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  1. TCB

    No problemo, easily done in the Swedish summer.
  2. Not sure if they used the 14,5 oz memphis denim back then, but going by the patch they're an older than when Warehouse introduced the banner denim.
  3. TCB

    I didn't use a dryer, just my washing machine + hang dry.
  4. TCB

    I've got a pair of 33's. Here's the measurements in centimeters when raw and after two tumbles in the washer: Raw: waist: 42,5 front rise: 27,5 back rise: 36 thigh: 33 inseam: 96,5 hem: 23 Post two 40 degree washes: waist: 40,5 (stretched out when wet) front rise: 26 back rise: 33 thigh: 29,5 inseam: 91 hem: 21
  5. Perhaps you won't get the fit you were looking for Max but I think those 1108's will turn out great going by the pre-wash pics!
  6. TCB

    Excellent stuff Hendsch! Classic 60's coinpocket "fold".
  7. Update: jeans should arrive at Redragon's place on july 3rd!
  8. ^^ Yeah that sounds like a good plan Iron Horse, you or Jigsaw.
  9. I'll check with Jared again if he has posted the pair to Redragon. They should be, but just to make sure.
  10. TCB

    I went with the same size I'd wear in the ranchman.
  11. TCB

    I echo Volvo's sentiments, the pit to pit-measurement looks tiny, but it works fine for me although I usually need more room. I could probably try my mates' size 42 and take some pics if you want to see the difference? Mainly I went for a 40 because I could pull off the chest measurement while also get the slightly shorter length.
  12. TCB

    Hi mate! I'm wearing a 40. I can post measurements for you tomorrow. Edit: I remembered I had already posted measurements a couple of pages back: Chest: 48 cmSleeve: 61 cmLength: 63 cmShoulder: 45,5 cm
  13. Tbh I think it would be a lot easier to go with #1. The cat ear-one needs a lot of work to be appealing. One thing though: even if we make the arcs more asymmetrical than FC, are we sure we won't put Inoue in a bind with them? I'm not sure how much the trademarks covers (or if FC even have trademarked their design).
  14. TCB

    Don't worry mate, mine shrank a ton from a 40 degree machine wash! Didn't need to adjust my cinch on this one, but I usually adjust it to sit flush against the fabric.
  15. This thread is already bringing good stuff!