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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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2 hours ago, MJF9 said:

@smoothsailor Awesome work there... what jeans are you planning after these?

Thanks MJF9,

indeed time for a new pair.

i,m thinking about a new pair for the last 2 yrs. 
i,d like something similar, high rise , straight, bit loose cut.

Thought about dawson denim, fullcount.

since I can’t get my hands on another atlast. 
I have a hard time spending 200 plus euros , plus shipping,tax…. My priorities changed. So probably more patching and mending for a while

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Just recieved this fantastic vintage Wrangler jacket from a friend for Christmas. 

Hard to pin down a date because the tags are either destroyed or worn free of any info but everything I find indicates late 60s to early 70s? No Blue Bell label. 

Can anyone date Wrangler?  

Broken twill,  beautiful indigo color, perfectly yellowed collars and cuffs,  nice subtle fade with honeycombs and Atari with selvedge edges on inside of jacket. 

















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10 minutes ago, cultpop 0217 said:

@Dr_Heech  I had heard that the black labels were introduced in 70 but my understanding is that the broken twill was a tad earlier. 

Very little definitive information out there! 

You know what, you're probably right about that. My memory isn't as sharp as it was on the history of Bluebell's Wrangler brand.

Fits you great tho so happy days.

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nice, @cultpop 0217 – I can't check for another week or so, but I have what looks to be the same jacket, NOS apart from a couple of nicks probably acquired through storage. I have a feeling the broken white label is the " 'no fault' denims " one from Duke's chart. Nice to see how the broken twill evolves, as mine has the look of something that will stay eternally dark – which is sort of my memory of Wrangler in the 80s...

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Time to retire my Acne jeans since the fabric is on the very brink of tearing at the knees, back and crotch.
The jeans are deadstock from very early 00's and I started wearing them roughly six years ago, the quality of the denim is quite flat and dull, non-selvedge but has provided great fades.
I'm not going to replace these with a new pair of Acne jeans since they are much more fashion-oriented these days, these jeans are from when they were first and foremost a denim brand.
I'm eyeing a pair of either SugarCane 66's or Resolute 710's as my next jeans!

IMG_1264.thumb.jpeg.04d2911b9dd7b284f7226d5508abc41e.jpeg  IMG_1263.thumb.jpeg.f45f59cbe97585cf30af8248c886b581.jpeg 

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The granite counter at work leaves an unsightly line across my lap. Hoping it evens out after a wash and more wear. These are Samurai 211VX


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^thanks @AlientoyWorkmachine! No special routine, I guess every three weeks or so, washed cool, separately, and hang-dried. I'm fairly active for someone who doesn't really take any exercise- I stand up pretty much all day packing etc, and walk quite a lot. For whatever reason though I've always seemed to wear everything in/out quite quickly! These have plenty of life in them still, though- I'll post again later in the year.

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On 5/15/2022 at 4:43 AM, NilsLW said:

Here are some 40 year old STFs that my father used to wear when he worked as a carpenter briefly in the 80s. These are denim perfection imo and all the tar and paint splatter really adds to the character. Bonus picture for oxidized rivets. Regarding washing routine, these would be boiled along with his other work clothes in a large pot outdoors.

Boiled in ocean water I hope! Don't let him ruin his fades!

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@chicote Crazy how hard you faded those. And the repairs look great.

Can't wait to give the 40s a try. Did you order the new pair directly from TCB? I put in a pre-order in march, and they should arrive soon.

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Thanks @sven; this new pair I got from the 40s contest. I’m really grateful for this new pair but want to really get my current jeans past the point of utility before switching over, they have a good amount of life left in them and i want to pay my respects as long as they’ve still got it in em. Looking forward to seeing what you think of yours when you get them!

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