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  1. AlientoyWorkmachine


    Yea, I picked them up about 2 months ago. I haven’t owned any previous versions but they’re on the shallower side for sure - but not to any strange extent - and not in any way that makes me regret the purchase. They feel like a great value imo.
  2. AlientoyWorkmachine

    THIS OR THAT? (Use me for all your Should I Buy...? questions)

    Second that so much that I bought it in two versions. I don’t love most traditional version of chore coats and this one is just unique enough to pivot away from all that baggage just slightly. Part of that is to do with the garment dyed releases.
  3. AlientoyWorkmachine


    Anyone have an email for Boncoura? Tried contacting them last week through the form on salonboncoura.com and silence. Could just be slow to respond.
  4. AlientoyWorkmachine

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    @mk3radial how do you like the jacket? I’d been keeping an eye on that one. Any comments on sizing? It looks like you got some longer sleeves.
  5. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Oh, I did email them and they agreed with my question which was basically "Doesn't Cone only make stuff in China and MX...and isn't the selvedge only in China?" - as well as saying they would put more information in future posts whatever that means. In general they're clear that they use fabrics from a variety of mills (as a lot of custom shops do) - often they're more specific about provenance. But there's no question this stuff isn't White Oak - as for why mention it - well, the only think I can think of is the association of a sort of "authenticity" of the Cone they do offer - but who knows. I've seen other brands do this too - but I was a little bummed Companion did since I generally respect what they make a lot - and wanted to see what impression other folks got from that. One of the jackets I have from them that I bought years ago is a standard White Oak selvedge - it was the one White Oak piece I got around when the mill shut down.
  6. AlientoyWorkmachine

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    I have the flannel lined one from FW. I just didn’t think too much about it. Washed twice and hang dry both times. First was a cool wash second was hot bc I wanted to see if I could get more shrink before I really got to wearing it. Yea drying took longer, but it was fine. I suppose the flannel may not have shrunk quite as much but I only notice bc I’m checking on it to answer this question. It’s not enough to matter in any practical sense. I love this thing, but in part bc of where I live it’s more practical than a normal denim jacket for a good part of the year.
  7. AlientoyWorkmachine


    Yep I'm used to restitching too, and I don't tend to mind it, but the consistency of it and the amount of places threads bust with the wear I've had has been the bummer. I think it's the constructional thread which feels like the main thing to me. It is easy enough to fix in most places it's true but not everywhere. Maybe I got a bad pair - I think I'd probably have them on the list to buy again if I weren't already stitching minor repairs into them a month or two into owning and about just as often since. I like the denim itself quite a bit, but there are still too many other options I haven't tried...
  8. AlientoyWorkmachine


    @julian-wolf have these been machine dried? They look great. I’m with you though - maybe for slightly different reasons - I love my current pair but they’re just not holding up all that well for what they’ve been through. I might invest in one good significant repair (or give it a go myself), but not sure how much time that will buy me.
  9. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    @julian-wolf It says "New Cone Denim Capsule" with pics of a bunch of different new selvedges. Then "Cone Denim Mill Corporation, Greensboro, North Carolina, have been representing the American selvedge denim all over the world for over 125 years. The mill was established in 1905 and shuttle-loomed fabric was woven on their famous Draper X-3 looms. White Oak Mill has gained its fame as the heart of the Cone Denim business representing legacy, tradition, innovation and timeless credit." and then a pic of White Oak. Better yet https://mailchi.mp/0583416deeb7/new-cone-denim-capsule?e=075bdbbf2c No mention that this denim is not from White Oak or American denim or anything. The person who studied advertising in me says this very well could be lying by omission. I mean, none of it is technically false just given the market they cater to, I would think they know better. This is probably nitpicky, but then...isn't what what a forum this specific is for?
  10. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Not sure how many here are fans of Companion out of Barcelona. I have a few of their mainline jackets and while I know the designs and fits aren't for everyone the construction has always been some of the best I've owned (close to if not on par w/ Ooe - at least for what I've owned) - but anyways, their most recent marketing emailer was touting new Cone selvedge denims and made mention of White Oak, which obviously closed years ago now. AFAIK Cone only makes selvedge in their China mill - with their Mexico mill running only projectile looms. Anyways, thought it a bit misleading to mention Cone and White Oak and Greensboro NC and selvedge and not specifically state that it was China loomed denim, especially in this little corner of the industry where people tend to care much more about these things. I think anyone who follows knows Cone is essentially dead in the way that many people cared about it - it's just a US office sourcing denim from overseas now - but the way these other brands keep pushing the name like it's some sort of heritage product is pretty nonsensical to me. Thoughts?
  11. AlientoyWorkmachine

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    Another day another snow. Just embracing winter dishevelment, and first day in the TCB 20s. Most comfortable jeans I’ve had on day one that’s for sure. Mildly relevant - this picture mere miles from where Iggy grew up. engineered garments/tcb/birks
  12. AlientoyWorkmachine

    SugarCane 1990's M-Series Archive

    @chicote that is a great find and you'll wear it well
  13. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Complicated question here. The jeans I loved most were nothing in the way of what's on this forum. An old skate brand called XYZ made the first jeans I shredded to bits back in high school. I had some more typical baggy skater jeans from Droors, but the XYZ jeans were a bit slimmer and tapered and at the time that was sort of novel. I wish I still had them but they were in rags at the end. The next pair was some similar fitting Rip Curl jeans I got on discount in NZ from a surf shop - they were a light wash and those took me through most of college and then finally a pair of slim Hurley jeans from TJ Maxx took me through grad school. Once those were ending their life I basically could.not.find. jeans without stretch, and I've never liked stretch denim or the skinny cuts that went with it. I had some Levi's I never loved in interim, and then I had a job photographing Cone Mills White Oak and Raleigh Denim Workshop in the same week. A week later I found some Raleighs made from (in hindsight, a rather wacky) chevron indigo/black denim at Nordstrom Rack. They were basically just a super dark denim when new. See a trend? I was cheap as hell with my jeans, but at that point I knew those Raleigh's were a steal even at the crazy expensive $40 or so that I paid at the Rack. I still have that pair of Raleighs, the fading was interesting but the cut isn't for me anymore. That's what started it for me, meeting the people that worked the looms and stitched the jeans - but even when I got my first pair I was in no spot to spend real money on clothes. I never was on any internet clothing forums, so the instructions on them that said I shouldn't wash and that the indigo would bleed were weird for me and I did some research to find out what that was all about and then found a world of well made, non-stretch clothing open before me. Pics of those Raleighs below, sadly the rest is gone, I tend to try to keep my footprint light so not much is preserved over the years.
  14. AlientoyWorkmachine

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    Pulled out some color today. Tender / WH / NB x lost art
  15. AlientoyWorkmachine


    Here are my DD 1003xx ‘46 - the 14.5 oz denim. At this point wearing occasionally and washing regularly, maybe 5-6 washes now. Probably had 4-5 mos of wear before the first wash and now maybe 6-7 mos total wear. Even bought as one wash they’ve shrunk noticeably since purchase - used to be a fairly generous fit and now fit closer to a slim straight, which bums me out a bit and will probably lead to them not lasting as long, hence the less consistent wear now. These are 29s and these days I do tend to wear something more akin to true 30s more often but the waist on them is fine, it’s everything else that’s tightened up some.
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