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  1. Mine got delivered today, size 30. I’ll report back on measurements once I grab em from the mailroom.
  2. I should have placed my order for store pickup and taken a weekend trip up north to make a whole event out of it
  3. Not sure if you've seen on social media, but first batch is arriving at S&S now, and the second batch will be going to Barnstormers.
  4. (Sniper bid placed) Edit: cancelled- I think they may still be slightly small in the waist. Can't risk it a second time lol.
  5. Yeah. Interesting cut. It’s very straight and somewhat roomy in the legs, but the top block is very narrow. I could button them raw, but if they shrink even 1cm they’ll be unwearable. Shame, the denim is really nice.
  6. blooming


    @julian-wolf So far, still intact. It's a bit curled, but they've probably gotten 3-4 washes in total now and no signs of it falling apart.
  7. Also, I just got the Orizzonti Type-2 XX. They are an amazing fit EVERYWHERE but the hips and waist. They are available if anyone wants, size 30, unhemmed/unworn/unwashed- this was the listing: https://jp.mercari.com/item/m18933914565
  8. I pulled my 220s off the shelf and have been living in them for the last 2 days. I forgot how comfortable they are, especially after a run through the dryer.
  9. blooming


    Nice score! My 800xx had the tab stitched down the same way, but I just unplucked the threads and its a normal red tab now. I think that helps them skirt legal trouble with Levi, if I had to guess.
  10. Was just reaching out to S&S regarding adding a hem to my pre-order of the SOA03XX. Decided against it after looking at the post-shrink length and wanting to wear these a little long. Most importantly, the first batch should arrive at S&S in the next couple of weeks and shipped shortly after. Excited to see these in person.
  11. Mine measure about 33.75 in the inseam after shrinking. I can get away with a big single or a moderately sized double cuff.
  12. Lol no problem @obama, thanks bF. I prefer the fit of the 221 due to the lower front rise. I think it looks a little cleaner, but I still like the 220a.
  13. Also, @beautiful_FrEaK, I personally love the coin pockets on my 220a and 221 pairs. I keep my lighter there, and they make it by far the easiest to access of all of my pairs.
  14. This bodes well for how these will fit me. I have fairly high-set hips, so hip flare on anything that isn't super high-rise happens in a weird place on me
  15. Nice, thank you! I'm thinking these may have a similar overall shape to the newer FC 1108, and if so, they will be great.
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