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  1. Anyone got the SD502? Looks like a straight and great fit. 50s inspired? https://www.dartisan-onlineshop.com/SHOP/SD-502.html
  2. 6,5 (197cm) buddy? @yung_flynn we should swap jeans hehe
  3. Oh dear... Just got a pair of SC42460 (although very short inseam for a 34" SC). New wishlist..
  4. stoked to see how the black evolve. Do you own a 66' from SC? Got the same size?
  5. Has anyone of you picked up the D1888? Thinking of a pair in 34 or 36"
  6. @beautiful_FrEaK Are those Mapse worth picking up? SC 1966 are my favs so far!
  7. Hinoya guarantee vat and tax in their prices overseas. Easier to not receive unexpected bills. As mentioned by someone here, DHL etc is very unreliable for exact prices. Anyone knows have many pairs they made of FC 0105 black/black edition? Sold out mostly everywhere..
  8. Thanks guys! Here was some I found (made in Japan). TCB had a black one (40s). Real Mccoys still do a black. Also Rubato and Brycelands seems to offer a nice 60s cut ( but very expensive). FC 0105 black is 350usd now. Looking for Black/black weft. I tried on the SC type 3, but rise and was a bit too straight. Nice to see they regular version, although it looks black/white. Also Burgus Plus etc has a few alternatives.
  9. Any go's on black jeans these days? Straight regular fit with semi to high rise and leg opening 20-23 cm. Japanese brands are most welcome.
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