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  1. AlientoyWorkmachine


    I've got a 14.5 oz non banner denim pair, and I've found it's pretty pliable too. It hasn't been a problem regarding the shape of the jeans though, after about 3 mos total wear and no washes.
  2. AlientoyWorkmachine

    What are your jeans doing today?

    Not sure where you're at but if you've got a black walnut tree around anywhere they're great for this, don't even need a mordant. I got inspired by Tender and the walnut in my new backyard and tried this last year. This fall harvest is gonna make for some fun dyeing.
  3. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    If this were the case I'd agree - but (and I include myself in this)...a lot of us have more pairs then will possibly get worn down to the shreds they deserve, and our holding stocks are often optimistic in the face of an aging body. I have one pair waiting in the wings and 5 in rotation and that's basically 3-4 too many to do this thing justice IMO. I think it's different for like, aficionados/heritage collectors because wearing them isn't necessarily the point - but for me, a guy who collects something entirely different and just likes to wear jeans, I know I definitely could be more sustainable. It's tough because I do love what I see being made.
  4. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Yea, I mean, I get the rationale, but I won't do it for this reason - unless something is sold as basically unworn, then maybe. Almost everyone here really could just buy less jeans if saving $/resources was the true goal - thrifting is cool to build a collection cheaply but no one really needs a collection in the first place when like...even 2 pairs of jeans is basically overkill at any given moment. Reducing an individual carbon footprint is good and all but the most sustainable thing possible is to do whatever you can to help change public policy in a way that incentivizes renewables and other broad public measures. The garment industry has a lot to answer for but most of the stuff here, getting hundreds of wears etc, hardly registers compared to the real offenders. I don't mean to sound flip but you've got to choose your battles and for me wearing someone else dirty stuff isn't one of them. Godspeed to those who take that one up though, I wish them nothing but the best. You might look into Ogilvy's PR campaign about the concept of the individual carbon footprint if you want something truly cynical to read but also to maybe convince you that stank old jeans might not be the best place to skimp. Now, some other stuff - tools, gear, etc - totally will buy used. Esp if I can find it locally and I'm not wearing it or sleeping on it, then cool. Even furniture if it's metal/wood - or can be reupholstered etc.
  5. AlientoyWorkmachine

    SugarCane 1990's M-Series Archive

    I'm not seeing them, but I'm not good at this sort of stuff. I'd love to eventually find a pair of raw old canes with arcs in some sort of more generous, classic cut with a true 29 or 29.5" waist - never put in much the time to dig on japanese markets cuz I've just never really seen my size when I did. My current (contemporary - the edo ai) canes at 30 are a little looser in the waist than I'd like but unless the thighs are generous enough I'm probably looking at that size still.
  6. AlientoyWorkmachine

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Inis Meain, Tender, Birks Someone recently asked about linen - Inis makes some great stuff - new to me but found a piece on sale last year and it's one of my favorites.
  7. AlientoyWorkmachine

