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  1. definitely top-shelf posting from DWTH!
  2. she's vegan, too, so that rich cowhide with tendon stitching must have been such sweet pain... guess it just happens to be her fetish
  3. ^No worries, I just thought you were having a bad day or something.. Maple is actually a decent store, I should say; I've bought stuff and will buy again if they have what I'm after—they just need to realise that by stocking Orslow, LVC and Sugarcane they're attracting a clientele of reasonably knowledgable denimheads who will periodically drop a few hunge to get something new into rotation, but aren't as likely to make impulse buys... so maybe a "man, you've put some work into those, are you after a new pair or thinking about a change for your next project..?" wouldn't go astray.. Maybe that's wishful thinking.. the only notable reaction I've had recently to any clothing or accessory was when I took Flathead wallet out at work to see if I had any change for a coffee run, and a female colleague said "that wallet... it's gorgeous.." (and no, it wasn't stuffed to bursting with notes!).. she just wanted to touch it. Guess that's as close as I'll get to a BJ.
  4. No, just expecting them to recognise their product—since the selling point of their raw denim is that it will yield idiosyncratic fades over time. And I doubt I'll ever reach a point in life where I think "yep, I've had enough blow jobs now"..!
  5. Heh.. every time I walk into Maple wearing well-worn jeans that they actually have on the shelves (LVC 501 54z, Sugarcanes.. well all right, they don't seem to stock 47s, 66s, Okinawas or Hawaiis) they look at me as if I couldn't possibly afford any of the stuff they sell. To be fair, last time a shop assistant squinted at my LVC Valencia St Type II ($30 Vinnie's find, thankyouverymuch) and said "You know, that's actually a cool jacket you have there" /edit whereas the cool chick in Kicks79's store clocked everything the second I walked in.. I know clothes aren't the be-all and end-all.. but they kind of are if you work in a shop that sells them..
  6. All right, here's a recent blunder—would be better with pics; perhaps I can work something out, but for now I just want to exorcise: Spotted a pair of No.1 Special Yamane Stylecraft Evisu on eBay, 35" x 35", single painted gull on right pocket. I'm a 33, so figured was worth a punt if it didn't go up too high. Well, it started at $12.99—that's a baker's dozen of our feeble antipodean dollars, so less than $10 US—so I put in a low snipe and forgot about it. Few days later, and they're mine for the princely sum of $15.10. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa! Next day, for postage equivalent almost to the cost of the jeans, they're in my hot little hands... open the bag... oh yes, this is No.1 denim all right, everything checks out, selvedge in the coin pocket, Yamane tag in waistband, style-craft buttons, kanji on rivets, let's get a look at those hems baby, yeah! Booooooh! Where is the selvedge?! What's this thick single-stitched hem? Some.. barbarian.. has tapered these things, they have been desecrated from the hips down—no original needlework remains! I withdraw my "kyaaa". Needless to say, I can't get them over my thighs, even if I wanted to. And the gull is pink. Someone custom-ordered what were once beautiful jeans, and had them massacred (although it's good alteration work, it must be said). So yeah. $15 plus postage is not so much for an object lesson, I guess. I messaged the seller with a restrained rant about how I should have thought to ask for measurements, but really I wasn't expecting to win the jeans anyway. It's just cruel to have what should have been a monumental (for me) denim windfall turn out to be.. well, I could turn them into hot-pants, and they'd at least be original. That mauve gull looked white in the photos.
  7. There's a nice lemon yellow Volvo 240 that's sometimes parked down the road from me here in Sydney—I keep forgetting to grab a pic
  8. that is a shame! Just about the only denim store I feel comfortable browsing around, been there a few times and have bought more from there than anywhere else in the past couple of years (not saying much, as I've not had the budget to buy new lately). The location isn't good for passing trade, it's more of a "destination"... and if you weren't going to buy clothes you'd be going to the pub, which doesn't always mix. And okisan is a good guy, definitely.
  9. ^ also true for Mac—well spotted
  10. For me, it's a thrifted pair of Jean Shop rockers at the moment... 26th February 2010 it says inside, great cut and well-made. Years of high-end Japanese jeans have made me miss rolled belt loops and pocket edges, and the fabric is maybe a little papery in texture (like I remember Imperials from that period to be).. but I can't find much to fault on these. Certainly not for $10! Cut-wise, they've edged out my UES 400T and Sugarcane Hawaiis, which are the pairs I've been wearing most recently.
  11. ^ If you scroll to the bottom to "Theme" and change it from "super future (default)" to plain old "default" you get the bold-for-new-posts thread titles back.. guess they'll fix that bug when things settle down a bit
  12. yep, not feelin' it on my ancient phone
  13. my 3005s are both 34", whereas every other pair of Japanese jeans I own (Samurai, Sugarcane, Momotaro, UES etc) are 33". So I'd say add an inch at least to your waist size when buying. They're a bit like Levi's STF in the shrinkage department.
  14. the rise on my 33s is mid verging on low.. about an inch below what I'd regard as 'high' (like SC Hawaii/Okinawa), and correspondingly needs an extra hole on the belt. Comfortable jeans; the best slim tapered I've had. I think there's an increase in measurements once you get past 32, though (apart from the waist, obviously)
  15. no Aussie in their right mind would endorse this combination! your source probably mentioned it in the same breath as Drop Bears. Which happen to be real.