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  1. the black arm


    I’m liking their jacket. They’re going for a pre 60s wrangler blue bell, a broken twill version wouldve been pretty sweet.
  2. the black arm

    The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    Hurry, most sizes sold out… https://blueingreensoho.com/collections/denim/products/old-parkxminedenim-rebuild-wrapped-jeans-usd
  3. Here’s a pair of 501 stf. First pair was worn for about 2 years mostly sitting in a cube. I took the patch and arcuates off … was going for the stripped-down no b.s. denim vibe. Second pair got 3 years of post-cube, fuck it wear, probably my favorite pair.
  4. the black arm

    about a brand called Jean Shop

    Trying on some old pairs … bought in early 06, wore them for about 2 years all in over two stints. Alot of patching esp around crotch, and new pocket bags. Looks like Jean Shop is no more but guy that owned them saved the White Oak draper looms and helped start Vidalia Mills! https://www.insidehook.com/article/style/vidalia-mills-reviving-american-made-selvedge-denim
  5. the black arm

    samurai denim contest [pics]

    15+ years later and still fit haha Wore these first 2 years straight daily and then a handful of times a year since. Had to mend all sorts of seams and patch here and there, but overall still kicking.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342