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  1. Haha, yeah, I'd heard you needed to go up a few sizes but it's still jarring to actually pull on something tagged that much bigger than you're used to. The 35 I tried on just wasn't quiiite right, even though it was buttonable...I felt pinched in the seat and didn't like how it looked on me in the mirror. With a couple weeks of wear that might have sorted itself out, but the 36 were nicer all around from the second I pulled them on and the lady at the store thought they were a better fit too. I wasn't gonna argue with the expert. At this point they've stretched enough that they sag just a smidgen and I didn't have to go through break-in hell, so I think it worked okay!
  2. Thank you! Yes, it's the 14.5 oz. I bought a one-wash pair in-store which simplified things...I'm a 32" waist and these are a size 36 (!).
  3. Two months in on a pair of No.1 Lot 2000
  4. DWCxUHR. Two years. Eleven hand washes. More photos here~
  5. I had a really fantastic day.
  6. That nep shirt is a knockout ~
  7. DWCxUHR, nineteen months, seven washes
  8. Thanks Ruedi! I'll have some photos up on Instagram tomorrow I think. They're at seventeen months now...time is flying.
  9. It's finally cold enough for sweaters! Iron Heart top and bottom: IHTB01 and DWCxUHR. Yes I know I gotta get the dirt off my boots, picked up some grime walking around on Sunday ;(
  10. The backs of my knees got chewed up bad for the first two weeks with these. Anyone picking up the 777-UHR is gonna be in for an experience...
  11. DWCxUHR, about sixteen months, seven washes.
  12. I really wanna put my jacket away but the weather just won't turn warm :< SEXIH22 and DWCxUHR, thirteen and twelve months respectively
  13. Hit the one year mark on my DWCxUHR. More photos here, if you want to see some details~
  14. Not too much development from the last post, but here they are anyway. DWCxUHR, ten months, four hand washes. Color on these is for once pretty near dead on. Indigo on the calves is starting to give way and take on a grainy appearance and the cuff holes are getting quite pronounced.
  15. DWCxUHR. Eight months, three hand washes. They're going in for repairs tonight! Get to put in some time on some Sams in the meantime. edit: whoops, forgot links. Click for huge!