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    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Nice! Is that a MIJ JM in the background? Always loved the gold hardware.
  2. DC2020


    Thanks! Pretty shocked how long they actually feel for only being 32” or so. The higher rise really helps. People always say that all denimheads end their journey with repro fits. It’s true
  3. DC2020


    Thanks! I’m fine with more shrinkage. The initial waist shrinkage was less than expected. Considering a hot machine wash and hang dry tonight to get more out.
  4. DC2020


    First pair of warehouse came this morning. These are the 1001xx 14.5oz. Couldn’t be happier with the denim itself, fit and construction. Been searching for this exact fit for a while. 45 minute hot soak / hang dry outside. For those curious about shrinkage: I am 6’1” and 185 ish lbs. These are size 36. waist pre: 19.25” waist post: 17.75” inseam pre: 34.25” inseam post: 32.25”
  5. DC2020


    Awesome thanks. With the higher rise I think 31”ish should work well with a single cuff. I’m 6’1” so have to be careful ha. Looking forward to them. Standard and strange helped out with waist sizing so fingers crossed they work!
  6. DC2020


    Hey all.. just signed up here. Tried searching for this answer (maybe I don’t know how to search properly) and couldn’t find an answer. Just ordered my first pair of warehouse from standard and strange. 1001xx in 14.5oz Memphis denim. The inseam listed is 34”. How much inseam shrinkage are y’all getting out of this denim? With the higher rise I think I could deal with 3 or so inches of inseam loss but not much more.
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