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  1. IH, IH, SC
  2. Did you ever consider their Commander chino? Or is it too wide a cut for you?
  3. I'm loving that "ignore" feature is all I have to contribute to the last few posts....
  4. Try to work on my delts, I guess....
  5. The shoulders are too big, but this is the best I can hope for in TFH. The shirt is fitted in the torso as it is. In IH I have the reverse problem: the torso is too big for my shoulder size.
  6. Fit pics...
  7. Very boxy.
  8. Look what just got delivered...
  9. When one buys clothes from a 3rd world country they help people graduate from life-threatening poverty to dire poverty, a huge gain. Hard to call that unethical.
  10. Define "unethical" please.
  11. I think there are two ways the word "exploitation" is used. The first one is for true exploitation: when an employer feels free to not honor the terms of their contract because they are protected by the authorities, for some reason (e.g., corruption). The second way the word is used in rich countries is every time workers accept willingly to work in conditions that we deem unpalatable (that includes for too little money). This is a usage of the word that demonstrates a a complete misunderstanding of economics.
  12. Overalls look pretty good on people with a bit of padding, IMHO. On the other hand, they look out of place in most settings....
  13. Placed an order for the IH ducks type 3. I hesitated between this and a black denim type 3, as I wore one of those throughout high school. Finally decided that at 45 it was time to stop re-living high school...
  14. Thanks all. The IH duck indigo looks nice over time, but I'm looking for something specifically not indigo. The Harrington is also a nice choice as it's easy to dress up.
  15. The only thing that can reverse Brexit is another referendum IMHO. Voting today in the French elections. I'll be voting against the Frexit candidates...