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  1. Samurai Jeans

    So got the jeans, finally (got rogered up the ol' gary glitter pretty hard by the customs, oh well), and the tag size 32 specimen they sent to me claiming it'd measure 84cm (33") on the waist turned out to be bang on 32" and that's being generous... Otherwise the fit seemed promising so into the (lukewarm) drink they went, and after a couple of hours of soaking I tossed 'em into the washing machine, 30'C and no spin. The waist shrank to a hair over 30" while the inseam lost around 2"; predictably, they got a bit more snug all around and I'm really digging them at this point, the slight discomfort on the gut not-withstanding (just got the final button buttoned up, so that's sorted). To my most pleasant surprise the front rise came through unscathed (11" going in, 11" coming out), I really didn't want to lose any of that. It's been mentioned more than a couple of times that this 24/27oz. fabric keeps on shrinking on subsequent washes; considering the routine I pulled so far (lukewarm soak for 2,5 hours, warm wash for 1,5 hours, no spin no tumble dry), should I try and give them another soak/wash/both at these early stages? Fit pics later, possibly a double-whammy with my shiny new White's Smoke Jumpers.
  2. Belts

    Just a PSA, Ragnar (ex Rå Leather) Thor belts are now available not only in the original oak bark tan, but also in natural veg tan as well as dark brown veg tan: https://www.ragnargoods.com/shop/ Indigoshrimp's review on the oak bark tan version: https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2017/09/20/ra-leather-goods-thor-belt-review/
  3. Iron Heart Jeans

    That shirt is just crazy cool! I’ve been stocking up on flannels lately but this definitely makes me want to bash the piggy-bank and aqcuire me some nice heavy denim shirt.
  4. Samurai Jeans

    Cheers. After lots of umming and erring (and watching size 33 go out of stock, as it were), I ordered the 32 and asked them to look for a bigger running specimen. Cue the inevitable "BNWT 710XX 24 oz. size 32" in the classifieds in about a week...
  5. Samurai Jeans

    Guys, long time lurker, first time poster here... I haven’t felt the need to contribute as I’ve been just enjoying the wealth of knowledge on display here, but I could use some words of wisdom now. S710XX 24 oz. is available again in its 2nd incarnation; as BiG don’t carry Sammys anymore and as Denimio’s measurements chart is as unhelpful as ever, I had a quick word with their (Russian?) CS person on their live chat. Kindly see the attached image for their measurements for tag sizes 32 & 33. It appears other measurements are just about the same but there’s a huge gap between the waist measurements; could this be true or is the tighter waist likely to lead to tighter fit around seat and hips in general, albeit not immediately apparent looking at the chart (same front rise, almost the same thigh)? Seeing how size 32 starts from 32” waist while 33 clocks in at almost 34”, which one would I be advised to pick if I was aiming at a 32.5”ish waist post-soak and post- stretching them back out? 32 would seem the likelier candidate but if they shrink by 1”+ to sub-31” levels, I won’t be able to get them on to start the stretching. OTOH, looking at people’s fit pics, I think this cut is at its most flattering when worn “slim”, so getting the size just right seems of paramount importance. Thanks for any tips/suggestions/inane banter you might be able to send to my general direction.