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  1. If you scroll really fast it's like a denim fade movie
  2. Kind of dumb, but as my friend and I were leaving the bathroom today, he liked the sound of the trash can so much, that we made a video lol
  3. Saw these on reddit. Are mad stacks still in??
  4. Just curious, what do you all think of brands like Patagonia, who seem thoroughly committed to ethical manufacturing and worker's rights, but still choose to produce in those countries? I'm not sure what to think. When you consider all that's spent making sure it's "up to code" or whatever, couldn't that just be used to produce more locally? I guess there is a bottom line of profit being made, so I'm not sure if it's just a cleverly disguised marketing maneuver. But at the same time, if they're actually ensuring living wages and safe working conditions to the employees who might not have a better option otherwise, is it really bad? Also, how far down the rabbit hole of buying responsibly can one go? What if everything's ethical except say, that the metal smelted for rivets was done so unsafely? Is it OK to buy 95% ethical pants?
  5. Actually from a few days ago, but a few of us ended up matching so well that we decided to take a picture lol. It's actually going to be used for a new advertisement about diversity for the conservatory. Old tee Ooe Nike
  6. WOAH! Crazy I live like less than 5 minutes away from there! I think the packing house is a glorified Hipster Cafeteria lol
  7. My Clark's are a US 11 and my Astorflex are EU 44 The quality is great, I haven't had a problem yet in the months I've owned it. They're much more comfortable than the Clarks too and they both fit my wide-ish feet pretty well. If anyone knows where they're selling a full grain leather version please let me know!
  8. Lol if anyone likes to collect ugly Evisus, I found this auction:
  9. Dear God those are amazing.
  10. A couple snaps of my DWC pair. I wash about 1-2 times a month still. SELA also did a great repair along the back pockets a month or so ago!
  11. Old Hoodie Ooe OA02XX Astorflex
  12. From a thread on reddit: "I disagree with those companies. Their jean blends just aren't as durable anymore because they've both stepped away from "raw denim." Find a company that supplies raw denim "selvedge" jeans instead. 100% cotton. 0% of that crap that all the major brands put in them. The minute synthetic fibers are mixed in, it weakens the jeans and takes years and years off their life. Dense fabric raw denim jeans with a selvedge finished seam should last you your whole life with infrequent use, or 6-10 years with daily use. It will be expensive for sure but too not much more than duluth or ll-bean. And it will be a much better use of your $$. Check the company Naked & Famous for their raw denim jeans, otherwise /r/rawdenim has more info. *Edit: changed APC to Naked & Famous after reading some negative testimony on /r/rawdenim. However, I currently have APC going on 3 years that look brand new.*" Do you guys think this is a joke? It's almost like satire
  13. Speaking of Levi's, I wonder if the 511 is going to become like a repro fit 40 years from now. It's kind of funny that I'll be telling my grandkids "no, those were garbage compared to the stuff I wore"
  14. I wouldn't say it's morally wrong, but it's annoying lol
  15. I knew offensive click-bait reached critical mass when the Whopperito was spawned, but I never thought it would come to this!