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  1. Common Projects Original Achilles Mid Black size UK 10 bought from end < 6months ago Brand new, never worn, all original packaging. Shoes are boxed at my office so no photos until Monday. Bought for £275 GBP, looking for £200 plus shipping + paypal fees thanks
  2. Random one...what waist jeans is Josh rocking nowadays in your shots? (I'm trying to gauge how over-weight I am)
  3. Bump with laid flat measurements: Leg (in-seam): 33" Waist: 17.25" Knee: 8.25" Rise: 7.25"
  4. Selfedge x Imperial sexi14 collab size 33 leg: 33.5 hemmed Hot soaked and worn 10-20 times with some wear on the knees/back pockets. Big thing to note... the stitching inside both front pockets has come away - see photos. Spoke with kiya at Selfedge and the damage should be easily reparable by a half-decent tailor. £75GBP shipped within the UK - $130USD shipped to anywhere else in the world. thanks
  5. Perfect. Shame they are sol out in my size..... Any chance of a stray pair in a size 33 in any of the SE stores?
  6. Denim aside, what are the differences between the SEXI14 and 23? Are the 23's any bigger on the cut?
  7. Kiya, is there anything similar to the Iron Heart 301s-07BK's on the horizon? I'm desperate for a new pair of slim tapered black denim, preferably no-fade black or something that fades to something other than grey. Thanks
  8. Looking for a pair of slim-tapered black selvedge denim (preferably no-fade), leg opening in the region of 7"-7.5". Any suggestions? I always wanted a pair of Iron Heart 301s-07BK's but missed the boat on them sadly..... Thanks
  9. After years of wearing my sexi08’s and shearer’s into the ground, I finally got round to digging out my sexi14’s. Following a week of perseverance, I have finally thrown in the towel. They are quite possibly to the most uncomfortable jeans I have ever worn. It is such as a shame because the denim is beautiful and I know it will age amazingly. Sadly, I can neither walk or sit in them so will give up and move on. Before I do so, I would like to understand the differences in the cuts (08 and 14) so I don’t make the same mistake again. The rises are broadly the same, and the leg openings on the 08’s are a little smaller than the 14’s. My body shape has barely changed in 5 years. Given that I am in the market for a new pair of slim/slim-tapered indigo jeans, what can people suggest? Bluer the better with a leg opening <7.5
  10. Agreed, I wasn't saying otherwise. My overarching point is that if demand out-weighs supply, an item is not "allowed" to be labelled as expensive and price becomes irrelevant.
  11. You're right, I'm just saying that the number of shirts made is directly proportional to the price of the item. Clearly though there are a number of other factors as to why only 45 are being made.
  12. Yes and no, had Roy of made 300 of them, he/you would probably be left with 255 of them this time next year. No doubt it is a nice shirt but we shouldn't loose sight of the fact that it is bloody expensive and only limited numbers can afford to part with that amount of cash
  13. Any chance of a pair of 'IH 301s-07BK' in a 32 kicking around in stock?
  14. A few measurments following a couple of queries.... [/url] Pit to pit: 19.5" Length: 23.5" The shirt is un-washed so may shrink a little.