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  1. Congrats @Broark & Mrs! Someone's jeans are gonna get washed a lot more often, what with the messy burps, etc.... It's all good though.
  2. David Morgan hat, Buzz Rickson shirt, FW Sidewinder shorts.
  3. Was wearing Japan Blue yesterday... Very refreshing water temp in the San Juans.
  4. Just received the Longshoreman in wabash from Seiichiro-san. I really like this cut, and I've been looking for nice wabash pants. Right now, it's way too hot to wear long pants in Seattle. Soon though... (Most accurate picture on pic #2.)
  5. Just received the FW Sidewinder from Seiichiro-san. I have been looking for non-jorts denim shorts for a while. Wearing them right now. So far, so good...
  6. Le Pen's policies are xenophobic, but her social program is actually very much on the left: higher minimum wages, subsidized basic goods, lower retirement age, nationalization of highways, etc.
  7. France's also in the middle of an election right now, and the UK's Labour program is pretty much to the right of anything on offer in France (from an economic stand point).
  8. Just ordered the 0105BLK from Rodeo. This is the right cut for me in FC.
  9. Tender anniversary tux, FW sweat
  10. Rialto beach? Super cute kiddos!
  11. Thanks @Geeman - I have used Amazon Japan in the past for books and stuff. Worked very well.
  12. Best of luck with the move and getting used to all the idiosyncrasies here. For you I expect the language barrier will be a significant challenge... 😀 Get in touch if you ever plan to visit Seattle.
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