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  1. Bobbo


    Bought my pair 2016, I think. They did a 1001 version of the cotton/linen too. Never seen a 1003
  2. Hey guys! Almost time to wrap this up. Busy like hell with work right now, so I will have to upload the final entries that we've received via email later this week. Then the judging will commence. Sorry to drag this out past deadline day.
  3. Final pics from Ninjadenim: Worn: 6506 hours, 45 minutes Washing: 19 times
  4. Bobbo

    Rising Sun & Co

    Haha, free of charge. Not bad!
  5. Bobbo

    Rising Sun & Co

    Dang, how did that even happen?
  6. Bobbo


    Looks nice @darkstar73 Tried them on myself at Göteborg Manufaktur. Bloody great pair if black jeans, a really nice fabric.
  7. Bobbo

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Somehow I've managed to lose weight in this god forsaken pandemic. A dreadful lack of pints perhaps! @beautiful_FrEaK At least I can sooth your feeling with that they're getting some wear every now and then.
  8. Bobbo

    Evisu is still loved!

    That’s some odd pockets!
  9. Bobbo

    UES Denim

    He does such a great job with these interviews.
  10. Bobbo

    Evisu is still loved!

    Been living in my 2001 No 1’s for the past couple of weeks. So stoked about them fitting again. Need more liveliness in this thread! Pics to come once the evo takes off, I can see myself wearing these a whole lot this year.
  11. I used sutocorp when I bought stuff from Japan.
  12. Hey guys, I just opened up the final submissions thread since I will most likely work my butt off for a while. Here's the thread: Please try to keep the comments in this thread. Looking forward to seeing the end result.
  13. Hi guys! The contest is (almost) over! We open a new thread for final submissions. Let's try to keep it under 10 pics total for your final entries. I will post some of the final submission by the contestants who don't have a superfuture account. Please keep the contest thread for comments and use this one for pics only. Thank you! Deadline to post final submission photos is February 28th 2021.
  14. Bobbo


    @Double 0 Soul Haha really? I’m losing track of time!
  15. Bobbo


    Damn Mackie! Looking good!
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