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  1. Cool patch.
  2. That Tender jacket is great. What model is it? EDIT: I since figure out it's model 900.
  3. I'd like a recommendation for a nice chore coat, in order of preference brown hickory, indigo hickory or wabash, or indigo. It's actually to do gardening, etc, so ruggedness & value > style. Thank you!
  4. The chain stitch logo is very cool and unique, fair point.
  5. The last 2 shirts' measurements were not working for me. I would also like more interesting fabrics and maybe unique design details.
  6. Interesting cut. I'd never fit in them but they look pretty good.
  7. I have an IH, a (red!) FH, and an SDA, and my fav is the IH. It fits me better than the FH, which has a huge neck opening, and has fewer wacky design element than the SDA. The one I'd most would like to find is the green Freewheelers, but it's unobtainium right now, being several years old.
  8. IH, IH, SC
  9. Did you ever consider their Commander chino? Or is it too wide a cut for you?
  10. I'm loving that "ignore" feature is all I have to contribute to the last few posts....
  11. Try to work on my delts, I guess....
  12. The shoulders are too big, but this is the best I can hope for in TFH. The shirt is fitted in the torso as it is. In IH I have the reverse problem: the torso is too big for my shoulder size.
  13. Fit pics...
  14. Very boxy.
  15. Look what just got delivered...