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  1. Bobbo

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    I'll see what I can do Doc! I bough them from Flash so there are pics of them around here somewhere.
  2. Bobbo

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Yearly update. Some sold, some bought since the last post. Jeans: 90's Lee 101Z Lee 101S Steel Feather SF0121 Samurai S710XX Samurai S0500XX Studio D'Artisan SD-101 Warehouse 1001 Warehouse 1001XX (in duck digger denim) Warehouse 1105 (15th anniversary) Warehouse 800 cotton/linen Deer Hunter 472XX (made by Warehouse) Warehouse 1003SXX Warehouse 1003XX (15th anniversary) Warehouse 700C Warehouse S1000XX DSB Denime 66 McCoys-era Denime 517 Orizzonti-era Denime 10th anniversary 1937 Fullcount 1101 Evisu 2001 No.1 Evis 2504XX natural indigo Sugar Cane SC40400 TCB 20's contest jeans TCB 40's TCB 50's TCB 60's TCB Seamen trousers Resolute 710 Roy RS01 Denimbridge lot. 2 Denimbridge S Antique Flathead 3005 Eternal 888 Indigofera Buck in gunpowder denim Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX (a second pair) Ooe Yofukuten OA01XX Indigo Veins jeans GBG001 Indigo Veins jeans GBG001 (a second pair) Cushmans 22501 Conner's Sewing Factory S409XXX Pallet Life Story Standard Vintage 1974 Levi's 501 (deadstock) Vintage 1969-71 Levi's 501 Vintage 30-40's kids jeans Jackets: Denime 506 Orizzonti-era Sugar Cane 1953 TCB 30's jacket Warehouse 2001xx WW2 edition Vintage 50's Levi's 507XX Vintage 60's Lee 81-LJ
  3. Bobbo


    I’ve been kind of out of the loop for a while. They haven’t stated the weight of the denim?
  4. Bobbo


    That's interesting @beautiful_FrEaK, never checked out the Japanese versions. Added some pics to the post where you can see the tiny specks of paint. Not much left if it's meant to replicate how it vanishes.
  5. Bobbo


    Picked up a pair of Dead stock Blue S1000XX yesterday at https://goteborgmanufaktur.se/ The denim sure looks promising! And a very neat cut. A little fun that there are a few specks of paint left from the arcs on the pockets. Like Warehouse forgot at first that it’s a European store. Edit with some quick pics:
  6. Bobbo


    Very nice @Broark and @Maynard Friedman! My TCB version of the USN trousers is my go to pair in the summer. Works like a charm. I cuff them a little high and wear them with sneakers and a plain tee.
  7. Bobbo

    Evisu is still loved!

    Love it @chantheman! For how long have you worn them?
  8. Bobbo


    Haha, tough luck. Hairy denim on another level.
  9. Bobbo


    Damn Mackie, great to see these well worn old Denimes
  10. Bobbo


    Great fit on both Flash!
  11. Bobbo

    Studio D'artisan

    Thanks @BrownMetallic I had given up hope on my jeans too. At least one positive thing came out of this pandemic. @oomslokop knows how it’s done!
  12. Bobbo

    Studio D'artisan

    Old SD-101’s fit again. Happy days!
  13. Bobbo

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    Some time ago I got this black moleskin jacket from Indigofera. So damn soft. Should be a great spring jacket.
  14. Bobbo


    Wee update on my old trusty 1003XX:
  15. Bobbo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    @julian-wolf The sizing differs a little between models from the 3 I have. Have they stated which pattern and denim Shingo use for this collab? If it’s the 02 I could help out with measurements.
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