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  1. I always used Blue Owl and had good results until the last pair I sent. The hem width on that pair was much wider than previous pairs. I later found out that the guy that had previously done all the hems left to start his own shop and took his machine with him. You might want to email to confirm, but I'm 95% sure he's the guy that would have done my previous hems. If so, I would highly recommend his work. https://www.wrighthandtwill.com/products/hemming-service
  2. fresh1

    3sixteen Jeans

    My size 33 SL's were probably 34" to start if size charts are accurate, and measure 36" now. However, this stretch is over a 5 year period where I gradually gained a little weight. If you can't button them fully when you first put them on, then you got the wrong size and should exchange. To account for initial stretch, they should be a snug fit, not tight.
  3. fresh1

    The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    Love that "signature shoelace-style belt"...
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    I got the 60's jeans in raw. All of my buttons were rusty after the first soak. It's weird that only one of yours is rusted, but maybe they try to clean up the buttons on one wash items and just missed one.
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    For future reference for anybody looking at a pair of non-wash 60s in size 34, below are the before and after measurements I took. I didn't use the washer or dryer, but did four hot soaks in the bathtub for about an hour each. The was no discernible shrinkage after the first two, so they can officially be considered shrunk. Also, I am not sure if anybody has ordered a pair of 60s direct from TCB recently, but they may have stopped doing the cat ear arcs. I had asked denimio if they had the cat ears prior to shipping and they did not. They contacted the factory for me to ask if there were any available with the arcs, but they did not. That was my only disappointment with these jeans, as I was fond of those arcs. Otherwise, this is a great pair and fits me well. Waist 35.5/33.5 Thigh 13.75/13.25 Knee 10.25/9.5 Front Rise 11.75/11 Back Rise 15.75/14. 75 Inseam 36.25/33.5 Hem 8.5/8.25
  6. fresh1

    Pure Blue Japan

    I am a true size 35, and since most brands jump from size 34 to 36, I end up having to either size up or size down. I have a pair of XX-012 that I decided to get in a size 34 and only do cold soaks /washes. They are tight. I still wear them but wish they fit better, especially after washing them. I don't wear them as much as pairs that fit me well. My advice would be to save some money and buy the size that fits you at full price. I think most of the shrink comes from just getting them wet, and that the difference in cold/warm/hot water is negligible and not enough to make up for an entire size. You mention that the size down is very tight, and the Corlection site says that they are more tapered than the standard XX-011. You'd probably get more wear out of a pair that fits you perfectly than a pair that doesn't fit that you got for a good price.
  7. fresh1


    Thanks for the advice on the waist. I went back and measured the inseams of all my jeans, and most are between 33" and 34", with a couple of pairs around 32". I was hoping for a cuff with these (which I normally don't do, but thought it may look good with this cut), but I don't have to. I usually hot soak/wash in the tub, and wasn't planning on using the dryer. I think I'm going to go with pair #1. I can't imagine I'll lose over 3" in length without the dryer. With pair #2, I think I may end up needing to hot machine wash and use the dryer to get the waist where I want it, but then would risk the inseam being too short.
  8. fresh1


    I ordered a pair of the 60's from denimio, and they measured the two raw size 34 pairs they have in stock. Most of my jeans measure between 34" and 35" in the waist after wearing and stretching, but usually closer to 35". I am also looking for a 34. 5" inseam. This could go a little bit shorter if necessary, as that's the length I would want including a cuff, and I could just go uncuffed. Denimio said pair #1 would be about 34.5" inseam after shrinking, but I thought I should ask you guys since you have the experience. I have usually seen about 2" loss when soaking. Does denimio's estimate sound right? Also, will the waist in pair #1 stretch back out to where I need it? Would pair #2 end up being too loose? I should say that I don't have much of an ass, and too much extra room in the top usually looks pretty sloppy. Thanks for any sizing advice you guys can give. I was going to order one wash and skip all of this, but the one wash inseams were all too short. Pair #1 waist flat: 35" front rise: 11.75" upper thigh width: 13.5" inseam: 35.75" hem: 8.75" Pair #2 waist flat: 36" front rise: 11.75" upper thigh width: 13.75" inseam: 36.25" hem: 8.75"