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  1. Man, I wish they would make the black ones again.
  2. My jeans all have this hidden fade. My nerdy hobby is magic. I mostly do sleight of hand with cards, but I have found an interest in learning coin magic, so I always have a silver dollar on me to practice and keep my hands busy.
  3. I had the crotch darned a few years ago. They did a good job, but they didn't cover as big an area as I had expected. The darn is holding up, but the denim just outside of it is pretty much see-through. I wear them occasionally, but I always feel like I'm one large step away from it giving out completely. And thanks. Those were my first Japanese pair. They took a long time to get that way...I only wore them in the summer, and my office didn't allow jeans until about a year ago.
  4. Here are my 2013's (left) and my 2009's (right). The waist of the 2013 was a little big when I got them, so I've been able to wear them for 10 years, but they're on their last legs. I wish Sugar Cane would make them again. I liked the cut and they were great in warm weather. I got the 2009's a couple of years ago to replace them.
  5. fresh1


    The pair of 50's I ordered arrived today. The wide legs are going to take some getting used to. My wife will hate them, but my stepdaughter will probably approve. My current daily drivers at Sugar Cane 2009, which are somewhere in between slim and regular straight, but it feels like a huge difference.
  6. Hardly wear them anymore, but they'll probably always be my favorites. Nothing rare, limited, hard to get...just classic.
  7. I've ordered once prior and it was a great experience. I was emailing about sizing, and he said he thought I was a 35, but they only carried a 34 and a 36. A day later, the owner emailed me to say he obtained a pair in 35 for me if I wanted it. This time, I emailed about sizing, and they measured one they had in stock, but it was a few days before I placed the order. It must have been sold in the meantime. But yeah, it's disappointing to buy something that says it's in stock when it's not, then have to go through the refund process.
  8. They ended up responding to my email late last night. They were sold out. Not sure why it took a week and an email from me to get that info. I've found the pair in the size I need from one other site, though at a higher price. I'm waiting on an email from TCB to see if they expect to restock anytime soon. I'd rather order directly from them, but was tempted by a sale.
  9. Did anybody order anything from the Okayama Denim sale last week? If so, had your order shipped yet? It's been a week, but I know they probably had a bunch of orders plus I asked for a hem. I am just a little nervous because the product page showed every size in stock when I ordered, but now shows almost everything sold out.
  10. fresh1


    Is there any residual inseam shrinkage on a one-wash pair of 50's? I'm about to order a pair and considering having the shop do the hem and am wondering if I need to ask for any extra length. Thanks!
  11. Self Edge only repairs jeans that are dropped off in store. I've used Railcar before. They take mail-in's and did a pretty good job.
  12. I've been considering getting another black pair, and those 601b's look like a perfect cut. However, I've checked all of the sites I can find and nobody has them in stock (or maybe 1 size that isn't mine). Do any of you know if that was a limited production or a standard production that is just due for a restock? Has anybody seen a store lately with pairs in the size 34 or 36 range in stock? Also, is there a difference in the cut between the 601b and the 601rb? Or is the denim the only difference?
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