    The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

    Looks great. What's your wash routine? I'm pretty active in my jeans but you wear quicker!
  8. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Eh, I mean, this may be true - but I've almost bought from them a number of times and I always bail because the measurements I get, even from multiple sources, always just seem a bit too weird to work on me. I don't love the way they go about marketing/brand image, and that admittedly does bring it down some for me - but it's no worse than some other brands who's stuff I own and wear a lot. The price is a plus! As I think it would be for most sane people, for real. A factory brand is a great thing IMO - it's the reason I was a big fan of Raleigh back in the day (I still respect them but the pants for the price ratio got way more out of wack). If I could actually try on some in a store in the US here and they worked I'd get them. Paying more for nothing other than it being more expensive is still one of the biggest swindles of luxury fashion. At least in this segment you know production costs are a bit higher and labor standards are often a bit higher too, though I'm sure if I knew more there would be plenty to not be pleased with. Not really interested in rarity per se here, it's just the stuff I respond to the most tends to seem a little harder to find - but I never buy with value/resale or anything related like that in mind I just get it to wear. I mean - these are jeans - to 99.9% of people they're jeans. Trying to find something special from a brand/marketing angle (as opposed to something worn in that fits/looks great) is hilariously antithetical to what jeans are, to me.
  9. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Just check who he's giving random trash votes to when making the most of benign of comments haha. He's got plenty of spare condo space in his head to rent for free. I think hate is a little strong for what I feel because that implies a level of care I can't be bothered with - but I've found more to be turned off by in regards the public voices for a few US retailers of the stuff to never feel like shopping from those spots - as opposed to denim brands themselves. Sort of a bummer because I'd prefer to pay a little more to shop here for certain things but not at the expense of helping an...ummm...less than agreeable person build a business, not like they'd need my help. But your social media brand/internet presence is basically your public persona for those who will never be able to speak to probably much more chilled and nice sales associate. When I first checked the One Piece of Rock/CSF website back in like..2017 or so the front page was enough for me to feel barfy but certainly don't feel like I've missed out on having that first impression now. Not a fan of FC and WH Ranch for similar reasons having nothing to do with the actual pants. My most controversial take around here probably is that I am not really into what TCB is doing. Sometimes I want to like it more and I respect them for sure but don't see myself ever buying a piece. But I generally focus on the stuff that I actively am into and just sort of forget about the rest. There are still so many cool artisans and designers making enough cool stuff that the energy feels better spent focusing on the great than everything that isn't. I think the most interesting thing is that my opinions are shaped by so many things before I even get to the denim/fit itself. Probably a function of not living near any major retailers ever and going by internet for most of this most of the time.
  10. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Totally get not being into the designs but since I am a big Tender fan I feel like it's worth pointing out this isn't a one man operation like Roy - he hires ppl to do his cutting and sewing of denim (I think he posted about this before - it's an old tailor shop couple) and the knits and leather etc come from different places - he's the designer but certainly it is a team of people making the stuff. I also feel like the brand itself stands for anything but "hype" - in a way that is very different from CSF.
  11. AlientoyWorkmachine


    This is the reply I got when I inquired about the black S40's. He was basically like dude, these are not for you give it up - and then went on to say most 40's repro's are actually not period correct because of how generous the fit is - so the cut I wanted was silly. The measurements did seem sort of weird (super slim thighs, at least for my size). Anyways, just got some indigofera's in black finally ending my search. I appreciate them not trying to get a sale though!
  12. Not exactly - my first repair was heavily darned and backed with denim and all if did was transfer the high wear area to the edge of the darned area. It bought me some time, but it was sort of uncomfortable and would have most likely lasted longer if the repair was done in a way where the whole surface had more even wear and give. The stiffness made that not possible.
  13. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Tender Co. Denim

    Checking in with my woad 129's after a wash. These are likely going on hiatus for the summer here but who knows. They're my favorite pair in the rotation still. No major repairs but reinforcements for broken threads are everywhere - crotch, back pockets in multiple spots, thumbs pocket etc. I've owned for over 2 years now, wear is probably around 1 one year. Washing regularly now and even tumble drying a time or two.
  14. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Yea, but thanks in no small part to the business practices of Levi’s themselves. White Oak would still be running if they and other American makers hadn’t all ditched them in the first place. Cone didn’t go under btw, just their last American mill did.
  15. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I think calling it a hobby is generous myself, as those usually have some skill or craft involved. Agree with almost everything @Double 0 Soul said - except for the second hand page here on the forum - nothing ever comes up my size. Aside from that - still trying to do better here. Recently tracked down a pair of black denim I’d been searching for and as long as fit is as hoped/expected they really should be my last purchase for this year and next, and maybe even the year after that. Should be. I never did build up the collection at least for the jeans but the jackets are a bit different. Still, the wear among them is even enough these days.
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