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  1. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Tender Co. Denim

    I was super torn btwn the red and the indian black since I'd missed out on the woad (which I think was a 3, my size for the jackets) - I only went with the indian black because I'm lacking in the lighter shade tops - the color of the red ochre looks great too though. It's pretty rare I want the same garment in multiple colors but this one did that to me - alas I can only give one enough wear to respect it anyways. I think I officially have more pieces from Tender than any other maker at this point. I ordered before the year turned so telling myself I'm still on track to behave myself in 2022...
  2. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Tender Co. Denim

    Same - I'm a big fan. Let's see it! I saw a woad dyed one off and kicking myself for not getting that, the shade of blue on the velvet was beautiful.
  3. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Tender Co. Denim

    I know these won't be for everyone but I love the concept. If they came in my size I'd be pretty tempted. On figure it would really be a subtle difference I think, most people wouldn't even notice. Stuff like this is what makes following the small denim designers fun for me.
  4. AlientoyWorkmachine

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    tender / mfsc / red wing
  5. AlientoyWorkmachine


    @xav22 You're kind of correct. But I understand what Warehouse is doing - I would just say I don't appreciate it like many other vintage heads would - and I mean that in the sense that I am not interested in why the shirts are period accurate etc. Sort of like how I know I know I don't appreciate the difference in details between one model year and another of Levi's - at least compared to many here. I actually have basically zero interest in actual Levi's and never really have. I appreciate the WH jeans I do have because the cut is great, the denim is nice, and the design is appealing, I know they are serious about their craft - and only after that do I appreciate that they're closer to Levi's I may have actually been interested in were they readily available in my time. I come to this from another angle I know. What got me into denim in the first place years ago had nothing to do with repro or vintage - it was an attempt to patronize small clothing makers who made things in more transparent workplace conditions that would also justify higher prices by being worn a ton and lasting a long time - and also made stuff that was just a better version of my admittedly pretty tame and routine wardrobe. The interest has since expanded a bit. But yes - I know that vintage stuff from 70 years ago has a different scarcity than old school gear from 20 years ago - but again, my reference point is one where that difference isn't particularly meaningful to me or appealing. They've reproduced gear from an actual school I attended and left many a thrashed gym t shirt behind - and where maybe that specific shirt is hard to find but an old shirt that represents the same thing and looks similar enough is a dime a dozen and to be honest I just thought it was sort of bizarre and funny. One man's trash, as they say. And that's how it struck me. Which I know will find strong disagreement, but that's fine in a hobby forum as far as I see it. Sort of why I said to each their own, and I'm aware I'm not the intended audience.
  6. AlientoyWorkmachine

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    This is why it's so good. When it works it works, good fits don't care about the year.
  7. AlientoyWorkmachine


    Yea definitely this makes sense! But also makes me feel like I should have held on to a lot of stuff from years ago to sell haha. I've always thought the whole Amekaji thing was really interesting from a sociological perspective (going back to WW2) but have never totally clicked with it mostly for that reason I guess. I mean, I love good jeans, and that's where they make a lot of good jeans - so that's the primary appeal for me personally. And right now Warehouse makes the arguably the best (old model) Levi's you can get, that's a reason I like them. No clue on the naming conventions. Thanks for the insights.
  8. AlientoyWorkmachine

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    My list isn't much compared to some of what's here. I also give stuff away (if life left), or otherwise try to ditch it if it's dead. I try not to be too sentimental, but still am a little. I also got into this from a very non-repro angle. Honestly, I am a touch more into jackets though - but not strictly denim with those. Main (winter) rotation: Tender 129 Woad - size 2 Mister Freedom Lot 64 Midnight. Size 29 Secondary (summer) rotation: SC Edo Ai - size 30 Warehouse 1003xx - size 29 Hanging in closet: Mister Freedom Lot 64 Midnight size 30 (bought anticipating dad bod weight gain) Companion Denim Joel Raleigh Denim Martin in an ID/BK herringbone (retired, but probably my favorite faded pair) Recently got rid of PBJ 019 and some other Raleighs in weird fabrics I picked up at their warehouse sale over the years. If I get one pair this year it will likely be Ooe or Tender, but I'm trying to hold back as everything's got good life left. We'll see. I guess this puts me at 7 jeans currently.
  9. AlientoyWorkmachine


