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  1. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I can't speak for Tellason or RgT but I have a pair of Railcars that use fabric from Kaihara Mills.
  2. Studio D'artisan

    Did you use the dryer or is it just from subsequent washings? My 32 sd-101 are pretty snug in the waist but they were one wash and I actually gave them another wash myself but haven't worn them yet. They aren't hard to button up but I definitely don't want the waist getting any tighter.
  3. TCB

    Me too!
  4. Samurai Jeans

    My size 32s measure within a 1/4" of @tigerstrom pair at every measurement.
  5. Studio D'artisan

    @broark are those the 15oz?
  6. Studio D'artisan

    Thanks! The waist is definitely snug but I didn't have to struggle to get them on by any means. Have you considered this cut? The rise and thigh room are glorious!
  7. Studio D'artisan

    @bartlebyyphonics Thanks. I am the second owner of this pair. The first owner unpicked the arcs, had them hemmed, wore them a few times and decided he needed a size up so I got them for a very good deal.
  8. Studio D'artisan

    Here's my SDA work shirt contribution I kind of like how these SD-101 look with a small double cuff. DWC pair?
  9. Warehouse

    @Sensuki Here are the measurements for my tag 32 800s after a full hot wash and machine dry. I haven't worn them at all so I suspect they'll stretch out a bit with some wear Waist: 15.75" Front rise: 11.25" Rear rise: 15.25" Thigh: 12.125" Knee: 8.75" Leg opening: 8" Inseam: 34.25"
  10. Studio D'artisan

    Yeah probably somewhere around 11.5"-11.75"
  11. Studio D'artisan

    @edmond This might not help you too much since they're a size 32 but I just received a one wash SD-101 today. Waist: 32" Front rise: 11" Rear rise: 15.25" Thigh: 13" Knee: 9.75" Leg opening: 9" Inseam (hemmed): 30.25"
  12. Stevenson Overall Company

    I would highly recommend the waist reduction service by Railcar for someone that really wants to try out SOC but has been deterred by the crazy vanity sizing.
  13. Stevenson Overall Company

    That's a surprisingly low rise
  14. I vote for Stevenson 747. The green cast denim is glorious.
  15. Warehouse

    Some progress on my 1001s. I'm at 84 wears and 9 washes.