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  1. yo_mj

    The Strike Gold

    Found this cool, my patch on my SG6109 after only 6 months of wear.
  2. yo_mj

    The Flat Head

    SE05BSP, now retired.
  3. yo_mj

    The Strike Gold

    Yup! When one of the workers (I forgot his name) sent you those pics on my Imperial Shearers, aha.
  4. yo_mj

    The Strike Gold

    SG6109 1 month of on and off wear No washes yet but soaked multiple times. When I say soaked I'm referring to getting drenched by the rain.
  5. yo_mj

    The Strike Gold

    Ended up buying a pair of SG6109 when visiting SENY recently as my pants that I wanted repaired were beyond repair. Honestly was stuck about what pair of jeans I wanted next to wear as I usually do research before heading to Self Edge but went in blind this time around. Forgot the guy that helped me but he recommended these first and I couldn't be happier. Nailed everything I was looking for without saying much to him. Major props to him. Taken after a soak and day of wear.