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  1. DC2020


    Nice! I’ll keep an eye out for your posts. The 220A is a cut you can wear every day easily! The boots are wesco mister Lou’s.. purchased back in the good old days when they used to be in stock ha
  2. DC2020


    Initially purchased lot 221 because the 220 was out of stock.. but managed to track down a pair. The 221 is great too but the 220 has a higher rise and less taper, which I quite like. After wearing these for a few days they are my favorite cut and fabric of all time. The front photo makes them look slimmer than they are but the side shot shows the true fit.
  3. DC2020


    I stirred them around a couple of times but didn’t go crazy. They fit well as is.. but a little more shrinkage over time wouldn’t hurt.
  4. DC2020


    For those interested: Lot 221 34x32 Pre soak: W: 18.25”, FR: 12.5”, BR: 16”, Thigh: 13.25”, Hem: 8.75”, L 35” Post soak, hung dry: W: 17.5”, FR: 12”, BR: 15.75”, Thigh: 12.75”, Hem: 8.5”, L 33” Soaked in very hot water for 45 minutes and hung dry. I really like the cut! Originally wanted a pair of 220 but they were out of stock everywhere. Definitely happy with these though!
  5. DC2020


    Picked up these lot 221 recently. Pre soak feels good. Into the tub they go! How much shrinkage and subsequent stretch have y’all gotten from this denim?
  6. Most definitely good advice. It was hard to judge the 3005’s in the store because the inseam was so long. The 34 and 36 both felt roomy in the thigh and rise. Still undecided.
  7. A question to y’all with 3005 experience. What are some tips to sizing them right? A size 36 was about 1.5” too large in the waist and hips. The size 34 fit snug, but comfortable in the waist. Also.. with the massive stock inseam it was impossible to judge the fit. Just looking for some sizing tips. Thanks!
  8. DC2020


    That has been my experience. I sometimes wish they were a bit more rigid but the softness is unbelievably comfortable. This is my pair after many machine washes and runs through the dryer.
  9. The flat head 2cb for breakfast flannel Warehouse 1001xx Wesco Mister Lou
  10. Love that jacket… and those 3005’s look great! Considering picking up a pair this week
  11. I sent them an instagram message and they got back to me with info… it was pretty easy. Shipped EMS. Took roughly 10 days from ordering until I had them.
  12. Wow.. it will be hard not to grab a pair of those when they do it again. Thanks for posting the photos. Also liking the denim a lot.. not sure if it’s the same as the denim on their current offerings but looks great. Doesn't sound like the freewheelers back rise would work for many people.. but so much depends on the shape of the pattern.
  13. Tag size 36. After one hot wash the back rise measures 15.5” and the front rise measures 13.25”. The waist is 18.25” flat across. The rise feels high (and extremely comfortable). Compared to my warehouse 1001xx the rise feels quite a bit deeper. Some detail shots for fun.
  14. I love mine. Ordering was really easy and quick. The sizing was exactly as advertised after a hot soak. The denim is dark and crispy and the cut fits me well. Only like 7-8 wears so far bc it’s super hot out but will be wearing them all the time come fall. You thinking of getting a pair?
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