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  1. When in doubt just email shop for photos of measurements with measuring tape. Then you know the method of measuring, and you know how you read the measuring tape (a shop’s 39 cm waist may, in a photo, be something you’d consider 40 cm, for instance). It’s not perfect but it’s about as close as you can get without trying on. Also, sometimes places make typos.
  2. I also picked up a few awhile back - a few undyed annd a nibi-iro Henley and was pleased enough to pick up a few more. More than probably anything I wear regularly my t shirt stock is old anjd wearing thin. So now awaiting a few indigo designs too. I hope they get the 170cm long sleeve Henley back in some time. But yes - they’re nice shirts.
  3. Careful with going smaller with jackets esp if you have broad shoulders/chest - this is the place you can’t really be flexible with sizing. Length shrinkage tends to stay shrunk. Sleeves tend to come in even a bit shorter once creases set it. In my experience WH denim - even one wash - tends to shrink up a bit over multiple washes, even cold ones. I’ve got a couple of lined jackets (not WH) - I haven’t sized differently because of the lining - and any lining shrinkage has been in line with the denim and not affected anything.
  4. ^im not as much a shoe guy like some here but if anyone knows of some boots that look very close to what the frontman is rocking I’d be curious. Are these just OG docs in chukka form?
  5. Our situation was admittedly not the ideal, though I’ve learned it was not so atypical either. It was covid lockdown and we couldn’t get outside help. We lived in loft studio apartment with no separate rooms. Our kid had some reflux issues that prevented him from sleeping well until about 4 months old. I had to teach online in that same apartment and my partner got a whopping 6 weeks of leave after an emergency C section, having to go back to work in person every day. Everything was super chill. It didn’t give me any grey hairs.
  6. ^ that’s true enough, but the cool thing is that sleep deprivation just obliterates your short term memory, so you’ll probably forget that (and lots of other stuff) before you know you forgot it.
  7. Another vote for the 1082. I have two pairs in their blue/grey color size 30 and 31 depending on occasion. I prefer denim but when I can’t do that I’ll often go to these. I have some full count chinos too but generally prefer the warehouse.
  8. Having found one that fits me I’d say it’s a worthy redundancy! It’s a shorter cut than any of my others, that alone differentiates it.
  9. In Scotland visiting family. This weather is my perfect. Kapital/OA
  10. I would at least call my credit card and explain it to them, see what happens. I just looked at their store policy and they say they issue a chargeback against chargebacks, which I’ve never seen before, and gives me some sort of feeling about a retailer that feels the need to state that.
  11. Tempo did make a few posts on here I saw, but I can’t seem to find the username. Didn’t they used to be in SF? Will they respond to emails? If so, they should offer to refund you with interest at this point, if they want to do the right thing, unless it was noted this was a years long wait on deposit. 2 years is usually longer than allowed for a credit dispute, but it could be worth a shot.
  12. Lots do, I’d venture to say most that ship internationally will be tax free (you can ask to make sure) but I believe RMC is one of those brands you can’t find that with. Like IronHeart or PBJ. Someone else will correct me if I’m wrong.
  13. I got my first pair of FC 0105 (their 13.7 oz denim) from Celluloid back when Bears had their first price hike of FC. I paid like ~$185 or so.
  14. Celluloid is legit. I can’t remember, you may need to email them to ship international but they do it.
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