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  1. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    As far as actual vintage Levi's go, what's the consensus of the non-selvedge 501 STFs from the 80s/90s? I feel like the denim actually looks pretty good, but idk if it's worth the "vintage" upcharge. Example from ebay:
  2. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I'm bothered by the way it looks... lol
  3. View Advert Flat Head, SE X Bender's T-Shirt, Size 40 Size 40 Fits between XS and S Light Wear US Domestic w/Shipping: $40 Advertiser Coolguyzack Date 12/10/2017 Price $60.00 Category tops  
  4. Flat Head, SE X Bender's T-Shirt, Size 40

    Time Left: 11 months and 24 days

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    Size 40 Fits between XS and S: Laid flat, pit to pit is 19", Top of shoulder (immediately left or right of collar), 25" Light Wear US Domestic w/Shipping: $40


  5. iconic denim photos

    Found while reading about some wine history http://arrowheadwine.blogspot.com/2013/11/wine-history-part-three-temecula.html?m=1
  6. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I wonder if Cone closing will either cause a massive "going out of business" sale, or some kind of "limited supply" price hike. Maybe all the money they'll make will let them open up a new business 2 streets over, and under a different name! Just like all the furniture stores around me!
  7. TCB

    Just washed and dried my new TCB 60s!
  8. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    3sixteen tee TCB 60s SE x John Lofgren sneakers
  9. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I've experienced a new denim blunder. I got into working out over the past year, but I guess I don't eat enough in exchange. I've lost like 15-20 pounds since the spring. The jeans I love no longer fit lol. I'm almost considering getting checked for a tapeworm or something...
  10. Does anyone know anything about this brand 7CCR and these slip on chukkas? I saw them in the back of a photo on the Tender co thread, and I dig the elf/jedi vibe. https://diaries-shop.com/7ccr-7corpuscumreverso-model7170-belt-chukka-vacchetta-natural http://store.silver-and-gold.com/?pid=114577157 Both stores seem to have them out of stock, and need to be contacted for pricing so that probably means I can't afford them lol
  11. Superdenim Instagram Community

  12. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I just made my first Instagram a few weeks ago! (Because of a cute girl...) Anyway, I've only found Aho and Ruedi so far, but I'm looking to follow the rest of the sufu squad. Mine is @zacharydhaines. I haven't posted much of anything, but I'm down to sling out a bunch of hearts to you all! lol
  13. Tender Co. Denim

    An update on my belt. I've been wearing pretty much daily for over 2 years now? I've lost track I still freaking love it! I should probably treat it with something soon
  14. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    I've never seen an outfit with that much combined aging/fading potential!
  15. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    This is definitely not from today, probably around a week and a half ago. While touring Europe with my university's choir, we took a day off and got to hike up to a glacial lake near Briançon, France. And I was totally eating a baguette. SugarCane 60s