    I didn't mean my town, I meant the US generally - and granted that's not the intended market for these things, but I still honestly get a little perplexed by the draw to the aesthetics of these things, but to each their own there. I think most people are fine with an old t shirt in these places though - I mean, let's be real, the jean washing here (and I include myself in this, my 1003xx have never seen water other than the OW they came with) is a different approach than most take. Thrifting also still fits well within the whole buy less, but better things ethos that at least used to sorta be a thing with some in the denim spheres.
  10. AlientoyWorkmachine


    Maybe an unpopular opinion here but I really am not into all the repro school tees. Maybe it's that I could go to a thrift shop and get the real thing - sometimes of the exact same school/mascot no joke - for way less money. This stuff is way easier to come by than some vintage Levi's. Love their denim - and more importantly their denim fills a space in part because the thing it reproduces so well is also so scarce - the rest just sorta dilutes the brand IMO.
  11. AlientoyWorkmachine


    This is an optimistic version of the world we live in haha. I'm a nobody photographer and I still can't even count how many times my work's gotten stolen, sometimes by own clients! What's worse is usually when you catch people they get mad at you, as if you did the shitty thing by pointing out that, um, you need to clear this issue up. Hell, I just sent out a bill to an institution for doing this. People biting shit for their own gain is the grease behind social media's gears, and was for blogs too. Of course it's not everybody but the general outlook was to ask for forgiveness not permission. Words are easier to steal though, and probably are stolen even more often, I'll give it that.
  12. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Tender Co. Denim

    I was the same - well that and my size/preferred color was tough to track down once I finally went looking. Finally found one at Peggs + Son . I can only speak for myself but I don’t regret it - it’s a really nice piece. Pretty unique but at the same time super wearable.
  13. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Yea - this is me. PBJ 019 fits me like a glove - like in a good way. I don't have big legs but apparently for my waist size I do, because most slim fit jeans sized properly for my waist are just silly in the top block for me. So if I wanted that look, these cuts would be great - but I don't really - the hem at my size of PBJ's was under 6" ... just comical. I'm never a big fan of sizing up or down on the waist to make a pair work - would rather find a different cut - so if I wanted slim, these are the solution. The one thing that throws me off is that I think right now we're in a weird sort of plurality of styles - it seems to me that pretty much everything is simultaneously in style and out of style - overall I'm much more pleased with that than the sort decade specific trend recycling that seems to have happened in the past 60-70 years. I mean, there are still trends but they seem more eclectic than in years past from what I've seen. I think generally that the heritage/denim community or whatever you want to call it is...sort of out of step with larger trends though, often intentionally so. Even as Young points out different forums have different trends. Go on to Style Forum and it's a different take there too. @Cold SummerThose Warehouse are nice and all but I think however your jeans turn out is fine! Like what is really the point I guess. There are things in life to regret and I get wanting the fades I think the minute the desired aesthetic overshadows the utility of the garment it becomes a little bit of a goofy game, no? I always wash my jeans a decent amount - usually can't get more than 3-4 months til the first one til they get offensive to me. Now that I don't live in the swassy south maybe I'll get a bit more out of it but 100 wears before a wash is a stretch for almost any human I think - aside from the unique specimens haunting these little internet corners I guess. I don't care how hygienic one is, for jeans that is quite a stretch - and it usually does show. Greasy/shiny lookin denim may tickle some folks but that's a sign, man.
  14. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Superdenim Specific Music Meta Thread...

    From the same place as all of the good denim
  15. AlientoyWorkmachine

    Tender Co. Denim

    2 garment days are worth a double post no? Tender type 799 / Type 129 woad jeans. I also recently just took delivery of the 961 velvet jacket which is great - maybe the best cut yet for my build. I'll have to get some pics of it soon.
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