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  1. The rise is definitely a bit shallower on my size 33 Kyoto vs my 710s in 33. I wouldn't put it into a low rise territory, but that's probably the biggest (and only) area where they different in terms of fit.
  2. Mine are at the tailor getting hemmed. I plan on putting them back into my rotation once they are home.
  3. Perfect slim fit. Definitely giving the Ivy vibe. Been in my 220s for the last couple of days, really rewarding denim once you start wearing it in.
  4. Those are a super clean fit!
  5. https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/japan/en/auction/yahoo/input/k147072084/ One-wash w/ tags Type-1 Orizzonti-era jacket. Not in the market for any more jackets, but wow.
  6. Nice! My Kyotos are actually 33x32 and fit almost exactly the same as my Resolute 710 33x33 aside from a shorter front and back rise. Those appear to have less wear than my pair did when I bought them, so you'll have fun fading them.
  7. They did ask me (politely) not to touch any of the jeans on the shelf until they could help me, so I think they possibly take their sales approach very seriously, lol.
  8. Do you mean that they would have denied your purchase at the FC store? They seemed pretty enthusiastic about selling me stuff when I was there, although I only purchased a thermal top.
  9. 400 fades looking nice in the sunlight, some roping/hem detail shots. I love how loosely they did the chainstitching on the hem,
  10. @NilsLW nice fit! I wear the same size as you and they fit me exactly the same. You almost forget the inseam is shorter than others once you've worn them for a bit. Makes them really easy to wear with different types of shoes too, boots, sneakers, oxfords etc.
  11. https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/japan/en/auction/yahoo/input/x1092628325/ Anyone looking for some raw Shins era Kyoto's?
  12. @kiya Curious about the SD-101, is it a newer version of the existing SD-101 cut?
  13. https://redcastheritage.com/products/fullcount-2102w-13-7oz-type-ii-denim-jacket @andrew_ a bit cheaper than BEARS (I can't believe I just typed that)
  14. Short list at the moment: Full Count 2107 Type 2 13.7oz (Size 40) Oni Indigo/Black Secret Denim Type 3 (Size 40) Lee Storm Rider (70s) (Size ??? but it fits)
  15. Those look amazing @Jared_Lee. Sitting here in my 1101s in the same denim a couple of months in, and hoping they turn out similarly.
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