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  1. John lofgren.Levi's.Alden -- Denime.Post overalls.Leftfield.NB
  2. @chicote : it happened when im doin some paint jobs at an event @tigerstrom @beautiful freak thanks man! yeah,the shins/orizonti era is the best
  3. Denime x take5 2 years,many washes
  4. not today vintage denim chambray nep shirt.shorts.judy augur bag.argo ii
  5. Jack Purcell x Journal Standard
  6. @sigur ros : yeap its Kapital
  7. kapital.inazuma fest tees (no vis) footscape
  8. visvim.bluesville.qutn.converse
  9. just a simple plain tees with ande whall's and adidas superstar
  10. levi's hat.universal overalls.john lofgren.mccoy.alden
  11. @cucoo hey man thanks that jacket is awesome that horsehide? @geeman its their red and blue stripe chambray,with rounded collar..but im not so sure from what it from my friend
  12. m65.cushman.mccoy.conv
  13. ^ nice shirt sir! vibram
  14. Voyej's World Tour Wallet : VITTORIA in Hermann-Oak