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    Studio D'artisan

    Beauties! Well played!
  2. Bobbo

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    Yasss! @tvshooter action is back.
  3. Bobbo

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    That time of the year eh. Didn't go completely nuts this year: Jeans: 90's Lee 101Z Levi's 501 STF Steel Feather SF0121 Samurai S710XX Samurai S0500XX Studio D'Artisan SD-101 Warehouse 1001 Warehouse 1001XX (in duck digger denim) Warehouse 15th anniversary 1105 Warehouse 1003XX (15th anniversary) Warehouse 800 cotton/linen Warehouse 1003SXX Deer Hunter 472XX (made by Warehouse) Denime 66 McCoys-era Denime 517 Orizzonti-era Denime 10th anniversary 1937 Fullcount 1101 Evisu 2001 No.1 Evis 2504XX Sugar Cane SC40400 TCB 50's TCB 60's TCB 20's contest jeans TCB Seamen trousers Resolute 710 Roy RS01 Denimbridge lot. 2 Denimbridge S Antique Flathead 3005 Eternal 888 Indigofera Buck in gunpowder denim Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX (a second pair) Ooe Yofukuten OA01XX Cushmans 22501 Jackets: Denime 506 Orizzonti-era Sugar Cane 1953 TCB 30's jacket Warehouse 2001xx WW2 edition New stuff since last year: Denim Base GBG001 x 2 Conner's Sewing Factory S409XXX M-WW2 Santa Cruz Warehouse 700C Vintage Levi's 507XX Vintage Lee 81-LJ
  4. Bobbo

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Coming along nicely! How long have you had them?
  5. Bobbo

    Evisu is still loved!

    Fantastic texture on that pair!
  6. Bobbo

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    Got an initial response from Warehouse that is positive. Still some stuff that needs to be worked out to get a definite answer. Working on it!
  7. Time to officially kick off the contest now that the jeans have reached at least some of you! Fabric: A14 oz denim with a very light pink selvedge-ID made by a blend of US cotton. It was made to capture the essence of vintage Cone and I'd say it turned out very well. It starts out flat and uniform before it hits water, then it crocks like crazy. Should get some nice vertical falling. The fabric is made exclusively for Denimbridge by Yamaashi mill in Okayama on a Toyoda shuttleloom. According to Shingo it's a small factory which is an important factor for both Shingo and us in this project. If you want to see a little of how the fabric ages Shingo has started using it for his latest Denimbridge cut. http://denimba.com/denimbase/2018/11/03/23478 You can read more about the jeans on my blog indigoveins.com and also a piece on the guys behind the jeans. The prizes: The winner will win a pair of Denimbridge jeans, sponsored by Denimbridge, and the runner-up gets a €200 voucher from Göteborg Manufaktur. The jury: A jury of 5 will judge the contest winner: Shingo-san, Kuniyoshi-san, Jonas and Olof that runs Gbg Mfg and myself. Some pictures:
  8. Bobbo


    Not really @Maynard Friedman. Got them in Tokyo in 2017. Never got around to wearing them when the TCB contest started and beating up my other 1003XX for now. Got them so long ago I even fudged up the model number, haha. It's the 1003SXX, the 43' version. Fantastic jeans, hope they'll make them soon again so you can scoop up a pair.
  9. Bobbo


    Did a little backpocket study on my Warehouse jeans the other day. Bit shitty pics but whatever: 1001's 1001XX Inazuma special 800 CL 1003XX 15th anniversary DD-1003SXX 1105 15th anniversary 700C Bonus patch pic
  10. Bobbo

    Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood

    Bethnal Green sure brings back memories. Had lots of friends there when I was I lived in London a few years back.
  11. Bobbo


    Been a while @aho! Hoping for some back channel info, but nothing quite yet.
  12. Bobbo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Heck yes, those turned out great.
  13. I had completely forgotten about this thread. Thanks for the resurrection!
  14. Bobbo

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    And I'll check with the Gbg mfg boys about Warehouse again. Edit: Email sent a few days ago. Waiting for the reply!
  15. Bobbo

    Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood

    Cheers Pudas, now I have even more cravings for Japan. Thankfully I'm booking tickets tomorrow! Really like Nakameguro. Have you tried the pizza at Seirinkan? Best damn pizza I've ever had.
  16. Bobbo

    The Strike Gold

    ^^ Nice fit! (And that shirt!)
  17. Yasss, that crinkly fabric! You're way ahead of me, can't wait to see how they shape up.
  18. Bobbo

    Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood

    Damn, hard to imagine the damage this rainfall causes. Best wishes, Ooms!
  19. Bobbo

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    Looks good Chambo!
  20. Nice post! Always wanted to visit Portland and Vancouver.
  21. Bobbo


    Just picked up a pair of 700C from @jkbrwn. Such a lovely cut. Will try to sort out some pictures during the weekend.
  22. Bobbo

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Shorten them a bit and you have a great fitting pair!
  23. Bobbo


    Nice pick up! The fabric is so damn good. For what it's worth I usually wear mine tucked in with some high waisted jeans.
  24. Bobbo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Thanks for the link @Maynard Friedman! So much fun stuff in the last posts that rarely pops up. Kudos for spreading the love @Double 0 Soul. Will have to fondle my Hunt's when I get back home from Christmas.