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  1. That's more or less exactly how mine fit me pre-wash. Those look spot-on!
  2. Mine started off feeling very tight in the top block, but the hips and upper thigh do stretch a good amount, just not as quickly as the 13.7oz denim version. I wear a size 32 and after a year of wearing and washing, the leg opening measures closer to 7.6.
  3. Yeah, I found this too wearing them after the first wash, but once they stretched a softened up a bit after maybe a week of wear, that went away.
  4. With a zippo in my coin pocket, I literally can't even fit my hand in the front right pocket of my 3009s 🤣 That said, the pocket bags themselves are nicer than most other pairs in my closet.
  5. The Denime 224 cut is great. I’ve been wearing mine quite a bit. The rise is notably lower than the 220a, but still in mid territory.
  6. These are the details we're here for. I'm looking at my OA WW2 pair. The coin pocket and the pocket-bag denim are both the same, perpendicular to the legs, as well. Now I want to go through the rest of my closet to look for this.
  7. The first day will be from about 4pm-1:30am, and the way back will be 6am until 4:30pm. I think that gives a nice window to try things that may only be open earlier in the day and also some restaurants/bars that open later. Thanks again for the recs!
  8. I wore the 224 to band practice last night, and the outsides of both of my hands were deep blue. Those things shed dye like crazy.
  9. Thanks @Geeman @reallypeacedoff and @tooth! I noticed that one area has almost every shop I'd wanna visit aside from Bears or Hinoya, neither of which is particularly far. I'm actually really excited for M'ARIJUAN as well, I don't own enough SDA pieces.
  10. Booked flights for a trip to SE Asia, but I have a 10 hour layover in Tokyo on the way there and an 8 hour layover on the way back. Flat Head store in Shibuya is one of the first on my list. Seems like the shop has nothing but great reviews.
  11. True. PBJ 019 comes to mind. My waist size in those fit my legs like skinny jeans circa 2005 🤣
  12. Mine shrunk to 29.5" in the waist. S&S put 29.9" as their post-wash, so I think that's pretty spot on for the most part.
  13. After wearing these out all day today, I take it back and think these are spot on. The waist and hips were very snug initially but they’ve already stretched to be comfortable. The rise could be slightly higher on these for me, but that’s fine. 33 would have given a more classic, wider fit which I was almost expecting, but since these have zero taper whatsoever, they accomplish that in the leg opening. Edit: And yeah, my size for most Japanese brands is 31 or 32, very occasionally a 30 (as I’ve learned with newer Denime). I’m a 32 with Warehouse 800xx or 31 in 1001xx, 31 for all TCB cuts I own (I would be 32 for their 50s), and 31 in most FC cuts.
  14. OA03 cut is very nice. Size 32. 33 would have also fit, but I'm liking the fit a lot. Gave them a 1-hour soak in the hottest water my bathtub provides, and then a warm machine wash on gentle with no detergent. They shrank to slightly below S&S's predicted measurements, so I'm confident they are fully shrunk at this point. Denim is really, really nice. I don't have anything similar to it in feel or appearance.
  15. Size 32 for 711, I don’t have a pair of 714. Denime 221 is size 31.
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