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  1. What are your genes doing today? 😉 Congratulations Austin.
  2. Can we see a fit pic after you've taken them out of the bag? 😉
  3. Nice to see Duke's legacy being carried forward. You have three really nice pairs, hope you don't Shred them up too quickly 😅
  4. Dr_Heech


    The flatter buckle for me @SLAYER but both work well.
  5. Forgot to say, also nice to see you posting again! Can't believe my old jeans look awesome now mate. Haven't spoke for ages, hope you and yours are all well? I'm still mainly in shorts too between May and September so can empathise.
  6. Lots of info out there on the Internet @istewi and many opinions too. I don't know much about single/double stitching on cuffs/waistband as a dating tool but the jacket fits you and that's the most important thing imo.
  7. @istewi Little e on red tab plus 2nd gen wash tag puts it at least c.1974. Thought 524 was el Paso but anyway nice score and it fits perfectly.
  8. Of course. Just let me sell my house and I'll get right on it 😂
  9. This just came up on lg and they don't come much better - Deadstock S501XXS (S = 'Special' for extra leg length) And the size is a 36x38, they also have the paint on the pockets! Woah Edit - click twice for clearer image
  10. Hi mate l went with raw and it'll be a while before they hit water but when they do I'll sort some out 👍
  11. Guess a new journey begins for me as my FW1942 tux landed a couple of days ago, although mine will remain on ice for now. All l can say about the quality of the workmanship in the products is that they surpass expectations. And the communication, service and extras (including attention to detail) from Hoosier was top notch.
  12. Looks like a close shave @CSL glad you and yours were all out of danger.
  13. No mate, It's just the usual artistic license.
  14. 'Below-tit' should be a standard measurement in our denim related world 😅
  15. @Graytrain love the central position of the single pocket, right in the centre of the wearer's left front panel. Perfect.
  16. Just seen an advert for a new movie called 'The Bike Riders' about a motorcycle gang back in the 1960s. I saw Tom Hardy in what looked to be a WW2 S506XX repro, also saw some vintage type 3's and a Lee 101J. Maybe worth a watch when it's released.?
  17. In the wording it says that this buckleback model was only made from April to August 1942? Wonder when the second factory opened as there was only the Valencia Street facility in December 1942. After the war there 3 Levis factories.
  18. Wonder what differences there will be between the 1943, 1945 and the 1946 models? @beautiful_FrEaK
  19. @silencejoe No photos of the originals they are based on then??
  20. Nice. Wonder if the 1942 model will be a pre-December 1942 (buckleback 501xx) or post-December 1942 (S501XX)?
  21. Yes mate, since this morning on my phone. Which is all l pretty much use. Just takes an extra 5 seconds but consistently so every time.
  22. @CSL Nice to see someone else has to deal with cattle sometimes, so not just me 😅
  23. I find wants often turn into needs hahaha. But l hear you mate, l'm down for one item per year max over the last 2 or 3 years so buying a jacket and jeans will see me through until 2026 at least!
  24. They are similar but different. They are like bookends. Your 1937 model are at the beginning of the hidden rivets/cinchback era model, whereas the 1942 are at the end of this era model. I think apart from the difference in denim and colour of buckle, it's only the 'left over right' back panels that have a different set up.
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