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  1. Serge

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    Well the prices have definitely jumped up with accessibility. I remember buying CPs for less than 200. Under 300 is considered a deal by some these days. Plus back in the day it seemed like you were in a cool club and it was this hidden language.
  2. Serge

    Hair Thread

    Is the hitler youth haircut still in? I felt ahead of my time with that haircut a decade ago but now I just look like everyone else. what do?
  3. Serge

    Seriously though, where did everyone go?

    yo how tf you call this?
  4. Serge


    So I bought one of those North Face Purple Label Daypacks and wouldn't really recommend them. They're super tiny and look made out of proportion with practically everything I wear. The back is also divided horizontally rather than vertically. You get stuck with two rectangular areas that can be divided into just one huge pocket which sucks for organization. It's purely form over function and the bag is actually uncomfortable to wear.
  5. justice did a sweet remix of dear april. but other than that i'm not really into electro anymore. im pretty much exclusively listening lofi house, 90s rnb, post dubstep. whats good these days?
  6. Serge


    The kids don't seem to appreciate raw denim the same way we used to 10 years ago. Honestly it could be a drag with the colour transfer, stiff material, sizing down, etc. but the process made the jeans turn into works of art. I might be buying my jeans at uniqlo these days but I will always have an appreciation and love for raw denim and APC in particular. I still have a couple pairs of APCs in my closet that fell out of rotation when I started working at an office.
  7. Serge

    edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    I learned that EDC gets pretty limited when you're in a suit. I got a splitring with my keys, a USB stick and a lightweight atwood just in case and a zippo, space pen and notebook in suit jacket. The zippos eventually going to be replaced ST. Dupont. Space pen was a gift and is just reliable as fuck. Notebook helps when I can't use laptops or phones.
  8. Serge

    General TV show discussion

    here's a list of things i been watching lately: -the shield -the life and times of tim -comedy bang bang -king of the hill -dave -alan partridge joints -high maintenance -nirvana the band the show -detroiters -i think you should leave -gomorrah its just some easy stuff to watch except for the shows that got canceled too early.
  9. Serge

    slim black jeans

    I've just been buying Uniqlo slim stretch denim. It feels like a cop out after all those years of uncomfortable, sweaty, raw denim but I don't have enough time to break raw denim in anymore :(
  10. Serge

    shit you hate

    Well that sucks. No way you can back up whats on here right now? I'd hate to see this place just disappear. Someone should put together a book. It's strange to think I spent my formative years on here and it could all just disappear. I learned about music, clothes, art, girls, pretty much everything. Yes I'm a nostalgic fuck but I miss the time in my life where I got to fuck around.
  11. fyi, jeff and dani broke up per a flickr post in 2011. danis probably been locked down by some stockbroker or old money type.
  12. i completely forgot this was a thing. new oki-ni sucks.
  13. is this du broke now or what?
  14. Serge

    Vancouver Meetup

    anybody still in van?
  15. Serge

    shit you hate

    actually i hate the fact that half the waywt threads have dead image links. some of those fits are still ahead of their time. also, how long until someone decides to pull the plug on superfuture? at this point it feels like a geocities guestbook where we leave each other notes.
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