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  1. sven


    What do they have cooking? http://tcbjeans.com/2023/04/12/42104
  2. sven


    Same. I put in an order for both the 20s and a Cathartt Chore Coat today though, so I guess I’ll be going full cosplay this spring. @MJF9 Those look fantastic. Love everything about how these fade.
  3. sven


    Nice, thanks! I figured a belt on top of those buttons would be super uncomfortable.
  4. sven


    The suspender buttons (is that what they are called?), and the exposed rivets which look like they could do some damage to whatever you are sitting on. I guess you could just hammer them flat though. I love how they look in terms of the fabric and fit. Think they’d pair nicely with the Cathartt chore coat. Just worried that since I will not wear them with suspenders, it wouldn’t be a good purchase?
  5. sven


    I’ve never worn any 20’s style jeans. Are they as impractical as they look?
  6. Denim Chore Coat recommendations? Would be nice to have something to switch up my outfit from the Sugar Cane Type II I wear all the time. Have been eyeing the TCB Cathartt one, but would appreciate tips on any good alternatives.
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