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  1. TCB

    Thanks for the tip. I just measured my chest and I'm just over 41" closer to my armpits and about 39.5-40" mid chest. If I pull the trigger it will be a 42 raw from denimio.
  2. TCB

    Hmmm...If the first measurement is the chest then I think the 42 would be too tight (21.6"). I aim for 22" chest on my shirts so I would probably need a little extra for a sweatshirt underneath the jacket.
  3. TCB

    Thanks. The 42 ranchman fits me pretty well. Would you suggest a 44 in the 50s jacket if I want to layer a hoody underneath?
  4. TCB

    Thanks. Are those one wash measurements then?
  5. TCB

    Thanks for the measurements. It seems they're quite slim in the waist for a jacket. Is there a similar chart for the 50s jacket?
  6. Indigogene jacket/Rogue Territory ISC/Samurai 710/Red Wing
  7. I'm still waiting to hear back from BiG who is supposed to contact Warehouse on my behalf in regards to my defective pair that I posted on here last week. That's not good for my situation if they aren't responding to anyone at the moment....
  8. TCB

  9. TCB

    The chambray ranchman I ordered from Denimio showed up today. I'm very happy with the fit. Thanks everyone who gave me size advice. Here are a few fit pics right out of the bag:
  10. SDA 5335/Samurai s710xx/beat up Thorogoods
  11. I know, that has me a little concerned. I reached out to BiG and a very nice person named Naoki responded to my email almost immediately. I sent the pictures over and Naoki said they'll speak to the boss tomorrow for me. We will see what happens!
  12. @setterman Thanks for the advice. I will contact BiG via email this week and I'll attach the photos so they can see just how pronounced the defect is. I'll keep everyone updated on their response.
  13. Some backstory: I bought them about a month ago online from BiG at a significant discount. They arrived with a sheet of paper that had a "final sale" stamp on it although the description on the website never stated that. I soaked them and washed them to get all the shrinkage out of the way as they were unsanforized. I wasn't completely thrilled with the fit at first so I put them up for sale on grailed and hung them up in the closet. A few weeks later I decided to try them back on and after an hour or so of wear around the house I decided to remove the listing on grailed and to keep them. It was then I created an account on sufu and put up fit pics for you guys to give me some feedback. That's when I noticed the fabric had a flaw. I forgot to put up the pictures in the original post and when I was going through my phone this weekend I saw them and decided to ask you guys about what it could be. It certainly doesn't feel like the fabric is damaged in that area. It just has a different texture and is not noticeable until you're looking for it. My only concern is that it is indeed a weak spot and might cause me trouble down the road and/or once they start to fade this area will fade first since the rough texture and it will look like I have a stripe across my leg. I haven't had them hemmed yet but I'm planning to do so soon and start wearing these sparingly since I'm working on a bunch of other pairs currently.
  14. Correct
  15. I forgot to include these pics in my original post. Is this considered loom chatter? It is an area about 1" wide and it is located across the right leg slightly above the knee. It looks and feels more coarse/rough than the rest of the fabric. I don't mind it at all but I was just curious what caused it and if anyone has noticed anything like this before?