33x33. I'm interested to see how they age side-by-side. I'll make sure to share the progress here.
  3. blooming


    Good to know, thanks @pomata. I have these side-by-side with a new pair of Resolute which will definitely get frequent washing, so this will be a fun experiment to compare the differences in aging.
  4. blooming


    Thank you @beautiful_FrEaK! The only fading on these appears to be the hem roping and possibly a little waistband fading from a belt. Otherwise, they look very, very lightly worn. Definitely happy with them!
  5. blooming


    Happy mail day for me, Orizzonti-era Kyoto's (33x32) arrived a few days early and fit like a glove. The denim is incredibly soft and hairy. They almost have that sweatpants-like feel (I almost wanna say they remind me of a toned down Oni Secret Denim without the slub).
  6. blooming

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Imogene + Willie waffle thermal, Resolute 710
  7. First evo post here! Here's my Warehouse 800xx after their second wash with about 3-4 months of being in a rotation (a few times a week at least).
  8. blooming


    Just bought a pair of Orizzonti-era Kyoto's in my size (33), most likely shipping out this week. They will be my first pair of anything from Denime. Did I do this right?
  9. blooming


    Oh those are good to look into. I haven't had a a pair of black straight cut jeans since I outgrew my IH 666s.
  10. blooming


    I would buy them in .5 seconds flat if they ever released it. I have been on the hunt for a solid black 47-50's cut and 1001 is absolutely perfect.
  11. I hope my hoodie looks that good in a few years. Damn.
  12. Yeah! First post here, and happy to spread love for some nice Japanese-made tees. Personal favorites for a modern-fit, plain white or black tee are The Strike Gold and Studio D'Artisan. Similar feeling knit, TSG fits a little boxier and more "classic" than SDA. The Warehouse are interesting and SUPER comfy. The fabric feels thick/fluffy but is surprisingly lightweight and breathable. I'd say they are an ideal warm weather/summer tee.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342