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  1. Check out the lot 800. They have a longer inseam.
  2. I'm considering it. I have an unworn pair of IH 634-18 and Warehouse lot 800. Maybe I'll enter both and split time between the two?
  3. Why not hem them? Do they fit well otherwise?
  4. Tomorrow marks wear day 60 in these 1001. I've been wearing them to work almost every weekday since mid May and have been wearing other pairs on the weekends. They've gone through 8 machine washes including the initial wash and have seen the drier a handful of times. This is the first pair that I've actually counted wears for and I'm surprised how fast they have faded even though they do get pretty beat up at work. Pictures were taken out on my deck while they dry out from a sweaty work day.
  5. I am very interested in that cut if the top block fits like the 1001. @setterman any idea which denim the 1606 uses?
  6. TCB

    @Flash I have a 42 in both the denim and chambray. They both have around a 22.75" chest and taper down to about 20.5" in the waist. If I remember correctly, I saved those measurements after a hot wash and hot dry. They definitely feel slimmer than the chest measurements would lead you to believe which I think has a lot to do with the high and tight arm holes.
  7. @Bigyen Thanks for the tip. I'll give that a try tonight.
  8. Any tips to get grease stains out of a t-shirt? First time wearing my new MF t-shirt I was barbecuing and some juices from flipping the food over got on my shirt. I've tried using dish soap already without much luck. Thanks.
  9. If anyone was on the fence about picking up a pair of lot 800 the shop Independence in Chicago has a sale on them right now. They carry both one wash and non wash.
  10. Sweating profusely in my jeans under this coverall.
  11. Does the "special weave" signify the c/l blend? I stumbled across this pair which has the special weave flasher but the description on the website says 100% cotton : And the c/l pair on Warehouse's website also says special weave.
  13. Getting the Warehouse real nasty on a Walleye charter
  14. I'm with you. I can't even go 6 months in one pair. I have a pair of the IH 18oz vintage fabric in the 634 cut that have been hanging up in my closet since February that I'm strongly considering entering but I don't want to neglect all my other pairs!
  15. I bought a new grill and spent a few hours slapping it together