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  1. ^ I think past-bF fills them out nicely.. current-bF is a sleeker model – I'd maybe hem them to past length, you could still do the higher cuff but retain the option of regular-jeans-with-a-break
  2. the 1082 is my most-worn chino – I'll go for these over my BR, Pherrow's or FW pairs (though they're all great in various ways)... perhaps it's because they're the right length for me without any need for alteration so the character of the hem can be preserved. I have a second pair just in case, but in 33 (34 is ideal for me) – they are hard to track down, good job @Talan striking while the iron is hot
  3. feels like 90s Thom Yorke would have worn Nose.. anyone remember those? I recall a written interview where he was described as having "stepped into a pair of small hovercraft"
  4. ^ I have a brand new raw pair of those in a 33, stashed away for probably the same amount of time. I'd honestly forgotten about them – they'd be a little snug in the waist and no doubt need hemming (I seem to recall they had an unfeasibly long inseam), but maybe I can make them work. Nice job!
  5. heh.. I had assumed the blue button was just "yep, here's where all your rep needs can be met" and moved on over to the left. Now I won't be able to stop thinking of it as : |
  6. @Cold Summer, @Duke Mantee – I wouldn't have either of you any other way. If a topic has a recent post, it's reason to click, and has been so for years. I wish I could maintain a similar consistency through the vicissitudes..
  7. Buzz Rickson "original spec" chinos (the Great Escape "hilts" model) have a shade that's similar to the second swatch.. There's also a Sugar Cane "mountain cloth" chino that I recall looking quite a lot like the last swatch. More of a grey than a khaki. Burgus Plus also have some lighter colours, more like a bone/ecru.
  8. mondo


    Yes, don't know what is up with McCoy's sizing – I am 44 in everything, but bought a second hand Type 3 in 40 based on the seller's measurements. In my case, it turned out to be my best fitting jacket of that type (compared to a UES size 4 – bit too slim, but still serviceable – and a Big John 44, comfortable but a touch too roomy and therefore a bit sloppy-looking).. still a bit early to tell if there will be holes before fades, but I don't think so.. Seller did say they'd hot washed it once to remove shrinkage, so it doesn't seem to be creasing too sharply. At around USD 120, it seemed a chance worth taking.
  9. sorry, should have said earlier – EU 45 is US 11; I find I'm an 11 in Chucks. US men's 7 is EU 39.5 or Japan 25.0 cm – whatever size it says on the shoe corresponding to 25.0 cm (or slightly below, like 24.5) should be good. The Japanese size is the standard they're constructed to.
  10. I've had a few pairs of Moonstars, a Doek court sneaker and some SLP low sneakers.. as @Broark says, the Doek have a more solid feel due to the cork (which probably makes them better to wear without socks as well, should you be so inclined). Shoes Like Pottery share a plain blue rubber sole with the Moonstar B-Ball models (like a low Chuck Taylor). Moonstar gym shoes have more of a ripple sole and a different treatment of the toe-cap rubber – there's a greater variety of Moonstar models, but as far as I can see the other two are pretty much the same as Converse Chuck Taylors or Purcells, in high or low. Sizing is fairly consistent, in that whatever fits in one brand will work across all of them. They run a little large, but (as mentioned above) not particularly wide. If you have ever tried Common Projects you'll be familiar – I am EU 45 in general, but 44 would be the sweet spot for me in Kurume sneakers if I could find any. I can make 43 work length-wise, but they feel a bit tight across the toes by the end of a long day. They wear very well – the rubber is much more durable and flexible than Converse, tends not to split badly where the ball of the foot flexes and wears down without shedding fragments like an eraser. I don't drive and am quite active at work – they all feel fine after 12-16 hours. Overall, I feel the Doek are best to dress up or down (mine are ecru/dark brown) and work well with chino / denim / military-inspired clothes, but there's not much in it. Moonstar do quite a few collaborations – I've a nice dark indigo / indigo rubber pair they did for Studio Nicholson that I picked up second hand. Finally, they are all quite expensive – worth it if you have your heart set on a particular model or are a wear-it-until-forced-to-get-a-new-one person, but I would wait for sales or buy lightly used.
  11. I have various pairs of old Warehouse and Buzz Rickson's chinos which are good, but for "super lightweight" it has to be Orslow painter pants in their 9oz denim. Impeccable details, soft breathable denim with just the right level of texture and furriness. A bit hard to dress up, though, unless you were to make every other article of clothing exaggeratedly formal and defeat the purpose of wearing lightweight.
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