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  1. mondo

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    yeah @MJF9, very nice
  2. mondo

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Those cut-down HBT military pants have turned out to be the most useful item I have from FW, they are great for warmer climates @Broark... would like the full-length version one of these days, too, but they'd be hard to find without breaking my rule of never paying full retail...
  3. mondo

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    was thinking the same thing – I have a pair that still gets an outing every so often, good basic jeans with decent hardware (RiRi zip, I think) and very comfortable (perhaps due to vanity sizing – I'm usually 34, but my pair is 32 and feels like most of my other pairs)... my only gripe is the use of what looks like Comic Sans on the inside tag. But hey, it's inside. I quite like the wonky stitched "Jean Shop" text on the leather back patch, plus the fact that there's an option to pass a belt under it if desired.
  4. ...also Momotaro; their jeans are 36"
  5. mondo

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Definitely, also @Jared_Lee for sure
  6. Heh... that's right, MyNudies was the gateway... I seem to remember seeing pics of Sugar Canes popping up there whenever someone wanted to post some truly sick fadez, and from there it was on to Sufu and all that entailed... from that time, I remember lurking the WAYWT thread and enjoying posts from Haptronic and TG76 (who still puts in an appearance from time to time).. Would've been about 2005; I remember having to reinstate my account at some point when the board was renovated...
  7. mondo

    Watches and Denim

    * sips beer cautiously *
  8. A Type I from almost any other manufacturer than LVC will probably feel better to you as far as length goes – my experience: I lucked out with two Valencia St LVC jackets from a second-hand place near my home... as they were Type I and II, I've a feeling whoever priced them thought maybe they weren't genuine Levi's as they didn't look like the stereotypical Type III. At around $20 each, it was a foregone conclusion (apart from anything else, size 44 is seldom seen) – I love them, but they are indeed short – like, almost bolero jacket territory – so they mostly work with pants that are a bit higher-rise and a shirt tucked in. They sit right on the top of my belt line, whereas in order to feel "covered" I'd want something sitting at the bottom or very slightly below – an additional two inches or so. Most manufacturers seem to take into account the Western preference for a couple of extra inches in length – since acquiring the LVC jackets, I've made a few more second hand purchases (none to equal that deal, but I've not paid more than 50% retail on any jacket I own)... Freewheelers Type I, Sugar Cane 1953 Type II, and Flat Head Type II, and so far all of the non-LVC jackets have been that little bit longer. Type I armholes are typically more roomy, so I find the FW will fit more underneath (e.g., t-shirt plus sweat) and still looks trim. The SC pockets are a bit smaller than the others, so it sees less wear (I like to be able to fit my phone and still close the flap – I know this is not a period-correct consideration, but... yeah anyway..) On a side note, I snapped up another jacket around the same time as the LVCs... a Big John Type III for $12... (now, that is something that's gonna scream "fake Levi's!" to a thrift store employee)... and it, too, is a bit longer. It's got the hand warmer pockets, so is a bit more like an '80s-style Type III, and it's actually been a great jacket, roomy without being billowy. No information inside about place of manufacture, though – characters are Japanese, but the parent company at the time would appear to be Chinese. The Big John story is cool, but I rather think they've been eclipsed by almost every other Japanese maker these days.
  9. Haha – it's lonely at the.. wherever we are in the scheme of things, probably somewhere on the periphery.. sometimes I pop into the local denim-carrying stores (of which there are a few these days, though still in count-on-fingers-of-one-hand territory) wearing achingly well-aged versions of the new clothes they have on display to be rewarded with blank stares from the staff. One time, I did manage to make it to the US and go into SE SF – they were much better value, I felt like the prodigal son and we all whipped out our Flat Head wallets for a round of lumbersexual mutual gratification (much to the amusement of my wife – "see..?! it IS a thing!") On the subject of owning more than can be feasibly worn, I'm a bandit for any instance where a local eBayer in my size decides they're out of the game.. have ended up with some items that I probably only semi-liked in the first place and at the time was relieved to be dissuaded by the original retail price. Iron Heart is a repeat offender for me in that regard, although having said that I do find CPO shirts with the extra side pockets very handy for work (high school teacher). Jeans, if I wear them for school, need to be relatively fresh and dark, so I use that to justify my purchases of second-hand but largely unworn items. Against my better judgment, I have a Toys McCoy Steve McQueen sweater (with the cutoff sleeves) coming in – I've always loved the idea of these, but don't know if I'll have the swag to carry off a high-end repro of a (let's face it) crappy-looking garment without feeling the urge to inform all and sundry of its provenance. That particular eBay seller probably thinks he's found a decent mark in me, but the FH Type II I have from him has been getting a lot of wear so I'll give it a shot...
  10. ...sometimes it's due to a passing comment, which, like @Duke Mantee, I usually couldn't care less about – but the other day when I grabbed my fairly recently-purchased FW Cassady wabash cap and said "I'm just going down the shops", and my wife absently responded "Okay, grandpa" I must admit it did give me pause. However, I set my cap like a man and ventured forth.
  11. mondo


    Ha... no, but Live at Monterey was the first album I bought when I started to learn guitar – "Killing Floor" hit me about the same as it would have done for audiences in 1967. I hadn't seen much footage of the concert, though, so recently I looked it up... unfortunately the frame rate of the video on my copy is different to that of the audio, so while I was scrubbing back and forth trying to resolve the problem I noticed the orange sweatshirt – Snoopy and the Red Baron is a happy childhood memory
  12. mondo

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    ...is that the paraffin-cloth military shirt? just found one second hand (but pretty much unworn), don't usually see FW items in my size – it's hard to imagine it as anything other than an overshirt in Australia, but it looks good worn this way
  13. mondo


    noticed this at the beginning of Jimi Hendrix – Live in Monterey 1967...
  14. mondo

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    you may want to consider a 10oz denim, maybe some utility pants... heh. Half-marathon is the best distance for a run, I think. Got the Sydney one coming up in May, been two years and it's not been fun having the enforced lay-off.
  15. mondo

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    ^ lovely... I'll have to get some wear on mine... when they're still dark they seem more acceptable as work attire (and denim jackets are easier together away with than jeans at my particular school), but I now have two type 1s and three type 2s to work with.
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