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  1. Should we not have a shirt thread, for indigo / denim, chambray, & flannel shirts?
  2. I have the IHSH-174-IND and I really like it. It was a bit too warm for the heat of Summer, but it's OK now. I added MOP buttons and it really works well on this shirt. I also have the Samurai SBD17 (like this one: http://www.e2nd.net/br-sj/sj-251-01-f/sj-sbd17-s01-ai.html) and it is a favorite. The fabric is light, with a crunchy feel, and a very 3D texture. I'm super excited to be wearing it over the next few years. WRT indigo, I regret not getting the patchwork PBJ shirt. Most of my other ss shirts are madras, which I love. I have too many to count...
  3. People - what are your favorite SS shirts (indigo, denim, etc...)?
  4. Anyone - I'm looking for the short sleeve version of the patchwork indigo shirt. The product # is SS-2184. If anyone would know where to find one in size 4, I'd be very thankful...
  5. Ah, never mind, it seems to be resolved.
  6. Anyone else having difficulties reaching the site? I can't get to either the site or the forum...
  7. You guys are killing me. I haven't been able to wear long pants or long sleeve shirts in weeks ... and I'm in Seattle!
  8. Right there with you. The shirts are more city shirts than work shirts, so I suspect they're not Jpz products. Good show.
  9. All - do you know what are the (chambray?) shirts worn by Harry Bosch in the TV show?
  10. Just got the Samurai painter pants with alternating L & R weave. It gives them a subtly stripy look. I haven't had a chance to put them on; it's too warm here.
  11. I have never had to do anything with customs for any package coming from abroad, including for items with a value > $800. It's always delivered to my door, or I get a notification for pick up if a signature was required.
  12. All - do you think it would be too much to wear indigo wabash pants with a hickory stripe jacket? I suspect the answer to that is, doh, of course, but I'm curious....
  13. Cool patch.
  14. That Tender jacket is great. What model is it? EDIT: I since figure out it's model 900.