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  1. I have a few pairs of Chup socks, but only ever buy them if they're on sale as I die a little when they start getting holes. Threadbare jeans? Cool. Threadbare socks? Not cool.
  2. Those shorts aren't good
  3. Mate. Same. I want a white pair, but I've slagged them off for over 2 decades so don't think I can.
  4. Same. Wasn't cool when Diesel did it in the 90s, isn't cool now.
  5. lol
  6. And breathe INNNN... Japan Blue JB0206 14oz, one wash. Went true to size. Don't mind the fit as I was after a slim pair of slow fading jeans for work, but the waist is still snug after 4-5 weeks. Would probably choose differently if i was to buy again but hey ho.
  7. These are my SDA-103. Note the leg opening. I found these pretty tapered when I first bought them, but I veer toward slimmer cuts now so I actually find them pretty wide. I'm about 5'9" 72kg And for reference, as you said you owned some Japan Blue...
  8. Personally, I'd go for a 31. They will probably be a touch snug, but (for me personally) I think the SDA-103 sized up 2 from your regular size will look too baggy. They may have changed the cut as mine are pretty old now, but I find that they don't taper enough for my taste now and the leg opening is too wide. If possible i'd try some on first. I'll post a fit pic this evening.
  9. Tough one. I have a pair of the SDA-103 in a 31. They didn't shrink much but they didn't stretch either, even after several years. I still have to breathe in slightly when I do the top button up. It's weird as they are really roomy everywhere else - thighs and leg openings are pretty wide. What other jeans do you wear, for comparison? I usually buy 30 in Full Count, 30/31 in PBJ, 31 in Momotaro
  10. Well, I got stung for another £20 tax so not quite the bargain I had in mind. They're also pretty snug. Didnt really factor in the lower rise and how tight they'd be on the hips. Still pretty decent for the money. Denim reminds me of 3Sixteen a little.
  11. Haha. Yes. A Pendleton blanket folded over a white Eames chair in the background.
  12. I had a similar situation recently. Bought my son a coat from Carhartt USA and the shipping, tax and 'handling' added up to more than the actual coat.
  13. What with Brexit and PBJgate, I decided to tighten my belt on my next purchase and am giving the Japan Blue JB0206 a go. £96 including delivery. From the size charts the 31 waist looks looks very similar to the Full Count 1109 so looking forward to giving them a go.
  14. Yes. Same. It obviously happens automatically. Remember getting quite a shock when I had a few things in my OD basket pre referendum, then checked it a few days after the vote :-(
  15. I know, I know. You're totally right, but when a wardrobe staple suddenly becomes inaccessible it's frustrating. We all buy brands like Full Count and PBJ because they do things differently and we want to support the small guy. But if you have to support the small guy by supporting another small guy who wants their cut... the cost adds up and it becomes unjustifiable for what, at the end of the day, is a pair of jeans and will be likely be worn into the ground and used for D.I.Y. within 2 years.