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  1. mondo

    Nice Things

    Ha..! You've no idea what a pleasure it is to read a detailed explanation of just what it is about something that makes someone who is into it so seriously into it. Doesn't matter what it is – reminds me of a conversation the other day with a colleague who was annoyed with some of our students who say they're into Drill, but show no interest in Grime or any of the other factors that gave rise to their genre of choice. Neither of us could understand why anyone would like something without wanting to know more about it, and what its history may have been... (edit: this morning I walked past the remainder table at a favourite bookshop and saw a copy of Inner City Pressure... so my colleague's enthusiasm was enough to make me purchase a history of a subculture I hadn't previously considered. In my feeble mind, there would seem to be some parallels between the mechanism of the single-needle chainstitch machine and the intermittent mechanism of a 16mm film camera, so it wouldn't surprise me if another rabbit-hole awaits there...)
  2. My "super used"-wash Nudie Flare Glenns are on ice waiting for this..
  3. Ha! Yes! I'm not afraid to admit it... on the flip side, I saw a girl at the markets the other day with dark denim jeans (check), hems cut off (hrrm..), one faux turn up (hhhhnggg-g-g)... but.. selvedge visible – ahhhh. Suddenly I'm interested.
  4. mondo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    yeah, nailed it in my opinion
  5. mondo

    What are your jeans doing today?

    I would see it more as an acknowledgment that only in Britain can you find the platonic ideal of chavdom
  6. mondo

    What are your jeans doing today?

    Perma-stoned, plant, sounds like you know what to do aye
  7. Ah, yes, @Dr_Heech my "retail" comment was just intended to mean that I have never purchased shorts at full price, preferring to get them from second-hand stores (there's a surprising amount of unworn, decent stuff, particularly if I'm after nondescript but presentable work clothes with enough brand recognition factor to impress those whose opinions aren't of real interest.. Nautica, Gant, RL, Boss etc), or occasionally eBay (some decent Engineered Garments and Stevenson Overall fatigue shorts come to mind). Otherwise, Mrs Mondo will sometimes furnish me with shorts she finds acceptable – e.g. the previously mentioned Carhartt, but they seldom retain the qualities she's seeking past the event for which she purchased them. My one exception was for a pair of FW HBT "cut length" military shorts, which at 20% off were still a bit rich for my blood – but they've become my default item of clothing, worn whenever I'm not wearing something else and definitely to work (school teacher) if the weather's warm or on sport days. For work, I find that EG have quite a few items in dark colours that age well – I've only had experience with navy, but the same shade in a light cotton ripstop develops differently to a heavy twill, so it's feasible to put together a "suit" that will be interpreted as a nod to formality while still feeling lived-in and actually having some functional pockets for whiteboard markers, unwieldy bunches of keys, whatever items I've had to confiscate on the fly (generally phones, which are not getting any smaller, are they). I tend to go to town in the hat department for school – they're needed for sport or duty, and nobody knows or cares that they're all made from WWII-era shelter halves and may have helped some poor sod evade notice in a former life (as I often try to do in this one) – sometimes they come to the attention of sharp-eyed students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who have a special interest in camouflage patterns; then we can geek out and I get to tell myself it's a teachable moment, but really it's just fun to talk to anyone who is enthusiastic about something, whatever it may be.
  8. ^ interesting.. I have a pair of navy Carhartt shorts (can't remember the model) that started out looking fairly sharp, but then looked much those after a wash or two. Mrs Mondo asked "What happened to those *nice* shorts you had..?".. erm, yes, well "These are them". Polo RL in dark colours offer the same "feature", though I find the lighter tan or khaki-ish ones retain their colour quite well. Like @Dr_Heech, all my shorts are sourced as far away from retail as possible.. effects pedals aren't gonna buy themselves..
  9. mondo

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Yes, down with fake gussets! I have a couple of Sunray sweatshirts that are great in all respects but that — it irks me, though I know precisely zero people in my daily life care one way or the other. I have a BR sweat headed my way that I suspect will have cut that same corner. Cushman, McCoys Ballpark and Runabout Goods all receive the gusset stamp of approval.
  10. ^ understood — I would expect nothing less
  11. I never dip into this thread, but noticed in the sidebar – apologies if it's been mentioned, or if it's common knowledge, or if you just refuse to have truck with this sort of thing – but whosampled.com may save you future potential sleeplessness
  12. in my head, this post appeared in the same monotone as radiohead's Fitter, Happier
  13. Haha, classic... maybe there's something about SC aficionados being too busy leading their authentic lives to worry about the niceties, but the most egregious jeans I ever received through the post were a pair of SC47s that appeared to have been worn by a bikie with overactive sebaceous glands and a predilection for enjoying his own rich musk. I think I paid $20 for them, and when I was preparing them for a much-needed wash a crisp $10 note fell out of a front pocket. I like to imagine him thinking "fuck's sake, that's rancid, even for me" as he went to seal the parcel and copped a whiff, then jamming a tenner in the pocket as compensation. Much further down the track and they've become a favourite pair, though the waistband is considerably more pinched than other 47s I have in the same size. I've had a good run with that model – maybe half a dozen pairs over the years, two brand new but under three figures (eBay, I think), this stinky pair for ten bucks and then two more at a local thrift store for a further $10 each... all up, they come in at less than the retail for one new pair, which is hardly exorbitant anyway...
  14. mondo

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    yeah @MJF9, very nice
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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