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  1. Time to officially kick off the contest now that the jeans have reached at least some of you! Fabric: A14 oz denim with a very light pink selvedge-ID made by a blend of US cotton. It was made to capture the essence of vintage Cone and I'd say it turned out very well. It starts out flat and uniform before it hits water, then it crocks like crazy. Should get some nice vertical falling. The fabric is made exclusively for Denimbridge by Yamaashi mill in Okayama on a Toyoda shuttleloom. According to Shingo it's a small factory which is an important factor for both Shingo and us in this project. If you want to see a little of how the fabric ages Shingo has started using it for his latest Denimbridge cut. http://denimba.com/denimbase/2018/11/03/23478 You can read more about the jeans on my blog indigoveins.com and also a piece on the guys behind the jeans. The contest length: The contest will run until January 31th. After that you will all have until February 28th to post the final pics. The prizes: The winner will win a pair of Denimbridge jeans, sponsored by Denimbridge, and the runner-up gets a €200 voucher from Göteborg Manufaktur. The jury: A jury of 5 will judge the contest winner: Shingo-san, Kuniyoshi-san, Jonas and Olof that runs Gbg Mfg and myself. Participants (Let me know if I missed someone, not all added yet from the Instagram community): Broark Tigerstrom Maharu Beautiful_freak Longshanks ALB JohnM Thanks_M8 Jegr Babaron vIGGiou riou Heyson d-rew12 Dau @togetaro @yasu_nin.iga @akihorigin @stagramihsakat @friendoclock @falknas @usuzou4128 @helmut_krut @niclasjuhlin @erikrandalldavis @schmoakim Some pictures:
  2. Bobbo


    Funny story: When I visited TCB in 2017 Hajime had already received the original pair from Douglas and Kerstin to start the collab project. So sometimes it takes a while to sort it out as well.
  3. Haven't been in here for a while, nice to drop in and see those lovely fades b_F. 6 months to go now gents. Keep up the good work!
  4. Fantastic work on the jeans guys. And nice photo dump @beautiful_FrEaK, it looks like a really great trip!
  5. Dang, should have dropped by and seen them in person. Looks so damn good mate!
  6. Bobbo

    The wabash / Stifel thread

    What a lovely wabash shirt
  7. Bobbo


    ^ Ryo & Hiro wouldn't go into detail about how the time machine wash is done when I met them, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's similar to the oxidized denim.
  8. Bobbo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    They fit you so well mate!
  9. I'll see what I can do Maynard. Everyone is already ahead of me though!
  10. Bobbo


    The perfect summer pants, great to see more people picking it up. Wearing my pair pretty much all the time now.
  11. Bobbo

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Was that the jacket you had on when I met you last summer @MJF9? If so, bloody good job beating it up, looks very nice.
  12. Bobbo

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Yeah, I'd do a longer second soak if I were you. At least an hour with detergent.
  13. Aye, that marbling is exactly what we were looking for. Very happy with how it is turning out now that there're more properly faded pairs.
  14. Bobbo

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    ^ What he said. Fits you very well.
  15. Nice @d-rew12 Those are gonna get so good in a few months time.
  16. Bobbo


    Damn, I really like the lottery idea and all those different fabrics. Whole lotta love for Inoue and the crew for going along with the shenanigans.
  17. Bobbo

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Looks like you're just getting started.
  18. Bobbo


    Welcome to Sufu mate. Lovely 50's you've got!
  19. Bobbo

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Lovely jeans Jake! They're coming along great.
  20. Bobbo


    Happy to hear he finally managed to get his hands on a pair! Not sure I'll join in, but stoked to follow it non the less!
  21. Bobbo


    Aha OK! So far they are holding up well but I've only worn them about 6 months or so, so it's still hard to tell. Will keep you posted.
  22. Bobbo


    How do you mean when you say harder, @aho?
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