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  1. ^ If you scroll to the bottom to "Theme" and change it from "super future (default)" to plain old "default" you get the bold-for-new-posts thread titles back.. guess they'll fix that bug when things settle down a bit
  2. yep, not feelin' it on my ancient phone
  3. my 3005s are both 34", whereas every other pair of Japanese jeans I own (Samurai, Sugarcane, Momotaro, UES etc) are 33". So I'd say add an inch at least to your waist size when buying. They're a bit like Levi's STF in the shrinkage department.
  4. the rise on my 33s is mid verging on low.. about an inch below what I'd regard as 'high' (like SC Hawaii/Okinawa), and correspondingly needs an extra hole on the belt. Comfortable jeans; the best slim tapered I've had. I think there's an increase in measurements once you get past 32, though (apart from the waist, obviously)
  5. no Aussie in their right mind would endorse this combination! your source probably mentioned it in the same breath as Drop Bears. Which happen to be real.
  6. UES 400T a few days ago, enjoying them so far... although on the way back from dinner last night, mrs mondo spotted a money tree in a large pot looking like it was needing a new home (was just out on the street)—so I lugged the thing a couple of blocks, put it down in our garden, and promptly discovered a white spot where the edge of a coin in my front pocket had rubbed against the heavy pot. So annoying... will take a long time for general fading in that area to erase the memory of that spot. One of the few times I have a reason to take issue with capacious pocket bags! But hey, that's what we're supposed to do in our jeans, live life, personalise them etc, etc. At the moment, though, it's up there with a phone fade in the undesirability stakes.
  7. TCB

    not feeling it.. reminds me of a Brueghel painting, which is not my thing when dressing for the day
  8. what are they..? looks like chainstitch coin pocket from the roping, so thought '66 at first, but there appear to be hidden rivets on back pockets..
  9. Okinawas have my favourite pockets, followed by Hawaiis. Apart from anything else, they're more durable than others for me -- I wore Okis and Samurai sv5000x equally over two years, and the Oki bags are still good as new while the Sams blew out after 15 months.
  10. I know little when it comes to Levi's, but something about them suggests early LVC repro rather than new old stock from the period they appear to be from.. My guess would be early to mid '90s Valencia St LVC
  11. they look nice — barcodes didn't exist until after 1974, though.. ..and "for over 110 years" printed on the pocket bag suggests '80s at the earliest
  12. dude, we're waiting for you to visit every denim store in Australia and post pics
  13. ^ This is why I have so few posts after all this time — for years I tried to keep my contribution solely to evolution pictures and answering any questions people had about them
  14. yup, you pretty much have to be Kiya to pull off an actual denim tux on your wedding day...
  15. I think Melbourne and Sydney Corlection stores are pretty interchangeable.. the shop fittings are more established in Sydney, but there looks to be more space in Melbourne — more t-shirts on the rack, at least. Twice, I think, I have ordered items (free postage — cheaper than catching the bus to the shop!) that I know I've seen on the shelves in Sydney, and they have come from Melbourne, where presumably they had the correct size for me. They do run a smooth operation. I do wish they'd carry fewer slim, tapered models, but I can't remember the last time I paid retail for jeans so shouldn't expect them to cater to me..! I've bought more t-shirts and accessories (belt, wallet, couple of bags on special) than anything else there.. still enough to work my way up to a 10% discount.