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  1. Sweating profusely in my jeans under this coverall.
  2. Does the "special weave" signify the c/l blend? I stumbled across this pair which has the special weave flasher but the description on the website says 100% cotton : And the c/l pair on Warehouse's website also says special weave.
  4. Getting the Warehouse real nasty on a Walleye charter
  5. I'm with you. I can't even go 6 months in one pair. I have a pair of the IH 18oz vintage fabric in the 634 cut that have been hanging up in my closet since February that I'm strongly considering entering but I don't want to neglect all my other pairs!
  6. I bought a new grill and spent a few hours slapping it together
  7. Gave these 1001 another wash after 12 wears. I'm usually not one to cuff but I can't bring myself to hem these since the factory chainstitch is producing some beautiful roping.
  8. I had a pair of 800s for a blink of an eye but after an hour long hot soak with lots of agitation, followed by a cold machine wash, then a hot machine wash I got the following for shrinkage. All measurements are taken flat: waist: 1" front rise: 1" rear rise: 1.25" thigh: .5" knee: .5" hem: .5" inseam: 2.5"
  9. Maybe I added the "xx" when I shouldn't have? I believe this is the pair I have: The description says 13.5oz
  10. Great fit Volvo! I have the 1001xx which I believe uses the banner denim as well and yours looks much hairier and neppier than mine. Mine just has the initial wash for shrinkage so I'm hoping after another wash they look like that!
  11. If I remember correctly the pioneer denim will shrink around 3" in the inseam. If your two hot soaks gets you pretty close to that then you should be good to go.
  12. Wow jeans in the amazon sounds brutal. The good thing is that they stay mostly "clean" since I have to wear coveralls over them but it's really the sweat breaking down the threads and denim in the crotch area that I'm worried about. I'm just going to wash them when they stink. If that's after every work week then so be it. Thanks for the response @chicote
  13. You guys ever have a pair that you washed weekly to every two weeks? Working outside in the heat gets my pair of Warehouse sweaty in the top block. I hang them on a chair outside on the deck when I get home from work to air out but I think these are going to get frequent washings to keep them from stinking and to keep the cotton threads in tact for as long as possible. Just curious to hear your tales of very frequent washings and how the pair eventually turned out...
  14. Wow those are unreal! @setterman That just pushed me over the edge to start wearing mine next week.
  15. That's a great fit