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  1. TCB

    Oh man, I will definitely get myself a TCB type 1 too. Now to sort out funds to pick up a 20's denim tux from the factory.
  2. Never thought I'd have to bump a tour thread from page 2. Where you at Jared? I want some more of New York.
  3. Great fit mate!
  4. Cool Louis, I'll put you on the list of subs.
  5. Imo it's always nice to switch things up every now and then. Grab yourself a denim jacket for when it's to hot to wear leather jackets.
  6. TCB

    I'd assume Inoue measured the type I and type II jackets the same way. Should give you a hint since you've already got the type II right? I like the jacket, might pick it up later on while in Japan. 20's denim tux here I come!
  7. TCB

    Speaking of 20's, it looks like I might be heading to Japan right around the contest start. Haven't planned out the route yet but a stop at the TCB workshop would be a great way to kick off the contest.
  8. We'll see about that soon enough.
  9. Good stuff mate! Was very close to cop a pair when I was in Tokyo. Fit pics and detail shots are mandatory.
  10. Nice. Post some fit pics when you get them. I'm mighty intrigued.
  11. Thanks Setterman. Damn, I'm not feeling like adding proxyfees. Anyone picked up the one of the WWII jeans yet?
  12. Nice fit on the type II Max!
  13. I handled Japan Blue's Cote d'Ivorie denim for the first time the other day. Must say I was pleasantly surprised! Very soft and wonderful fabric. Didn't try them on so I'm not sure how good the fit is, but going by the look and feel of the fabric I say they definitely deserve more attention than they get. Edit: Here's a (sold out) slim fit at Okayama denim just so you at least can check out some pics:
  14. Yeah maybe. Though the blog post does say something about it being a bit special for their store - could be the arcs?
  15. Damn, it's getting real hard not to buy a pair...I've never done business with Junkstyle, have anyone else done it?