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  1. unionmade

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    anyone tried the shorthorn shirts from lvc? great colors on some, and looks soft/thick.
  2. unionmade


    Tried sand washing my type 2 jacket. At least fun and much softer afterwards.
  3. unionmade

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Shot of my 55 LVC rigid last year. Natural wash/freezing over night during a cabin trip.
  4. unionmade

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Stevenson ranch shirt. LVC 1955 14060
  5. unionmade


    Anyone knows how much the raw 1001xx will shrink in length? Inseam on raw is 89cm..
  6. unionmade


    Thanks Bobbo! Tried IG too but only found new ones. Not sure if your fellows at manufaktur sold them? But I think 50sblack maybe fade like old orange tab´s (550s). Turning out more grayish (and more like blue jeans) than black/black yarn. Guess I gotta jump on the wagon here then, since they seem to be FOB´s on sufu
  7. unionmade

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Representing Wisconsin' best - Oshkosh vintage chambray shirt. So soft and comfy that it runs like butter. LVC 1955 Rigid. Sub 14060 (97')
  8. unionmade


    sorry for double questioning; but anyone tried on the black 50s? how do they fade?
  9. unionmade


    Anyone have fading photos of the black 50s? they use a black rope dye with white yarn, so fading pretty smiliar like a blue jean? E.g Sugar Cane type 3 use black on black so guess they will the black longer..?
  10. unionmade


    Not sure on the 50s slim, but the 60s fade fast compared to FC! I love both very different!
  11. unionmade

    black jeans with arcs?

    chamboo: more details the better highwaist, slim! I mostly wear 50s levis 501 silhouettes. thanks Geeman -> the Oni Denim | ONI-902ZR looked cool, black on black. sold out though. maybe just do the sugar cane type 3, at least in stock..
  12. unionmade

    black jeans with arcs?

    Any suggestions for a semi to high waist black jeans with arcs? Can´t find the 1893/FC in stock..Happy for suggestions. The sugar cane type 3 looks good, but no arcs and a bit lower waist..
  13. unionmade

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Volvo: is that a aviator kit bag? or a repro? in case of repro, want to share a link? can´t find a decent repro except RealMccoy$$