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    Thanks for the advice on the waist. I went back and measured the inseams of all my jeans, and most are between 33" and 34", with a couple of pairs around 32". I was hoping for a cuff with these (which I normally don't do, but thought it may look good with this cut), but I don't have to. I usually hot soak/wash in the tub, and wasn't planning on using the dryer. I think I'm going to go with pair #1. I can't imagine I'll lose over 3" in length without the dryer. With pair #2, I think I may end up needing to hot machine wash and use the dryer to get the waist where I want it, but then would risk the inseam being too short.
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    I ordered a pair of the 60's from denimio, and they measured the two raw size 34 pairs they have in stock. Most of my jeans measure between 34" and 35" in the waist after wearing and stretching, but usually closer to 35". I am also looking for a 34. 5" inseam. This could go a little bit shorter if necessary, as that's the length I would want including a cuff, and I could just go uncuffed. Denimio said pair #1 would be about 34.5" inseam after shrinking, but I thought I should ask you guys since you have the experience. I have usually seen about 2" loss when soaking. Does denimio's estimate sound right? Also, will the waist in pair #1 stretch back out to where I need it? Would pair #2 end up being too loose? I should say that I don't have much of an ass, and too much extra room in the top usually looks pretty sloppy. Thanks for any sizing advice you guys can give. I was going to order one wash and skip all of this, but the one wash inseams were all too short. Pair #1 waist flat: 35" front rise: 11.75" upper thigh width: 13.5" inseam: 35.75" hem: 8.75" Pair #2 waist flat: 36" front rise: 11.75" upper thigh width: 13.75" inseam: 36.25" hem: 8.75"
  3. Bump and price drop to $450.
  4. I purchased this set about six months ago. It has never been used and wasn't even taken out of the box until I took the picture tonight. I don't believe they make this stye any longer. It has amazing craftsmanship and the leather smells amazing. I just need the money to spend elsewhere. This is what is included: -Waxed Canvas Duffle in Navy/Chicago Tan -Drifter Dopp Kit in Navy/Chicago Tan -Matching luggage tag in Chicago Tan I only took the one picture, but the bag does open up to a much larger bag if you unsnap the sides. The picture really doesn't do it justice...sorry for the cell phone flash photography. I paid $685 for the set, but I'm looking for $350 OBO. Please contact me with any questions.