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  1. Do people really put their small change in a wallet's zipped pouch? Those zipped pouches always strike me as a colossal waste of space...
  2. What would be the best source for Stevenson stuff? I have looked at most of the Western sites and I couldn't find much so I assume I need to look at Japanese stores. Any suggestion?
  3. Good fit @konadog!
  4. All - what's the consensus on build & fabric quality of Mr Freedom shirts and jackets?
  5. I've been buying Armor Lux for years, and the quality has decreased; it's not as good as NSC. Still, it's a cool brand that has deep roots in French Brittany and a long history supplying generations of pecheurs Bretons.
  6. I like North Sea Clothing for big wool sweaters. Also, I've been getting ton of mileage from merino undershirts this year. They make it easier to wear cotton as a top layer.
  7. Cotton - flannel or not - is a shitty choice for cold protection anyway, especially if you're doing some hard work.
  8. Thanks @Cucoo. There's one in black on the Lee Archive site and I was wondering if that was black denim. It seems that it isn't.
  9. Just got another pair, this time from PSA, in size 31. They're tight, but workable. Measurements in a few days.
  10. Got the SDA D5335 shirt from Pants Shop Avenue yesterday. Very happy with the shirt and the service at PSA. The shirt fits my body better than the IH dble indigo denim work shirt, which I'm therefore going to sell I think.
  11. I am looking for shoulder (BiG style) and p2p measurements on the TFH 7001w shirt in size 42 and 44. Also interested in those measurements for the "regular sized" model 7001wr. I have found some info on stores' websites but I would like some first hand info from an owner. Thank you!
  12. Should one soak OW items before wearing them for the first time?
  13. What is this jacket @Cucoo ?
  14. It's this model: http://www.ware-house.co.jp/?pid=96421721 Size 40 Length: 24" Shoulders: 19.25" P2P: 22" Sleeves: 24"
  15. Fit, yay or nay?