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  1. Holy fuck mate, that's a nice view to have at work.
  2. TCB

    Awsome stuff Erk, they're both gorgeous.
  3. Maybe, just maybe, I will try to do a dual contest and join this contest too.
  4. Loving your updates mate, proper world tour stuff.
  5. Well done with your inner mafioso mate. Looking forward to this!
  6. That's my plan. + Have a drinking battle with the big man.
  7. I do hope my pair will be done when I visit Inoue. Where you hiding at Ed?
  8. Check the fit with SLAB, think he's the only one who's got a pair around here. And yeah, it's the banner denim on the 900's.
  9. Love the London tour @Max Power Post all you've got!
  10. Those traintracks though!
  11. TCB

    I sized up one on my 60's compared to my 50's but I think you'll manage.
  12. Fantastic stuff Chicote. Very inspiring seeing neat repairs like this.
  13. I've got a pair too. If my mind serves me right they were sold at Inazuma festival. Edit: Not entirely certain though. We'll see what the experts have to say.
  14. Fantastic scenery! Have to get my ass over to Iceland soon.
  15. Nice leg of the tour redragon. Also interested in hearing SugarMountains thoughts on the jeans!