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  1. Bobbo


    Very nice @Broark and @Maynard Friedman! My TCB version of the USN trousers is my go to pair in the summer. Works like a charm. I cuff them a little high and wear them with sneakers and a plain tee.
  2. Bobbo

    Evisu is still loved!

    Love it @chantheman! For how long have you worn them?
  3. Bobbo


    Haha, tough luck. Hairy denim on another level.
  4. Bobbo


    Damn Mackie, great to see these well worn old Denimes
  5. Bobbo


    Great fit on both Flash!
  6. Bobbo

    Studio D'artisan

    Thanks @BrownMetallic I had given up hope on my jeans too. At least one positive thing came out of this pandemic. @oomslokop knows how it’s done!
  7. Bobbo

    Studio D'artisan

    Old SD-101’s fit again. Happy days!
  8. Bobbo

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    Some time ago I got this black moleskin jacket from Indigofera. So damn soft. Should be a great spring jacket.
  9. Bobbo


    Wee update on my old trusty 1003XX:
  10. Bobbo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    @julian-wolf The sizing differs a little between models from the 3 I have. Have they stated which pattern and denim Shingo use for this collab? If it’s the 02 I could help out with measurements.
  11. And we have a decision: Congratulation @heyson on winning the GBG001 contest! And @maharu as the runner up. 1st prize for Heyson is like mentioned a brand new pair of Denimbridge jeans. 2nd prize for Maharu is a gift voucher at Goteborg Manufaktur. Shoot me a dm and we’ll sort out how to collect the prizes. Thanks again guys for playing. It wasn’t easy to decide the winner. Many great looking pairs of jeans!
  12. @Newman Got the final replies from the judges today. Expect an announcement later today or tomorrow!
  13. Bobbo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    So nice to see you got ahold of these Carl. Looking forward to seeing what Shingo-san has cooking for the next model with Kuniyoshi-san.
  14. Bobbo

    Pure Blue Japan

    Great find @cheapmuthafukr!
  15. All the final entries are finally posted. Some fierce competition for the top spot! It's been so nice to see how the jeans have turned out. Hope you all have enjoyed it as much as we have. So what's next? Me, Jonas, Olof, Shingo and Kuniyoshi will now decide which pairs we think turned out the best. Will get back to you when we have a result.
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