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  1. Daf123


    Thanks mate, I also really dig your 50s. One of the many reasons that i bought this jeans is because of the 50s contest from a while back, great contest and seeing all the results from all the contestant made me itching for a pair.
  2. Daf123


    My 50s after 8 months of effective wear with a lot of soaks and washes. The 50s denim seems to hold their indigo really well, dont know how some of the guys here achieved that grails status looks in less than a year. Hoping they turned out like a real pair of vintage 501xx from the 50s. Not a lot of combs to show Yoke puckering done right Red tab evo Not the original factory hem but I think Batavia jeans studio did a really great job on this Bonus pic of the rusty buttons from couple of months ago
  3. Daf123

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Hi mate, I'm Indonesian and I kinda agree with your opinion. I think a lot of people especially the ones that just newly introduced to raw denim is still holding on to the beliefs that washing your jeans often is bad and you have to wait until 6 months or longer and then you seawash the shit out of your jeans to get that sicc fadez. Some of the guys even believe that if you want to buy raw denim, you have to buy the stiffest and the heaviest jeans that can "self stand" ( and apparently one of the brand owners here thinks like that too). And I think with a lot of new Indonesian denim brand popping up every other week it became clear that the majority of the customers want their denim heavy, deep colored, stiff and fade really contrasty. But not all of Indonesian denim brands are like that, brands like old blue co and warpweft are keeping it real with great concepts, really high quality and distinct details, great looking denim that not necessarily heavy but have a great texture and hue, and the brand owners know their stuff really well. One of the reasons a lot of people still practicin the no wash and heavy contrast look is because they want something that distinguishable, something that can sets them apart from your generic Levi's. The other reason is the lack of education from the brands itself and with our beloved forum (darahkubiru) is in the state of limbo it became unclear for the newbies on how to choose and treat their raw denim. I don't have anything against heavy and contrast looking denim, but I also think it's really boring sometimes. But there's a new place that we can share our knowledge on raw denim and other related stuffs, a line square group called denim enthusiast that can be accessed with line messenger. It's really fun and we have a monthly gathering in Jakarta so that we can share and meet a lot of local brands owner. And with events such as wall of fades it's actually really easy to learn a thing or two from them. I think sufu used to be the go to forum for us beside darahkubiru but now not a lot of Indonesian regularly post here. The one that regularly post like @redragon , @oomslokop , and @jigsaw maybe can weigh in on this matter. And lastly this is all just my own opinion and you may agree or disagree with it and sorry for any grammatical error;)
  4. Daf123

    Studio D'artisan

    My SD-107 worn effectively for around ten months and washed a lot Really sad because they don't fit me anymore and there's still a lot of life left in them.
  5. Daf123


    There's a new collab between tcb and denimio, and I was wondering what do you guys think about that? Supposedly it's a high tapered fit and judging from the instagram vote I think it is. I know some of you guys may steer away from that type of fit but on the other hand I love that tcb getting the recognition that they deserve
  6. Daf123


    My first post of my tcb 50s. Two months of not so effective wear. Pretty fast fader compared to my SDA sd-107 but still not a lot of fades going on