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  1. I mean the magic of the cinch (for me) is that unless you way overshoot the size, a belt isn't really necessary.
  2. I was pleased to see one of the greatest living American artists in general to be wearing a fresh type 2 recently. https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/andre-3000-attends-the-gq-men-of-the-year-party-2023-vip-news-photo/1798190093?adppopup=true Can anyone identify?
  3. @AnOldFolkSong I’ll get around to it at some point. Still not worth it. Yours have definitely had a rougher 4 months than mine. I’m in a Fellowship year at the university and these are my unofficial fellowship jeans, so not exactly physically hard wearing, they’re only just starting to get some character and barely. Also, only 2 hand washes and hang dries.
  4. Nah. Sleep on it for 4-6 months. This is a time when the whole world wants you to buy stuff you don’t need, and tries to convince you otherwise.
  5. ^ those look good. How long have you been wearing? Mine have 2 hand washes at this point but are far from this. Granted I’m only about 4-5 months in, still they seem to be on the slower side. It’s such a great fabric though.
  6. You might check Brut paris. You'll probably the cuts better too.
  7. ^haha - I’d never heard of them before. But, I’ve got no reason to go for them - not being in a care industry. Wouldn’t blame anyone if they did, but those a bridge too far for me. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit in a hospital this year because of my son, and will confirm I’ve seen more than a few pairs of Bostons on amongst brain surgeons etc.
  8. Eh. I've put thousands of miles in on roads and trails over the years and while I do agree Nike runners are comfortable, nothing is happier for my feet than birkenstocks - a pair that's been somewhat broken in, that is. I'd be wearing nike runners (instead of birks) most days if that weren't the case, because there's not a pair of birks that I put on for looks. I cringe a little bit at the look every time I step into my londons or my bostons but once they're on it's basically the next best thing over barefoot. If I'm wearing sneakers I still think skate/court shoes will look better than runners with jeans any day though, unless you're Seinfeld.
  9. Eh, for the last 20 years it's basically Nike 😃
  10. Glad to see I spurred you on haha.
  11. Ooh I am tempted. Raw size is nice for me.
  12. I like dark red alone better, but I imagine the khaki is gonna give more wear options in real life - and is going to look better with any jean worn under a year. They're not that different and if it were me I'd get the khaki for the sole reason that most of my jackets are dark already.
  13. Not sure which ones you're referring to - lots of them have the option to toggle between the two though. Could be something as simple as a cookie that remembered your last settings. Or not.
  14. I recently picked up the SC blanket lined type 2 and the thing I miss most on it is the dome backed rivets. Historical accuracy be damned they are great and all denim should have those. Mostly I wear FW or Tender jackets. I like Tender's rivets using them on the outside as well.
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