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  1. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    Here's a vintage Volvo in the wild to celebrate we're getting close to the contest start.
  2. TCB

    Aye, he's gotten way better, no doubt about that. There's quite a few of us that have ordered from him now and probably asked similar questions so I'm sure he's picked it up along the road.
  3. Well played y'all! Been a pleasure following the contest.
  4. Warehouse

    What's the 551zxx cut like? Can't say I recognise the model number.
  5. TCB

    I thought the cut was a little weird. Tight over the hips with an oversized waist. I'd say hips and upper thigh is the crucial measurements. Since it's not a standard measurement, perhaps you can ask Inoue to give you some hip measurements if you provide him with a picture on how/where to measure it.
  6. Taking Care of the World Tour

    @ReverendGlasseye @louisbosco @FeloniousMonk are either of you up for a run with the world tour jeans? Or anyone else for that matter?
  7. Unknown Japanese Brands

    ^^ Go with 2nd CR.
  8. Unknown Japanese Brands

    Ed: The 2nd CR and S Antique are wide straight cuts, the 3rd model is a tight straight cut. Niro: Thanks mate. Yeah we talked a little about it. The number one denim is a 13,5 oz 7x7 made by Shinya Mills using Memphis cotton which feels kinda rough. This is the denim he started out with an used for the 3 first models so there are alot of fade samples on Denimba and Instagram. The 14 oz denim is a deadstock roll that Shingo-san found at a denim wholesale. He didn't know much about it but it's slightly darker in color and a 7x7 weave which is little tighter than the number 1 denim. He hasn't used this fabric that much yet so there's not too much fade samples to look at, but Shingo-sans own S Antique jeans were looking promising. You can read more about the different fabrics here: http://denimbridge.jp/2017/03/22/7568 and here http://denimbridge.jp/2016/12/24/7232
  9. TCB

    ^^^^ The 20's denim is indeed different from the world tour jeans. edit: Lol, should have quoted the post instead.
  10. TCB

    I usually do 2 x 40 degree machine washes to get the shrinkage out of the way. It's gonna shrink down eventually any way.
  11. Unknown Japanese Brands

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Nice to see a pair of the 3rd model, think you're gonna wear them anytime soon? I've worn my 2nd model for a while now, we'll see if I can sort out some proper images with a decent camera anytime soon.
  12. Glad I didn't enter this comp and wasted my time, haha.
  13. Unknown Japanese Brands

    Wrote a short piece of Shingo-san and his two projects Denimbridge and Denimba for those who are interested: http://indigoveins.com/interview-with-shingo-oosawa-of-denimbridge/
  14. Full Count Denim Thread

    Yeah, I saw a post about restocking Warehouse aswell.
  15. Taking Care of the World Tour

    Loved your leg Ironhorse. Well, I think we're actually done with the original roster but I'd say it would be fun to keep them going for everyone who wants to do a leg. If there's still someone who wants to try them out I'll talk with Inoue and tell him we will prolong it for a little while longer. Currently we have Reverendglasseye, Louisbosco and FeloniusMonk that have stated their interest. Are anyone of you up for it?