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  1. Great condition on those No.2’s!
  2. Bobbo


    Congrats! This is my grail, so damn jelous. Fits you so well too.
  3. Bobbo


    They’re too tight for me sadly. And too tight for 00. So they’re up for grabs if someone is interested. God damn good pair of jeans.
  4. Bobbo


    That’s a very neat texture!
  5. Of course @Dr_Heech! Pretty sure Flash posted the 70’s pair before I took them off his hand. I’ll sort the other ones out when I find the time. Thanks @reallypeacedoff. I always enjoyed having a look at different brands and see what I like (and not like). These days I just wear the pairs I like the most. Probably won’t go into another new brand, except if I finally decide to start something myself.
  6. Time to update this list after 2,5 years. More sold than new for once. Jeans: 90's Lee 101Z Lee 101S Steel Feather SF0121 Samurai S710XX Samurai S0500XX Studio D'Artisan SD-101 Sold: Warehouse 1001 Warehouse 1001XX (in duck digger denim) Sold: Warehouse 1105 (15th anniversary) Warehouse 800 cotton/linen Deer Hunter 472XX (made by Warehouse) Warehouse 1003SXX Warehouse 1003XX (15th anniversary) Warehouse 700C Warehouse S1000XX DSB Warehouse 1221 US army denim pants Denime 66 McCoys-era Denime 517 Orizzonti-era Denime 10th anniversary 1937 Fullcount 1101 Evisu 2001 No.1 Evis 2504XX natural indigo Sugar Cane SC40400 TCB 20's contest jeans TCB 40's TCB 50's TCB 60's TCB Seamen trousers Resolute 710 Roy RS01 Denimbridge lot. 2 Denimbridge S Antique Flathead 3005 Eternal 888 Indigofera Buck in gunpowder denim Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX (a second pair) Ooe Yofukuten OA01XX Indigo Veins jeans GBG001 Indigo Veins jeans GBG001 (a second pair) Cushmans 22501 Sold: Conner's Sewing Factory S409XXX Pallet Life Story Standard Vintage 1974 Levi's 501 (deadstock) Vintage 1969-71 Levi's 501 New: Vintage mid 50’s Levi’s 501 Vintage 30-40's kids jeans Jackets: Denime 506 Orizzonti-era Sugar Cane 1953 TCB 30's jacket Warehouse 2001xx WW2 edition Vintage 50's Levi's 507XX Vintage 60's Lee 81-LJ
  7. Bobbo


    Since @Double 0 Soul asked for images of my old Hunt’s that Warehouse made way back I might aswell post them here again. Guess the old photos is somewhere in the thread.
  8. Ages ago I got my hands of my Denime Orizzonti-era 506xx. The old XX-denim that they used has been a favorite of mine ever since. Personally I think they nailed the kind of texture I like the most. Lots of life and marbling but not too much. At some point I hope to try my hands on it in a pair of jeans. Then there’s Warehouse. They’ve made so much fantastic stuff over the years. I love the marbling from the banner denim but what I still really want to get my hands on is the 2002xx embroidered jacket from the 15th anniversary. Both because of the fantastic embroidered bull and that the 15th anniversary fabric probably was the best they’ve made so far. Top of the list is probably the work of Ooe Yofukuten. Well crafted, really comfortable denim (all OA versions I’ve tried) and fits that I enjoy. And I’m a sucker for storytelling, their story is a great one. Still bummed that I found this place too late and missed the days of custom orders. Honorary mention for TCB 20’s. Damn, that fabric turned out great. Both my own and for so many others during the contest. It was the perfect all year pair of jeans thanks to the cut and weight of the denim. The list could go on for a long time. Evisu No.1’s, Fullcount’s 13,7 oz denim, Denime 10th anniversary 37’s, Resolute 710 etc. So many amazing jeans out there.
  9. Would be fun to hear your motivations like Double 00. Not just lists. And by the way @Double 0 Soul I’m willing to part ways with my Hunt’s. Got them back a few years ago during my Sufu-abscence. Shoot me a dm.
  10. Bobbo


    Nice @unders The best summer jeans
  11. Have to check it to be sure, but I think it’s the same size I wear in almost all Japanese brands. Fits really well for me
  12. Love my wabash workshirt. Stubborn as hell, keeps the indigo so well. Guess I’ve had it for 10 years now? Highly recommend it
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