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  1. Thanks. I figured something was up when I saw "chambray" in the first chart. The 36 looks like it would be a good fit for me except for the shoulders. I need around 18".
  2. Thanks so much for the knowledge @setterman. The 800s were a little snug in the hips, waist, thighs so a little extra room in those areas would be welcomed. Sounds like the 1001 could be a great fit for me going by the numbers. I will report back once they've made it to me. @ShootThePier I couldn't agree more.
  3. Thanks @propellerbeanie So, I just got an update from BiG on the replacement of my defective pair: I reached out to BiG a few days back since I hadn't heard anything in a while. I said if Warehouse was having trouble finding another pair of the lot 800 that I would be fine with a lot 1001 (based on what I saw on Warehouse's website the measurements looked very similar in a tag size 31). So...when BiG reached out to me today they told me that Warehouse could not locate a lot 800 in a size 31 and that a lot 1001 is now inbound. Was I correct that the 1001 will fit similar to the 800? How do the fabrics differ between models?
  4. Nice shirt @Syncd86! Thanks for putting this on my radar. Can you share measurements for your size 36?
  5. @goodrain I can't say I dig the back pocket decorations but this is the first time I've seen a jean cut off look good on someone. Usually it's a pair of super tapered jeans that end up way too tight at the knee and just don't look right. This fit looks perfect for you. Great job.
  6. Great fit! I'd love to get a pair of 710s one day but the rear rise measurements on BiG's chart seem real low.
  7. Just when this pair hit that stage where you swear you see them evolving everyday I get a minor crotch blowout. It is right above a previous repair I had done by Mildblend. I think I'll wear these a few more times, give them another wash (just washed them this past weekend), and bring them to Mildblend to be repaired again. They do a great job. After the repair these will probably be demoted to weekend status. Pretty bummed but I think the combo of lowish rise, snug thighs and a manual labor job is causing some problems here.
  8. T-shirt/Stevenson 727/Quoddy
  9. @Max Power perfect fit on those Resolutes!
  10. 35" waist and 10.5" thigh seems like extremely odd proportions.
  11. TCB ranchman. I like how lightweight it feels. I believe I read it's 8.5oz?
  12. Thanks. I meant that I think the 737 would suit me better. These 727s are slim from the thigh down but the waist and seat are large. Don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying them very much. Especially since the waist downsizing by Railcar.
  13. La Jolla 727 with somewhere around 5-6 months of wear and 4 washes. I had to send them in to Railcar to reduce the waist by 2" and I just got them back this past Monday. This cut doesn't really fit me too well with the big waist/small thigh but I love the fabric and details so much that I can't bring myself to get rid of them. I also had a crotch repair done by Mildblend after about 4 months of wear and they did a fantastic job. I plan on replacing these with the 737 cut once these become unwearable.
  14. Putting this: And this: On hold for a while to focus on wearing this everyday for my work shirt: My plan is to wear it as much as possible until it gets too warm to wear long sleeves for my job, which is typically sometime in May.
  15. I wonder which model those are? The back pockets look different.